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Friday, September 28, 2007

Blue Sea and Goldenrod

Gosh I just love blue and yellow combinations...ever since visiting dear old friends of my grandparents' who lived on a farm overlooking Magaguadavic Lake in New Brunswick. The lady of the house had just painted her kitchen in a yellow and blue combination and I fell in love with that little farm kitchen. As I recall, the walls were soft buttery yellow, the table and chairs a sky blue and her cabinets were painted white. Whatever! It all came together in a pleasing way.

I have had a blue kitchen myself. It was decided for me by some terribly cheesy wallboard that might have been more appropriate for a bathroom. Later, when I was able to make some changes, I wound up with white walls, a blueberry vine stenciled border, a buttery yellow floor (also stenciled) and honey gold cabinets and a honey gold open stairway in the kitchen. Gosh I loved that house.

Fast forward to today. I have wallpaper with a beige background and mostly green and red colors. I would say that the green predominates. It'll be with me for a while yet, but I do have a new wall in the kitchen now that it is open to the dining area and the new addition. I must decide on a color as I am not keeping the natural wood. I have been leaning toward the yellow in the photo from Pella on 9/05/2007.

Choices, choices, so many choices.

(Formatting issues today...;> Big deal! LOL!)

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