Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Magnet Factory

Though I'm not particularly talented in any area, I am very interested in many things. I enjoy crafts, though I never stick with a thing long enough to be become truly proficient. Anyone else struggle with this one?

~Magnets Adorn the Fridge~

I've moved on from crocheting to making magnets. Refrigerator magnets. The kind that annoy so many. I find them handy. Our refrigerator serves as others' chalkboard message boards serve them. It's a great place to display the grands' artwork and to file the bills and to say "pay attention to this."

~The Magnet Factory~

This has really been a lot of fun. It is relaxing to leaf through old magazines and calendars looking for images that will work well. John's daughter shared how to make these with me and the information is all in the factory picture. I'm sure that many of you have already given this a try and that there are tutorials already online.

Hope that you all had a splendid Love Day and that you keep the love going. When visiting my grands last night, I was a bit surprised to learn that they are both in "relationships." The eldest has already set his wedding plans.
* thud *

I also wanted to thank everyone who mentioned a story from your family history. (Comments section~Monday's Post~Scroll back if interested) Some even talked about Spanish Flu history. I knew that a pandemic would have stories all over the place. It was all very interesting!

Love Vee


  1. I love magnets too :) I've even made the same type as you, but they didn't last long...maybe I used the wrong glue???

    I usually pick up a magnet or two from where ever we've travelled. It's a nice reminder, without starting a "collection" of stuff.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week,

  2. I've seen those magnets before on someone's post but have never tried to make them myself. They are so cute.

  3. I know what you are saying in your first statement. I love to do a lot of different crafts and artsy things so I always have about 5 things in the process. If I get tired of dealing with one thing and feel stumped I just go on to another one and when I come back new ideas are bouncing around in my head. My one thing that I feel I have the most skill with is crochet so when I feel used up I just pick up my crochet and have at it. I am almost finished my Plarn Journey Totes and can post those. Blessings

  4. Love the magnets from your own factory! I've had fun co-ordinating the wee magnets with the boards over here...makes a neat gift.

  5. I feel the same way...I want to learn how to do anything that interests me and then another interesting thing comes along. I do miss having a craft table that I can leave a mess and nobody will see it. (That was our basement before we downsized.)

    Love your magnets! My problem is that I need those heavy duty magnets. I tend to put things on the fridge that are way too heavy.

  6. Hi Vee,

    Sometimes I start craft projects and they sit for months til I finish them.
    Your magnets are cute. I'm not overly fond of too many on the fridge but a few are necessary at out house to hold appts etc.

    Hope you had a happy Love day.

  7. We use our fridge for things like that too! Your magnets are great - very pretty! So much better than my pizza place magnets holding up old wedding photos of my parents and Tim's mom and dad...

    Your grands are in relationships, eh? :)


  8. Oh, Vee..yes, I can totally relate and my mother was much of the same. You would just love to rummage through her crafty stashes all throughout her home. She was a creative artist, jumping in head first and she would run with creativity until something else sparked her interest.

    These are wonderful magnets, so pretty!!

  9. I thought child marriages were illegal here...there is no way you are talking about ADULT grands..unless you too were a child bride? Wink...

  10. Aha! A craft that I might actually start and finish! I need some magnets for my refrigerator. I have one side of the fridge that can't be seen very well just covered. I'll put things that need attention on the front side for a few days only. Anyhoo, I will now be stopping in at Hobby Lobby to look for magnets. Thanks for sharing this!

  11. Don't stick to things, for long? Of course! That's my middle name.

    But, then again... Where Is It Written, that all of us *HAVE* to lumber-on with any project? When it no longer excites us? NO PLACE, that's where!!! "Auntie" sezzzzzz... ,-)

    Your "Grands" are in relationships?!? Good grief! Thought that stuff didn't begin till at least 12-13. Which is also, a wee bit young, to my *Old* way of thinking. -grin-

    Happy "Auntie"

  12. Vee
    Those do look easy and I even have some of those floral marbles just sitting in storage. They would make cute gifts too.
    Yes, my little 4 yr old g'son has a girlfriend, Ginevive. How romantic!

  13. Hi Vee

    Your magnets are pretty! I also use my refrigerator as a bulletin board.

    All my recent crafting has been bridal shower related. I made a "wedding cake" ceterpice out of white towels, and presently I'm making little tulle puffs filled with candy almonds. I've also been hot gluing white lace on big white baskets that will hold the favors and give away prizes for the games we are going to play at the shower. I'm also trying to dream up some fun gifts for my daughter. For my dil's shower I made special boxes filled with gifts for "Mr & Mrs" "Honeymoon" and "In the Kitchen" -- it was fun finding little things for each theme. Unfortunately, life's events have me very behind in everything this time around.

    I hope your "engaged" grandson set the date way long in the future! Otherwise I'll send you all my left over lace :)

  14. Very nice Vee! I generally stay away from crafting. Not one of my talents. I can't use magnets on my new refrigerator.

  15. I'm sure I have ADD when it comes to crafting - if something new comes along I'll readily abandon my current interest for a fling with the new one. But I think I'm improving with age - at least I hope so. Moving has revealed to me that I have TOO MUCH craft stuff. My goal is to whittle it down. So far, not much success.

    I like your magnets. Very much. Much classier than the ones promoting life insurance, banks, or even plain strips.

  16. The little magnets like that on my frig are my favorite. I think I'd like them even more if I chose the pictures contained in them. Great idea and glad you are enjoying it. Certainly it uses slightly different muscles so your crocheting fingers get a sort of rest.

  17. I too do many things. I kind of like it that way though. When you get tired of one thing, you have something else to work on. Keeps life interesting.
    You did a fine job with the magnets!! They are great.
    I have a stainless steel refrigerator so magnets don't stick on it!

  18. Oh yes, I do have fridge magnets too! And I have magnetic photo frames with family and grandson pictures in them. Clutter city. But a necessity right? We celebrated V day with a romantic candlelit supper, decorations from Dollarama, love music on the stereo (instead of the news!), sweets for dessert and a movie on dvd. Ahhhh love is in the air. I think spring is coming. lol

  19. I am with you....I do know a little about a lot of things -lol.

    I have never tried making magnets before and yours are very charming.
    p.s. no I am not painting my new leather and wood tray-lol. There are many, many pieces of furniture in my house that I haven't painted. Most of the painted pieces go to the booth for resale. I love wood furniture.

  20. I have lots of crafts that I lost interest in!
    I never made magnets like that though!
    Your primrose is sweet. Such a sunny yellow.

  21. Those are cute magnets, Vee. I'll bet that was fun making 'em. I have them on my fridge, too - usually pick one or two up on trips. When the kids were little I had all those magnet letters on the bottom of the fridge so they could practice spelling words.

    Your grands already have wedding plans, huh? My, they grow up so quickly nowadays... ;)

  22. Those magnets are so dear...I love the pictures that you have selected. (Let's not talk about not-sticking-with-projects. I'm afraid that I could monopolize that conversation.)

    ***Thank you for sweet, sweet comments on my blog! We do enjoy one another's company...and it's always fun to share your grands with anyone who will listen (read). :-D

    I am sorry to hear about your bread machine. Is there a warranty perhaps? If I lived near you, I'd bring you mine, as I decided I needed my counter space more than my bread machine. (Plus, I have a bread baker at my house. Don't hate me.)

    Hugs to you...

  23. Good morning! Those are really quite cute. I have not seen tutorials or posts about these. I will have to go look...good idea. Yes, it seems the grands are growing up even faster than their parents did! Have a good day. HUGS

  24. It's so exciting to sit down and play blog catch-up today! Love the magnets ... these can fit any theme you like! Bouncing from craft to craft keeps you from getting into a rut. =) Don't you love those innocent relationships of childhood? Now that mine are teenagers, I am trying to discourage them!

    Hope you have had a great week!

  25. Oh, how cute!! I have seen these, but never thought about making them myself. How nice to be able to customize them too.
    I got a kick out of your story about the grandsons being in "relationships." It reminded me that I was married to the neighbor boy at the age of 5. It was a backyard ceremony officiated by the older sisters. There was a ring and everything. LOL.


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