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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Little Chit-Chat

♫ It snowed last night, oh it snowed last night. The sky opened up and had a pillow fight... ♫

That was the refrain for the 15-minute journey to school this morning. (Yes, we did have a bit of snow last night.) While most students are enjoying a winter break, my youngest grandson, aka the baby grand, had only Presidents' Day off. His is an intensive school where he is learning so much and doing very well.

As we arrived, a shy little girl was sitting quietly waiting for the classroom doors to open. Jake was having none of that. He said, "Good morning, Sharla (name changed), how are you?" She smiled at him and he responded more loudly, "GOOD MORNING, SHARLA, HOW ARE YOU?" She shrank back to the wall. I suggested that he pipe down as he was making Sharla nervous. He walked over and leaned into her face and smiled very big. Sharla smiled  a wee smile back. I suggested allowing Sharla some space and took him quietly to his seat. When I looked back, Sharla was beaming at us. Space — it's a good thing. This school teaches these sorts of things in addition to regular classroom topics.


Since I was driving by anyway, I decided to stop and pick up a few things. My pantry may not always be full, but the pets must have food. And it's nice to have fruit in the house.

I also wanted to shop for my own gift. I really want a steam cleaning system for the floors. I am tired of mopping and having my hands in water wringing a mop. I mean this is the 21st Century! Do any of you have a good recommendation? I have been checking online and many steamers get a bad rap. Biss*ll comes out pretty good. I'd really like to have one that does more than one thing — not only floors, but also showers, drapes, and upholstery. So if you have a suggestion for me, please share. I'm all ears.

Now I must be off to bathe the dog. Such exciting times at the Haven.

A good Wednesday to you...


  1. Oh how cute...we have been working on space also with our little one..somehow he just wants to be right there on top of the person...usually hugging! Yes, space, don't we all need it at times.

    Enjoy the beautiful snow..we are going to be in the 80's today.

  2. Snow... I have forgotten what it looks like as we have even had a flurry this year. It sounds as if you have had a relaxing morning. Going to school with the grands is probably quite entertaining!

    I use a "Shark" steam cleaner. It has a feature that will vacuum you hardwood & linoleum, then the steam feature to clean them. I like it pretty well. My girls like it too. At least I pretend they do since there is less fussing over cleaning the floors on their night to clean the kitchen. =)
    I hope you find one that you like.


  3. Snow, I love to look at it, but here in Phoenix don't get much of a chance. I think that we all need our space. Hope you day goes well.

  4. Sounds like you've had an interesting start to your day. It must have been so cute for you to see your Grandson spreading joy...even if it wasn't done in the way Sharla might have preferred.

    I'll be interested to see what is recommended to you for a steam cleaner.

  5. I sometimes use my Shark but have to unplug and replug it because the cord is short. For some reason I have to push it awfully hard and change the pad often. Otherwise, it leaves streaks. So, is that a recommendation or what?

  6. Your baby grand sounds like my kind of guy! Boys! heehee! What fun they are...makes the girls giggle! Hope your day has been good! I don't have a steam cleaner...I have mostly carpet! ♥

  7. Now is Sharla Baby Grand's wife to be?
    Wasn't one of the engaged or something? :P


  8. How wonderful to have some snow! We have only had flurries a couple of times this year. Tomorrow it is suppose to be 74 degrees.

    I would also be interested in what everyone has to say about steam cleaners.

  9. Sorry Vee, no snow here in Sweet Home Alabama, near 70*, no fear, severe weather will be hitting us tomorrow. (tornado season, you know, lol.)Still windy up here at the lake, though.

    I have a steam cleaner, it is ok. I like my Swiffer mop for the wood floors though. Blessings

  10. Your baby grand made me smile! Great enthusiasm!

    We have sunshine here and warmish weather....I think the groundhog is all washed up! :)

    I am interested to see what people suggest for steam cleaners and what you chose. We have all pine floors...not laminate and I had a floor mate that worked great, when it worked...I finally gave up on it after the second one! Made me sad though, it was easy to use, and got the floors clean!


  11. We have a spring like day here in the 60's!!!
    Sorry can't help with the steam cleaning system. Don't have one.

  12. Gotta love that baby grand. Haha!

    It seems everyone, including me, is waiting for recommendations. Guess we are all non-steamers. ;)

  13. You are blessed with a 'normal' day! These are special in and of themselves.

    I love looking at all your pics.
    I spotted that peppermint hot chocolate! Sounds SO good to me right now. I am fighting a stuffy head and scratchy throat!

  14. I see we're all waiting to read about the steam cleaner suggestions. :-) I'm a mopper or down on my knees but I'm sure I'm just swishing dirt around. My husband did buy me knee pads this year. :-) Sweet guy!

  15. Oh we have a grand who is learning about "space" too, haha...Her mama is always saying to her, "Tella, remember....everyone needs space." I love it. Good luck with the mop issues...I will be interested to hear what you discover. : )

  16. Vee
    I bet little "Sharla" was just loving the attention. Don't they say opposites attract?
    I can't help you with the steamer-I still am doing the old mop thing too.
    I hope you don't get a bath as well, Vee.

  17. I'd love to know who has a good one. I have been reading up on it, and watching the sales.
    Hope you get some good suggestions.
    No snow here, yeah. I hope March isn't wicked , it can be!

  18. Your little grand sounds like the friendliest fellow - just the type of guy to pull a girl out of her shyness.

    Good luck with looking for a cleaning machine. I still get down on my knees and scrub my floors with a brush. (And do wipe ups in between) But I'd love something that will clean upholstery - some of my chairs are looking quite grimy. Keep us posted.

    Enjoy the snow - we've seen precious little of it this year.

  19. Vee, when I first opened this post and saw the little chant at the beginning, I thought "Vee must be feeling cheerful today!" Then I saw that it was your baby grand who was chanting, and it all came together for me. :D
    (It has always amazed me how long a little person can chant something and not get tired of it! They seem to have a looooooonngg attention span when it comes to such things.)

    As for the steam cleaner, I do not have one, although I do have wood floors, so I will be keeping up with the comments to see what I can learn.

  20. Mamon was wishing for snow but she says there's no snowball's chance in hell now...do you think she's right? I love that you go to the store to buy food for the dog, but you really need a cat...a cat would like the dog...that apple looks very good.
    visiting from my very own blog
    does your dog have one?

  21. It's so good to hear that Jake is doing so well in school, Vee! Boys can be so enthusiastic in their approach to things, including saying "hello!" :)

    I don't have a floor steamer but wouldn't mind getting one myself.

  22. I had to have a steam cleaner, but have found that it doesn't get under the table nor the hutch with ease so I still use the mop. My first steam cleaner (can't remember the brand) left too much water on the floor to please me. The one I have now (I'll look to see what kind when I go downstairs) works much better, but still doesn't get under the hutch, table, nor aquarium stand.

    Sounds like a fun time with your grandsons. How wonderful that you get to share these special times with them!

  23. Your grand sounds like a little pistol, LOL. Can't figure out where in the heck he gets it from...

    I don't have a steamer. I use a swifter mop. It's the kitchen that takes the biggest beating. DH is always dribbling stuff on the floors. Bless his heart. I won't complain to him though because he's the cook! So my sweetie can dribble away.

  24. I don't have a steamer, so I'm no help there. Good luck with choosing a good one.
    Your grandson is a cutie and I think he's already flirting with the girls!

  25. I just use a swifer wet on my floors and they have a solution for hardwood floors now, too.... It needs to be used often and probably uses too many chemicals, so steam is probably better, but I don't have any suggestions there.........

  26. I use a damp mop on my wood floors and I also have a cleaner (kind of like a vacuum) that sprays drops of water and then it dries it.


  27. We haven't seen much snow and I'm NOT complaining!!! LOL!!! Especially after last winter!!! Wish I could help you out on the steam cleaner . . .

  28. Knowing how much space, each person needs. Intuiting it. If that is a word.

    All children have so much to learn, in the growing up process. So much more than just readin' & writin' & 'rithmatic. So much more.

    It's pretty amazing, how we learn all of it, isn't it?

    And of course, not all people do learn. Not all perfectly nice people, know how to figure out how much space each of their acquaintances needs.......

    A simple little post you wrote. Betcha' you didn't think I could cull so much Deep Meaning and Deep Musing, out of it, hu? ,-)

    "The only stupid thing about words is the spelling of them." ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

  29. Oooops, forgot about the steam cleaning floors question.

    Must ask "he-who-wields-our-steam-floor-cleaner", about that. :-)

    "The only stupid thing about words is the spelling of them." ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

  30. Funny you should ask...I just bought a Bissel Steam and Sweep. Oh I love it!! I'd say that cleaning floors is fun (at least right now). I love watching the steam and it dries so fast! Plus it's just hot water so no nasty chemicals are used.

  31. I will be interested to see what you choose. I am in the market for one too.


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