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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Of Bread and Bread Making Machines

I've come to my blog today looking for information about when I might have purchased my bread machine. Have you heard? It croaked. Made that last loaf of brown bread and then kaput. I found out on Valentine's Day when I was trying to make some more brown bread. Perhaps God has spoken: There'll be no more brown bread for you, Vee. You obviously can't handle it.

I remember that I purchased the bread machine at B*d, B*ath, and B*yond, that I said, "no, thank you" to the extended warranty, that it was about a year ago, and that it is/was an 0st*r. I have made fewer than ten loaves of bread and so we have had some very expensive loaves indeed. And so many of them were duds, too. Wah!

Wouldn't you know that last night while perusing Pinterest...yes, I'm as addicted as anyone else...I found a recipe that I want very much to try. It's one of those mix it up and don't have to knead it ones. Trouble is, I don't have a giant mixer. On the outside chance that you're interested in looking at these wonderful loaves—
English Muffin Bread

Do you believe, like I do, that products have a planned obsolescence?

Edited to Add: Thank you for your suggestions to contact 0st*er. I am going to do it! I'll let you know how it goes.

Edited to Add Again: Thank you so much! They are going to replace it in 6 to 8 days! Yippee!! I do love my commenters.


I am still in the magnet business. Have now cut up my brand new Country Living magazine. There really is no higher purpose for it. My favorite magnets are Abraham Lincoln, a little home in the glen, and some script.

Oops, upside down script...

Right side up

Next time I shop for floral glass, I may look for clearer pieces, though the flaws do lend to the charm. I really enjoyed anything "state" related or historical. It was also fun to find enough similar patterns to create a set as I did with these.

Have you figured out where all this is going? ;> Yes, I'd love to create a set of three for you based on what I find at your blog (yes, you must have a blog). Just comment. No following needed. I'll send them anywhere. Shhhh, don't tell anybody. This is an offer just for those who wander in. A winner will be selected Saturday evening. 

A wonderful Thursday to you...


Thank you! Comments are now closed. Winner to be announced Monday.


  1. I LOVE those magnets. They turned out wonderfully.
    I must admit that I'm the same as you. Moving from one craft to another. Too much of a short attention span to truly commit to anything long term. :P
    Right now I'm up to my neck in making my own bath products and am looking for one ingredient (of course!) for homemade laundry soap. Yep-I'm jumping on the laundry soap band wagon. :)

    That's awful about your bread machine! I don't use mine very much and it has lasted me about 15 years. I probably use it 3 times a year. I prefer the kneading and all that. :)


  2. I haven't seen these on pinterest. Can't believe it!! :) Yes, I enjoy pinning too. What a nice give-away. But, had to share with you about my appliance episode. The coffee pot bit the dust at our house Sunday morning, (before we had our two cups). Less than a year old, I might add. So, I'm using a little drip pot. I have bought another one, but coffee smells like plastic. Still working on that issue with hot water. Have a great day & I love the magnets.

  3. Hi sweet Vee! Your magnets are beautiful!!! I love that you put ol' Abe in one :) The script is lovely to me....I love the imperfections too!! I remember using a bread machine, I think we ditched it before moving to the farmhouse but yum, fresh bread is AMAZING! I just think they don't make stuff like they used to ~ it's almost like they make it inferior on purpose so you'll have to buy a new one. I'm such a bread junkie though, it's kind of a good thing we don't have one anymore!! I hope you're having a great week dear friend, hugs and love, Dawn

  4. You make me giggle! Saying God doesn't think you can handle making brown bread. I feel bad that your bread machine stopped working. If I lived closer you could borrow mine since I haven't used it since....well a long time.
    I really like your magnets, but I am afraid if I were to win I would get a bunch with our "still not back" car all banged up. When I would hope to get yours with the pretty birds and script! wink, wink. Sounds like you are really getting crafty, good for you! Enjoy!

  5. I went over and got the English Muffin Recipe....I am going to try it, but with some whole wheat flour. It looks really good!

    LOVE your magnets and would love a chance to win...

  6. Sorry about the bread machine, I don't think they make things as good as they used to and I do think they try to make things obsolete. I have a coffe machine I love but find it harder and harder to find pods for it...seems like they are steering the market into another direction...makes you wonder.
    Magnets are cute...my problem with crafts is seeing a project thru completion..I am very distractable

  7. I love your magnets! Please put my name in the hat.
    My husband makes the bread around here and loves his bread machine. It's made many wonderful loaves of bread and he even makes gluten free bread for our daughter. The last time he used it (a couple weeks ago)though, the mix exploded inside the machine and made a mess. He got it cleaned up, but we (he) haven't tried using it again. Hopefully it still works.

  8. Love your new background and header - very cheerful.

    I just bought a bread machine. All of these years I haven't had one and then you posted the brown bread recipe. I was telling my neighbor that I was looking for one and she suggested that I borrow hers for a few days. I did. It is a Breadman Ultimate Plus. I had been looking at the ones at King Arthur Flour. I enjoyed using my neighbor's (much less expensive) so I called a friend who has often shared wonderful bread made in her bread machine. She has the same bread maker that my neighbor has. I immediately ordered that breadmaker and made my first loaf yesterday - French bread. It turned out wonderful. I'm glad I made this choice. If I find that I use it a lot and it quits, it may be worth the extra expense of investing in the one at King Arthur Flour.

    Your magnets are really pretty. I love the designs you've chosen. We may all be making magnets.

  9. Your magnets are beautiful, almost remind me of paper weights. Thanks for counting me in. xo (Sorry about your bread machine. I would go back to the store and if it was paid by charge they can look it up and maybe do the right thing customer service wise.)

  10. Those magnets are adorable. I'm trying not to take on any new crafts, right now. I need to finish the pile in my sewing room!

    I had a bread machine for several years. Used it a few times, then passed it along to one of my daughters. I like kneading the bread myself too much.

  11. Love your pretty magnets! Life got a wee bit more challenging around here after we go stainless steel appliances. I had not realized magnets don't stick to steel, and there went my refrigerator door filing system for small paper bits.

  12. Those little magnets are so cute. If I don't win...I think I'll start a little factory of my own.

    That is so sad about your bread machine. Surely someone will have some good news for you.

    I wonder what my per loaf cost has been on my kitchen Aids? I think it has earned its keep.

  13. You are linked to, today, in my blog. ,-)

    A year for a bread machine. Way too short a life.

    Your magnets are precious!!! But I won't try making them. 'Cause I am being wonnnnnnnderful. -grin- Not putting anything on front of my new refrigerator. NOTHING! See how wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnderful I am? ,-)

    Commenting from laptop. Please be kind and over-look mistakes. lol.

    A novel is never anything but a philosophy put into images." ~Albert Camus

  14. They just don't make things like they used to! I still have my original Hamilton Beech hand mixer (40+ years old). While much more recent purchases have come and gone. I have never had a bread machine...though I do have the big Bosch mixer to knead all my doughs for me.

    Those three cute magnets would look lovely with my collection. Just saying!

  15. Vee
    Wow, magnet mania! They are turning out so well. I agree, the flawed glass only adds character. It makes them appear aged.
    About the bread machine. My husband makes a loaf every week. And he loves to make his bread heavy with seeds,etc.(My son says,'sticks & gravel'). Because of the heaviness of the ingredients, our Black & Decker didn't hold up. After much research he bought a ZOJIRUSHI. It is more of a commercial grade and has two paddles, verus the one. So far, it has held up well and turns out some really fab breads. Of course most of the credit goes to Tim for the yummy taste!
    So glad I wandered by today!!

  16. Nifty! I like your magnet project and think I might like to try something like it. I love small shiny things. I'm probably part Magpie!

  17. Love your magnets. The imperfections in the glass make them perfect. I used to use my bread machine all the time, now it mostly sits on a shelf. Have a good day.

  18. oh, my goodness ... i'm totally amazed. you are so talented. how creative!! i'm using you can use all sort of pictures & so forth. so like you can do yourself, family, hubby or cats & dogs? neat. you should do a tutorial blog post. you can make these? wow!! i have several on my frig... they are snoopy, charlie brown & woodstock... love them. i've always wanted a bread maker but never purchased one. i think my mom has one ... she has not used it in a long time though? i need to ask. ha. ha!! (:

  19. I'm sorry about the bread machine. There's always the old fashioned way, and it does take out any frustrations during the kneading time. :-)

    I recognize some of your little mags now as I read my CL magazine yesterday!

  20. Well that's a bummer that your bread machine went kaput! How very rude. You are doing great with those magnets. Remember I don't have anywhere for magnets so leave my name off the draw but I wanted to comment anyway.

  21. I'm eye-ballin' that Texas magnet for sure - heck, they're all great! Just pick me out 3 of 'em!

    JK! Throw my name in the hat - my condolences on your bread maker. And yes, I definitely believe that nearly all manufacturers make stuff only to last so long. They want PROFITS! They don't necessarily care about quality!
    Cars, appliances, you name it - now even the small things like breadmakers! Guess we should learn to make it by hand. (psst- I have a bread-maker, too, hope I didn't say that "make it by hand" too loud!)

  22. What fun thing!

    I am bummed about your bread maker...that is so annoying isn't it? Nothing is made to last anymore! I have a Kitchen Aid which mixes up my dough very well, but I can only mix up enough for 2 loaves at a time and this gang here goes through the bread!

    I have a recipe for English muffin bread...I should give it a try, again.


  23. Love those little magnets....I've made quite a few for gifts myself...but never have I been gifted any....how fun that would be:)
    Thanks for the bread link....I'm off to have a peep. All the best in finding a bread machine that you love.

  24. That's a shame about your bread machine. It should have lasted a lot longer than that. I think I might call the manufacturer and complain. I've had mine for at least 10 years and before that I had another one for several years. It still worked, but the little dough hook got lost in our move and I couldn't find a replacement.
    I have made English muffin bread before and think it makes the best toast. Will check out your link.
    The magnet factory is putting out some really pretty products. I like how the images almost seem magnified and I think the glass imperfections make them even more interesting.

  25. Vee,
    The magnets are wonderful! What an inspiration.
    Never had a bread machine, so I have nothing to offer in that arena...

  26. One year? Boy, they sure don't make things to last, do they? I'm with you on the planned obsolescence - and I think it's getting shorter and shorter. I have a bread maker I rarely use now, it's the same brand, but it held up for several years of regular workouts and still works fine, but I make bread another way now.

    On another note, my camera book arrived. So far, I've learned that I can adjust the viewfinder to suit my eye. Not that I have ever used the viewfinder, but if the sun ever decides to really shine, I will.

    Love the magnets. Sign me up!

  27. Ha! I bookmarked the same recipe earlier today, too.
    Sorry to hear your machine bit the dust, but I bet a hand mixer with dough hooks might be able to mix half that recipe.

    Love the magnets!

  28. Your magnets are all so pretty. I sure hope I win!! The blue bird one is my very favorite.

    Too bad about your bread machine. My first one lasted years and years and I used it all the time. After a few years it started making a weird sound and Ken took it a part and tightened a belt or something in it and it worked fine again.
    I guess I've had this second one now for about a year or so. It is an Oster and so far it has been great. I can't even remember what my first one was.

  29. I'd love having you add to my magnet collection :)

    sorry about the breadmaker....maybe buy the next one used??? they are easy to find, and usually hardly used.


  30. I bought my bread machine at Wally World two years ago for $50 big ones. Still going strong and I love it. I'm going to try those magnets and see how I do.

  31. Wow, I love those magnets. Beautiful. I would love to have a set.

  32. My bread machine was a hand-me-down from the neighbor...so thankful that it is still chugging away...one loaf at a time! :)
    I recognize the pictures, as I just picked-up a copy of Country Living yesterday!
    I would love to be entered into your little giveaway! :)


  33. Yes, one year is far too short a time for that bread machine to live. I think that you are on to something with the "planned obsolescence" theory!

    I think that you are cranking out some lovely products in that magnet factory of yours! I'll just bet that they last more than a year. And I would be delighted to test that theory. :-D

    P.S. Admittedly, the bird cookies are quite an ambitious project! We are hoping to make ONE kind of bird...and will post the results if they are not TOO embarrassing. Ha!

  34. I'm glad you told us about your bread machine today. I looked at BB&B and saw the same brand the other day. Didn't buy yet, now I wonder if I should. They should certainly last longer than a year!
    Love your magnets, can't wait until I get the stuff to make some.

  35. I agree with you Vee that there is an appliance plot against shoppers. Yes, they are not built to last anymore. We were told that when we were shopping for a new over the range microwave last summer at S---s. They are warrented for a year and if they break it's cheaper to throw them away and buy new. Crazy eh? How are you making the magnets? With the glass beads for vases and paper? How do you glue it on? I think they are really sweet and you are too! Bye for now. Pamela

  36. Fun! When I saw that you were making them I added Making Magnets to my craft journal to do list.

    count me in sweet friend!


  37. I've been wanting a bread machine for a long time and now I know not to get that one at that place :)

    Love those little buttons!

  38. Loving the magnets. I am sure a set of these would look quite lovely in my new kitchen. =)

    I'm sorry your bread machine went kaput. I love mine... I think it is a Sunbeam. It's an option in case you want continue the bread making.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  39. Oh, I love magnets! They are so... wait for it... magnetic! hahaha!!!!

    Sorry about the bread machine. Durn old Oster. I highly recommend that you save those pennies up and get a Kitchenaid. We got a used one in 1985 and used it constantly until last year. Then hubby decided to get a BIGGER one with a more powerful motor for making breads. The old one still worked, but he wanted a new one. As I always attest, my sweetie can buy ANY kitchen appliance he wants because he does the cooking. Whatever he wants, I say yes, Yes, YES. Hence, the Dacor cooktop too, LOL.

  40. HOLY COW.....these are adorable. I would LOVE to have some, Vee, so will you kindly add my name to your growing list?
    I especially am in love with the script and Mr. Lincoln. You are mighty nice to do this for your readers. Nothing more fun than a giveaway.....

    Well, regarding the dead bread machine...dang it....I was thinking of trying to save for one but if they last no longer than thru 10 loaves of bread, I better hold off, I guess. i've noticed that there seems to be quite a few for sale at my local thrift shop....wonder why??? :))

  41. Ohhhh...DON'T give up on this machine! Find a number to call Oster (email is ok, letters are ok, but you'll do best with the old fashioned phone call!).

    More than likely they'll send you one and then have you return the old one. You don't need to feel obligated to let them know you turned down an extended warranty. The warranty is not their product, it's a third party. Tell them you used it fewer than ten times and are soooooo disappointed. See what happens!!!!!

  42. Ten loaves, that won't do! An email to their customer relations with a link back to this post should bring some action. They would love you to post about what fine treatment you received. Try it!
    I don't have a bread machine, but I do have a KA to do the kneading.
    The magnets are adorable, thanks for the chance.
    Have a good weekend!

  43. I'm glad you are being sent a new bread machine, Vee! A broken machine after one year's use was unacceptable. I'm tempted tpo get a bresad machine but I have so little counter space that I would have to store it in my basement and probably forget to use it.

    I love your Abraham Lincoln magnet! That is a wonderful image. I'd love to be entered in to your draw. Thanks!

  44. I love these magnets and hope I am in time to enter, my friend :)

  45. I am looking for where you talk about the danged ole double word verification and the good reason for it.....??? I really need to know the GOOD of it...all I can see is the BAD.
    Blogger is doing an awesome job of catching spam....bloggers have the option to view each comment before it is published...why in the world would we have to go thru this double-whammy ??
    Enlighten me, please. :))
    xo bj