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Monday, February 6, 2012


It was an odd weekend. The photography book that Catherine suggested in comments last week arrived. I sat directly down to it with my camera in hand and a willing subject.

~willing subject~

Later in the day, my niece brought over bacon whoopie pies. Bacon? Yup, you heard correctly. They were pretty good. I ate it, but I don't know what's wrong with the good old-fashioned chocolate ones or even *pumpkin.* John really liked them and ate the rest of my share.

So you're probably wondering about the photography. So am I. I have the settings so snarled that I have to return to the default settings and start over. Lots to learn; lots to confuse.


Congrats to the Giants fans. That was a rough game for the Pats fans to watch, which was why I bailed at 9 for Downton Abbey. Oh poor Mary! She certainly has got herself in a world of trouble. If I start praying for her, would you please remind me that she's just a character in a story? =) And that little snake in the grass Patrick. That was unsettling. And poor Mr. Bates! 

So did you watch the game or Downton Abbey or both or nothing or something else entirely?


  1. I watched about 5 minutes of the Super Bowl, then watched some TV shows we had dvr'd this past week.

  2. You inspire by constantly learning.

    Watched parts of the game just to be with my family. Have no clue about either team.

  3. We watched the football game up until the very last exciting moments! It was a great game! I sure would like to see these PBS programs though! I hope they get the DVDs at the library! Good luck on the camera settings...there's so much to learn! I love my little NIKON coolpix, too! ♥

  4. Downton, of course! I'm not much of a football fan unless there is a semi-local team involved and then it's just so-so. The episode of Downton just about slipped over the "soap opera" line last night, but I still love it (as I do Y&R!!).

  5. I was out at my book club, so watched nothing - but Downton Abbey is waiting, PVRed for tonight's enjoyment!

  6. We watched the game. I fell asleep not long after 1/2 time. Then just got up and went to bed. I guess I guess I was pretty tired! Good luck with your picture taking!

  7. A book on photography! You my Dear, are braver than I. Good luck with this quest. I'd never have the patience to stick with it.

    I had my "goodies," and listened to music and read my book. ("Uncle A." and the men in the family, were gathered next door, naturally.) At 10pm I checked in and Eli and Giants were celebrating. :-))))))

    How Sweet It Was!!!!!!

    Without the tension of watching the whole game.


    Yeah, I'm a total wimp!!!!!

  8. Downton, hands down. Here's what I think. Lord G is going to be smitten with the new maid. Did you notice the looks they exchanged? And O'B and T will start snooping around about the death of B's wife. It does have a soap opera-ish quality about it now.

  9. I've got a Nikon 3100 that I still can't figure out and I've had it a year. I think I'm going to rein it in and give it to my son. Bahh.

  10. I have some wonderful photo manuals...and some very good intentions...and that's as far as I have gone with my 2 year-old camera.

    Game? Which game? :) I made a photobook on-line...and when I was all but done the program crashed and my book disappeared into thin air. I should have watched football...it would have been less annoying!

  11. Kudos to you for studying!! My number two goal for my homeschool students was (and is) for them to become lifelong learners. (Number one was to guide them into paths of righteousness.) I think that learning should continue always...there is always something else to know...

    That said, I am afraid that a book on photography would overwhelm me! Sort of like opening up a book and expecting to learn a foreign language. (Okay maybe not that drastic.) I have found...here comes my homeschool bent again...that the best way to learn a new subject or skill is to get a CHILDREN'S book from the library and get the basics. A children's book typically has simple explanations, simple vocabulary, and helpful photographs or diagrams. Then you can jump into a more difficult book with some prior knowledge of the subject. Just my two cents...

    Last night, we neither watched football, nor Downton Abbey. We are not football fans, and we are waiting to get season one of Downton Abbey from Netflix. So after my oldest daughter and her family left, we settled down to cups of tea and Cranford. (Have you seen Cranford?)

    ***Answer to your question in my comment section. No NBC here...our area has local affiliates for CBS, ABC, PBS, and Fox.

  12. Watched, enjoyed, got a little nervous in the beginning, snacked and cheered. Yep, that Eli is something else. xo

  13. Vee....what kind of camera do you have? I am a little overwhelmed at the manual settings :) BTW....I watched the superbowl.


  14. You have a very cute willing subject there. Good luck with your new manual. It looks like you are off to a good start.
    I saw a few commercials, the halftime show ... you know, the important stuff. LOL.
    I am new to Downtown Abbey and still trying to figure out who everybody is, but I was tuned in last night. Today I am trying not to talk with a Brittish accent.

  15. Vee,
    I have just started watching Downton Abbey. I downloaded season 1 and I am watching them every day. I ordered Season 2 which should come this week. I find watching them in the afternoon with a cup of tea and my knitting is a real treat!

    Couldn't watch the Pats lose to the Giants again.....

  16. Good morning! I love that you are learning how to work your camera. I would love to know how to, except of course I would need the good camera in the first place, haha. Maybe someday....We watched every minute of the sad game...sigh. Oh well, I guess there is always next year. My hubby and I have now watched all of season one of Downton and really enjoyed it. I have yet to remember to watch it on regular TV. Hopefully Netflix picks up season 2 right away. Or where else could I get it? haha Have a wonderful day Vee...

  17. Hubby didn't care if I watched Downton Abbey as long as I went back and checked the score once in awhile.

    My kids live close to Boston and they do not have a TV (other than for DVDs) so they went to a friend's house for a family friendly Super Bowl party.

    I must admit there are almost no Patriots fans where I live due to the many, many times the coaches and fans have said terrible things about Midwestern cities. (Remember Larry Bird being called The Hick from French Lick?)

    Oh, I was on the edge of my seat with Downton Abbey this time. Stephanie has seen all of the second season since her Irish sister-in-law sent her an International DVD.

    She said that season is not wrapped up until the Christmas episode.

  18. Missed the entire game since we were traveling to Great Falls yesterday. But I was sad to hear on the news that the Pats lost. My poor relatives...they are so bummed this morning.

    The bacon woopie pie looks really good! Yum!

  19. Oh, how I wish there were a manual available for my camera. It's only available online and that's just too unhandy. (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it) I think you have an adorable subject close at hand to practice on.
    I haven't seen any of the Downtown Abbey programs. Sounds like I'm missing out.

  20. Can you believe the girls and I have not been able to watch Downton yet? I am hoping for an evening to get caught up!

    I love that you are still a learner - I am too, and am trying to pass that along to our children! Life long learners!


  21. We're not sports fans here although hubs turned the tv on for about 5 minutes around 10:00 when the Patriots were ahead. I keep hearing about Downton Abbey and we don't get it on our 3 channels! How disappointing because I know I'd become a fan. Keep up with the camera studies Vee. Some day it'll all make sense. :)

  22. Several of our friends threw us a going away party where the game played in the background. Lots of laughs and tears(over the football game, too) but a wonderful night with great friends. That's what a super bowl party is all about anyway? =)

  23. I am so behind on Downton Abbey. I missed the first season entirely before hearing all the hullabaloo, so, not wanting to jump into season two, I've watched season one through downloads, and now have to do the same for season two to catch up. I have heard there will be a third season, so hopefully I can watch along with all the other Downies.

    Ooh, now I'm scared about the book. I have to confess I just ordered it this morning and it always takes longer here in Canada. But I'm eager to get started. Thank goodness for default settings!

    No game here. Tim is not a sports fan at all. After church we read, went for a long walk, read some more, and watched another British drama "Monarch of the Glen" on our public broadcasting station. It's a weekly drama as well. Very enjoyable.

  24. I 'watched' the superbowl and played Angry Birds. Kelly Clarkson did a fantastic job singing the national anthem. It brought tears to my eyes (proud tears). I've never been a fan of Madonna, but thought the halftime performance was one of the best over the past few years.

  25. How great that you're taking the time to learn all about your camera. Great choice that you made! I'm one of those who looks at the instruction book when I want a feature and it doesn't automatically do it for me. (I know...bad habit.)

  26. On the west coast the game was well over before Downton abbey started. I usually just DVR it and watch it the next day but I stayed up to watch. Yes, you really can begin to forget the characters are...characters.
    We were at a party for most of the game and it wasn't a party where the game was on...that's a whole other story.
    Camera settings perplex me.

  27. We had to 'tape' Downton Abbey as we couldn't watch it at the time....

    I hear you about wantting to 'praying' for Lady Mary. I often want to do that for other characters in movies I watch that sure need some divine intervention.

    BTW... if you can't find my blogs today, it seems that B*logger has 'removed' them all....sigh...seems other people are having the same experience.

    Now that's something I CAN pray about.... smile....

    enjoy your day, Vee!

  28. I forgot Downton Abbey was on last night so we watched the game. DA also comes on here Thursday's so I'll watch it then. I love that show.

    I baked your bread recipe today. DELICIOUS!!

  29. So nice to hear you talk about DA! Love it and watched it last fall after it would come out on Sundays in UK--on some weird website, but am watching again. Mr. Bates is a favorite, one reason being his role in Lark Rise to Candleford, which, if you have never watched, I think you would love all four seasons.

    Your photos look pretty good I'd say except a bit amber in tone.

    As far as your Sunday post, have you ever read Where is God When it Hurts by Philip Yancey--an old classic of a book. It so beautifully explains the reason for pain; he's a good writer.

  30. I am still trying to figure how to use my camera to it's full potential.
    As far as the game, we watched bits and pieces

  31. I watched for the commercials, LOL. Glad to see Eli get another win. I am not a NY fan, but a fan of the Mannings. Peyton went to UT here in Knoxville. Peyton and Eli are good guys.

    Ha, that's good that you are playing around with the camera settings! That's the only way to learn! Just getting in there and messing with it. The last two photos needed the white balance set to incandescent. That's why they turned out so yellow. LOL, now you'll probably go look up in your book about white balance...

  32. Something else entirely. It was so good I can't even remember what it was.
    Good for you with the photography! Looking forward to seeing your results!

  33. Of course we had to watch the Superbowl! :) I was admittedly very happy and excited that the Giants won!

    I bought a "Nikon for Dummies" book a couple of years ago and must be really dumb, as I have never opened it. Maybe someday when life is a little less complicated I'll get into it and learn more about my camera...sigh. Good luck with your self guided lessons!

  34. Watched the game last night and Downton Abbey tonight. Thank goodness for DVR :)

    Good luck with that camera and manual :)

  35. Oh Vee, you'll have it mastered in no time!

  36. 9 o clock I retreated to watch Downton Abbey. I am so happy there will be a season 3 as I am hooked.
    I think Thomas is the snake! And Lord G should behave himself!

  37. I've ordered several books...given one away...sent several back..and am waiting for batch number two. It is so fun to learn. So fun!

    I love a willing participant.

  38. You are brave and smart to start reading and learning out of a photography book....it would be to me like reading Russian.

    Didn't watch the game...read instead...
    Your furry friend sure is cute and looks so relaxed.

  39. Such a lovely willing subject...and what no cupcakes with chicken wings? lol...have to admit, I watched the commercials and had my kindle to get me through the actual play of the game, just can't abide football...I'm a baseball girl myself...

  40. OOO, we watched the GAME. Son has a SB Party every year and it's a great fellowship time for us all. Over 20 there, lots of good snacks, I was pulling for the Giants, and...
    I've never even heard of Downtown Abby. Not sure we get it....:(

  41. Hi Vee - I'm anxious to see your photo skills improve day by day - it's confusing, isn't it! I think you do a good job already tho!

    Watch the SuperBowl? No, we had a get-together with some church couples, and the women yacked and we watched the guys watch the SuperBowl. And we grazed of course...

    Ok, I'm off to print out your brown bread recipe! Have a wonderful week!

  42. I am sure you would like to know the ending but I am not telling!


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