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Friday, February 24, 2012

Seven Things Meme

Laura tagged me even though she knows full well that I don't accept tags or awards. This post is going to prove that, when I am struggling to find blog fodder, I, too, find memes valuable. Thank you, Laura.

Laura's Meme is to write Seven Things About Myself. How convenient! I know myself so well. Still, it's too much for me to do without help so I'm also resorting to some prompts that I've read in Blogdom.

1. What has changed the most since you were a teenager? So much has changed: fashions, foods, recreation, technology, movies, television programs, even politics. The church has changed. Mores have evolved and not for the better in my opinion. Other than medical advancements and technological advancements, I'm challenged to think of any of the changes as an improvement.

2. What always makes you laugh? Any time someone else is laughing, I'm pretty much willing to join in. I really love to hear children laughing and babies laughing definitely makes me laugh. Have you seen any videos of laughing babies? You try watching one and see!

3. List those favorite things or collections you treasured growing up. Loved collecting rocks, specifically skipping rocks. It is not possible to have too many of those. I also collected mica and tiny bits of garnet.

~Alice and Not Toto~
~ Edited to Add: Not Dorothy Either  ;} ~

I just found Alice last week while going through some packed boxes. The kind one is supposed to give away if one hasn't missed anything after a year. Would you believe that I started to miss Alice? She was a birthday present in my ninth year. She came with an Alice in Wonderland wristwatch. Somewhere along the way she found Not Toto there and lost her hand.  

4. Name five things under your kitchen sink. The garbage can, Barkeeper's Friend, bleach, plant food, and a broken plant mister.

5. Favorite type of cheese?  Sharp Cheddar

6. What is your earliest memory, and why does it stand out in your mind? The earliest memory is of riding in the car and crossing a large bridge. I had a bottle of chocolate milk to drink and a doughnut to eat. I was perfectly content.

7. If you could rid the earth of one thing what would it be? Evil. Yes, that pretty much covers it.

How about you? What one thing would you rid the world of?


  1. Skinny jeans and therefore muffin tops. Ewww. LOL

  2. So you were (are?) a Judy Bolton fan! Once my husband actually went with me to Coudersport, PA to see some of the locations where Margaret Sutton got the inspiration for many of the books. (We started from our cottage at Lake Chautauqua so it was just a day trip.) And we both like sharp cheddar. I would like to rid the world of evil, too........

    Ah, but you remind me I must clean out under the sink!

  3. Yes, babies laughing always make me laugh too. When did we lose our ability to laugh straight from the belly?

    Evil would be my choice too.

  4. I think evil would be the hands down winner, so much of the worlds suffering has it's roots in that

    You don't even want to know what's under my sink...come to think of it I don't even know everything thats under my sink :)

  5. I'm torn here. Of course I'd want to rid the world of all sorts of nasty things.

    But, how could we rid the world of one thing, without totally screwing up the whole?

    I know! Too much thinking. ,-) I'm just supposed to answer the question, like a reflex action.

    Maybe someone already ridded the world of my reflex action...?


    "One of the secrets of a happy life is
    continuous small treats."
    ~Iris Murdock

  6. I'm really tempted to answer "evil", but my brain automatically went with "calories". LOL!

  7. Good morning! I love to hear babies laughing! Nothing quite as contagious! I'd rid the world of cancer...though it would have to be right behind evil. Or would that be in the same category? Have a good day!

  8. I know that I should answer "evil" too, but I'll say "diseases".
    Have a wonderful Friday!

  9. I would rid the world of the desire for men to kill. It's frightening how evil men can be. It's frightening the evil thoughts I've had!

  10. I'm with you on ridding the world of evil - it comes in so many guises.
    Lovely to know a little more about you, Vee!

  11. Loved your answers. My daughter if an 'Alice' fan and I never even knew it until she moved out and started collecting. Her blog is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and I found a book in an old bookstore in downtown Mesa with that exact title and ....rats...can't remember the author..anyway his handwritten copy of the story. Couldn't resist buying it for her. So her daughter is lovin' that now. It was never one of my favorites but I think it was because I'm not sure I ever understood it well now that I've heard it's quite political. The funny thing is I don't ever remember reading that story to my daughter in all those years.

  12. Morning, Vee. I enjoyed this very much. I would love to go on a car trip with a doughnut and some chocolate milk. I agree about all the changes in our world not being for the better. And getting rid of all evil. xo

  13. Interesting, Vee.
    I like the "not toto"
    What would I rid the world of? I think I'll go along with your choice!

  14. Well, Vee, your answers gave me a glimpse into your world. I still collect rocks. They are the perfect souvenir--one of a kind and free. Have a good day.

  15. Hi Vee. Interesting post about you. I don't know those books you collect but we had Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden and The Bobbsi Twins. Definitely get rid of evil! It's bad stuff! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Pamela

  16. Ridding the world of evil...good response!

    Yes...babies make me laugh. And you make me laugh...without even trying to.

    I had a rock collection as a child as well. I guess it went back to the 'dust' from whence it came. But now I collect rocks on our travels. (I never mention that when I cross the border though!) And skipping rocks...I still like to try my hand at that from time to time.

    Have a fun weekend.

  17. These are wonderful Vee,
    Sorry I haven't been by this week to say hi. I am working on a new adventure, and it's consuming all of my time.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

  18. My first thought was hatred, but evil covers that and more.

    Both Keith and I collected rocks as children. When creating our garden pond, we spent many days collecting rocks. It's just as fun when you're adults.

  19. Memes are a great way to generate blog fodder. I always enjoy reading them, and it's fun to learn more about you, Vee. How interesting that one of the questions was about your earliest memory. I was just thinking about that very thing the other day.

    What would I get rid of? Evil just about covers it all. I'm looking forward to that day.

  20. Well, something I did get rid of, or permanently misplaced, is a Cinderella much like your Alice. Mine came with my first watch when I was a little girl. Seeing yours has made me nostalgic.

  21. How sweet your Alice is. I'm so amazed you have so many items from your childhood.
    I haven't heard of Margaret Sutton.
    I'm going to check my library for her books now.
    I try not to think about how much the world has gone to -ell in a handbasket. It is just too depressing! Yep, too much evil all

  22. Fun post....I too love the laughter of babies!
    Evil be gone!

  23. So nice to learn a bit more about you! Interesting that what you put away to see if you missed, you did! Then you know she's a keeper for now at least. I see you like old books as we do. I agree with you on change and evil but I never was too good a skipping rocks.

    Have a good weekend.

  24. Fun Facts! At this very moment I would rid the world of migraines!!! I have had one for days on end again. I see no purpose in having ones head hurt.

    Love the little Alice figure. I have a little Snow White one that came with a watch, my grandmother gave her to me as a gift one Christmas. I will now have to hunt her up.

    Have a great weekend!

  25. I prob. would rid of evil as well. Have a great weekend. Blessings

  26. Nice learning still more about you. : )

    I would like to see the world rid of drivers who stop in the middle of the road for no reason!!!

  27. Good memes, Vee! I had to laugh at the chocolate milk and donut breakfast! Sounds so like me, too.

    I used to collect little glass horses, always have I been a "horse nut"!

    Come see me - I posted about my Texas Magnet! It looks so cute on my fridge! Thanks again ----

  28. This was good -

    I think I would rid the world of sin/evil.

    I do love what many of the other ladies said, too.


  29. Just last night there was a show on with a baby laughing so hard and it made me laugh out loud. So cute. Vee, this was fun to read!! I ditto you about the evil. Amen, sister, amen.


  30. Good morning Vee...I always love reading you posts...I have to agree with you on ridding the world of evil...some days it just seems like there just way too much of it out there...but fortunatley I have my loving husband and 4 beautiful daughters that are my reality and make me realize that no matter what, our family is always there for us!!! Have a glorious day and if you should get the chance, I would love for you to stop by my blog...I'm new so I just learning the blogging ropes...but I really enjoy it!!!

  31. I enjoyed reading your thoughts - it helps to have inspiration from other blogs sometimes and questions that make you think about past experiences are always useful. Have a great week!

  32. I enjoyed your answers, Vee. I collected rocks as a child--still do! I pick one up almost every place I travel. I have a big bowl full.

    Getting rid of evil would be # 1 and slso greed!

  33. Have not come across any of those books.

    You would like the real original Cheddar over here then. Always had to come from Cheddar Gorge but these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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