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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


~willing subject 2~

Bored with me yet? No! Don't answer that. ☺

Bored with my photography experiments yet? Okay. You can answer that one. I'll try to be brief. The sunlight was shining directly on kitty's forehead. I took that photo...

and nearly left it at that. Not as interesting a shot as the first. Yes, there I am tucked under my blankie reading my book. The first is a zoomed shot not a cropped shot.

The days are so much longer now and the light is changing fast. This morning I looked around and knew that I was saying goodbye to most things Christmas. The lights, the mercury glass tree, the cranberry wreath...all gone. This is what I have instead.

A much simpler look with touches of red for Valentine's Day.

Perhaps the more interesting shot... My Valentine from a dear blogging friend still holds up after three years. I adore it! Laura, those apples? As fake as fake can be.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to speak your mind.


  1. Centennial Rose! My mother had enough of that for setting 12. It now lives at my brother's home.

  2. Vee
    Now that's a great shot. And you didn't even have to get off of your
    posterior to take it!
    I've noticed the suns movement too. It has come around again so that it shines right in my eyes at news time. Oh well, I'm better off not seeing the news anyway.
    Have you started reading your gardening books from Sharon yet?

  3. I've been noticing the increased daylight, too. So wonderful! Keep learning how to use our camera so you can tell me!

    I really like the teacups hanging from the window frame.

  4. Sometimes it's easier to just zoom than to crop. I added a photo to picnik to change then decided that it was just easier to upload as is - too much energy. I'm home sick today - just not feeling like myself so I thought that I'd drop by.


  5. I love visiting your home through your pictures. You have some really nice decorating ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I think you are getting the hang of this photography stuff! I the zoomed shot of kitty...

  7. Great shot, Vee. Seems like the best shots of cats are when they're ignoring us!

  8. I'm so glad the days are getting longer again!

  9. I love the kitteh shot! So purrty.
    (Ok, I'm stopping that now)

    Yes, the light is changing and I'm happy. Is it just me or does it feel like late March? With Spring right round the corner!
    I saw some Canada Geese flying back North this morning and was happy. That's a good sign for spring.

    I need some fake apples for display purposes.


  10. Love your Valentines pretties! You could string some twinkle lights all around...I am just halfway kidding! heehee! ♥

  11. I love # 1 shot of your cat, Vee, but # 2 shot allowed me to try to read your book titles...lol No, I couldn't do it.

    It feels so much like spring around here --everything is confused--the birds, the trees and the bulbs popping up. Hope we don;t get a winter whallop soon!

  12. Well, it looks like you are making the most of your time over there...getting educated in the fine art of photography. The more daylight (sunlight) hours the better...for taking photos and for enjoying the great outdoors!

    I'm wondering which is Centennial Rose. I'll have to do my research!

  13. Great pics, my favorite is the kitty close-up! You must be a quick learner.

  14. Wow, you are getting really good! Well done!

  15. Its a good shot of kitty in the sunshine. I can almost feel the warmth of the sun.
    I had a piece of your bread toasted for breakfast. YUMMY!!

  16. I love looking through the ears of my critters and seeing the sunshine! I can see light thru your kitty's ears, too. All pink and fuzzy - great job!

  17. And speak my mind freely, I will do! You said to. :-)

    First, I adore your new blog look. All of it. Love it! Warm, without being overwhelmingly *Valentine-ish,* if you know what I mean. Softly warm, and I do, do, do love "warm."

    Second, your photography is progressing!!!!! You just zapped-up that zoomed shot of kitty's face-in-sun. And look at the boukah (spelling???) effect you got! Clear = on kitty. Soft = on near blanket and far book case. YESSSSSSS!

    Oh-deary-deary-me, I am getting twinges of *camera lust.* -pout- This, on top of my Full Moon Allergy Attack. -sigh- Too much! Over Load! Danger Will Robinson!


    Oh and look at how kittie's ear shows translucent pink, with the sun shining through it........

    OK! OK! You have gotten your full share of strokes-on-your-growing-photo-taking-abilities. No more today. -grin- But, maybe more, tomorrow!!! ,-)

    "Every one is a moon,
    and has a dark side
    which he never shows to anybody."

    ~Mark Twain

  18. I adore the second shot of your kitty at your feet. You both look so comfortable.

  19. I really like the zoomed shot of kitty. The light is beautiful.

    The light is changing. The sun is rising early and so far our weather has been really warm for February. I actually still have my Christmas wreath up on my front door! It's all white so I thought it was wintery looking but now that it's so hot already I'm thinking it's starting to look a bit out of place!

  20. So pretty! I love natural light in photography. Kitty looks all cozy. So do you. ;) It's been such a dreary winter with all of our rain, I am looking forward to sunshine and springs days. I am sure you have quite an extensive spring to-do list yourself!

  21. I'm still liking your photography ...and your new shiny apple red header!

  22. hello hello hello hello hello!

    I *LOVE** the kitty in the sunshine shot! And, you look toasty fur-sure..get it? FUR-sure? hahaha..ok, well I tried..

  23. I never get bored with photo experiments. I like the red touches for Valentines Day!

  24. gorgeous photo and kitty!! and photographer.


  25. Wonderful kitty photo.

    I am jealous of you all snugged up on the couch.

    Yes, days longer and can now do more gardening. Hurrah!



  26. Bored with you? Never! Bored with your photography? No way!

    Love the out of focus background on the first photo and the nice sidelight.

  27. Nice shooting, Vee. Now please zoom in on the books so we can read the titles. I'm nosy that way, I love to see what others have on their book shelves.

  28. How fun to see some of your photography experiments! The fun in blogging is sharing our thoughts and experiences...taking time to make and be friends. What an exciting world we're living in.

  29. What a great close up of your kitty's head! I noticed your new header too. Looks good. You're becoming a pro photographer all ready! Stay warm under your quilt. Hugs, Pamela

  30. A beautiful shot of the sun shining on your sweet kitty's head."
    I love looking at your pretty house...

  31. Bored? Not at all.

    Late? Yes, again...heading over here to catch up when sensible folks are heading to bed.

    I love the photo of sweet kitty! I could reach right out and scratch her behind her ears! I also love the quilt under which you are reading...sooooo pretty.

  32. Oh Vee! Beautiful!!! Never bored!!! I'm visiting you from my new Blog, One Cat Shy of Crazy. I don't know, trying to keep up two blogs, that ship may have sailed, lol! Those apples I'm looking at...I could reach right in and grab one to munch...

  33. We noticed at dinner that the light was fading at almost 6:00pm.

    I like the fun you are having with your camera...I need to use mine more!


  34. Oh I do like the shot of your kitty with the sun shining on his head. Beautiful!

  35. Amazing how blogging and new cameras get us seeing some things for the first time./Like it.


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