Monday, February 20, 2012

Magnet Winners

It's late Sunday afternoon as I write this after a full day of making magnets. My refrigerator has a bad case of magnet measles.

The winner of a set of three magnets is Nadine @ Nadine's Nook. Congrats, Nadine!

And in no particular order, each of the following have also won a magnet:

1. Kate @ Postcards From a Real Life
2. Kathleen @ Cuisine Kathleen
3. Susan @Savoring Time in the Kitchen
4. Vickie @ Sand Flat Farm
5. Diane at Daylily Dreamin' (a private blog)

(And not necessarily the ones pictured. =D )

Congrats, Ladies!

If you'll send me your snail mail addy, I'll get these out to you this week.

But wait! There's more! I'd like to send each person who commented, who wished to participate, a magnet. It may take awhile months, but I'll work my way down through the list beginning with those whose addresses I have so send them along.

Congrats, everyone! Cheers all around...


Wasn't Downton Abbey good? I mean except for... Sigh. Another year? I don't know what we'll ever do.

Love Vee


  1. You are a brave and adventurous woman! Not to mention you are going to be very busy. =)

    I keep seeing mentions of Downton Abbey around the web. I am just going to have to pull up onDemand and hope to find out about this show!

    Have a fabulous week dear Vee!


  2. My first thought was darn, I didn't win. But then I read on and see you are be very generous, did I read it correctly, everyone gets a magnet? Yea.....I won, I won! Thank you Vee! If I can find your email I will send my snail mail!

  3. Oh thanks Vee! You're so sweet! You have been busy making these cute magnets by the look of things. Enjoy this beautiful day! Hugs, Pam

  4. Good Morning, Dear Vee. I have returned from my journeys and am trying to catch up! You've been a very busy lady. I love the magnets and can just picture you searching for just the perfect images or text.
    Fun stuff.

  5. Magnet measles! I love that :-).

    Congrats to the lucky winners!

  6. Congratulations to the lucky winners. I've TIVO'd DA and am saving it for Spring Break when my daughter and I can watch it together. I'm looking forward to it. We loved Season 1.

  7. Fun stuff!

    Don't tell about Downton yet...the girls and I have to watch that episode today - we were at church late then had a few friends over! I can't wait to see it!


  8. I've saved last night's episode to watch mid-week. After that I'll go back and watch Season One again.
    Those magnets are pretty - you have been a very busy woman!

  9. Yay...for everybody. You have a lot of winners visiting your blog!

    Since I have never yet watched Downton Abbey...I'm thinking I should start by ordering the first season series. (Full immersion!)

  10. Congratulations to all the winners,
    and YES I LOVED Downton Abbey, I want MORE!

    have a happy Monday sweetie :)

  11. Three cheers to all the winners! You are so sweet to share the magnet love, LOL. I'm surprised that you are creating pictures or letters with all of those magnets on your fridge!

  12. Congrats to the lucky winners! Love these magnets, I'm going to the craft store this week to get the stuff to make some...looks like fun! Have a wonderful day!

  13. Congratulations to the magnet winners!! And thanks for sending all of us one too. I look forward to getting one!! : )

    Oh yes!! Downton Abbey was very good. I cried a few times!! Though we won't get to see it for a while I am looking forward to seeing The Old Curiosity Shop in the same time slot next week.
    I love Dickens!

  14. Congratulations!!!

    Oh those magnets are sooooo darn cute! But like I said, so far I have been *stern* with myself, and have not put anything on the front of my new frig. :-) Yes, there is a bit of the side of it showing, and I have a couple of necessities there.

    But nothing on the front yet! :-)

    I must take a pic of how your blog looks on my new iMac. It is sooooo different. So much more of the Background shows, than I've ever seen before. -grin-

    Gentle hugs,

  15. Oh Vee! How sweet of you!
    I think that Downtown Abbey is on Netflix. I haven't watched it yet but may have to do that while painting. If you recommend it, I'm sure it's good.

  16. You are clever making magnets. Downton Abbey has gone down well here and over there but apparently Call The Midwife is even higher in the ratings, I don't know if you will get that one.

  17. Congrats to your winners...always fun to get a little package in the mail! Downtown Abbey....I will look into that. Enjoy the day!

  18. What a wonderful way to start the week! Thanks for choosing me in your magnet giveaway.

  19. Congrats to the magnet set winners and thank you for your sending one to all your commentors, too, Vee! That is very sweet of you! I look forward to seeing which one I receive :)

    I read about the finale of Downtown Abby in ther NY Times this morning...very interesting. I'll have to catch up on all the shows this summer--hope they will be available on DVD.

  20. Fantastic! Would you consider delivering mine in person?

  21. I noticed DA was on last night and I was SO tempted. But I resisted. I want to watch them all in sequence. But I did read a sneak peak somewhere and was quite gratified.

    You are such a generous soul. Those magnets (measles) are something anyone would be happy to catch.

  22. Oh yes! I really enjoyed Downton Abbey last night. I could go on and on...
    Have a lovely week.

  23. You are so sweet to do this for us, Vee. I will email my addy. Thank you, and congrats to the winners! xo

  24. Your magnet factory is sounding more like Santa's workshop :). What a generous giveaway you have hosted. Congratulations to all of the winners.
    Great shot of your fridge w/the measles. Love the picnic basket and your cozy wood ceiling.
    So glad you didn't give anything away with regards to DA. I had to Tivo it as I wasn't home last night. Can hardly wait to see it.

  25. How wonderful! What a great way to start a Monday morning...thanks Vee! :)


  26. Magnet measles? It's catching... I think my 'fridge has it too. But, mine aren't nice spots like yours. Obviously mine has a super virus, some mutant germ!

    I think your magnets are great! You are always creating something wonderful. I just love that about you. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  27. YEA (jumping and down) I WON! How fun and sweet of you to make all these magnets for EVERYONE!

    Magnet measles - yep, sure looks like it!

    I'll email you - Thanks so much, Vee!

  28. Vee
    I was going to cry about how sorry I was I didn't win, but I may get one yet!
    Oh, Downton Abbey! How will I ever get through a whole year waiting to find out if Mr. Bate and Anna ever find happiness? Or if Matthew and Mary will actually get married?
    Julian Fellows sure knew what he was doing when he wrote this one!

  29. Hey Vee!! I know, long time no see. Obv. I have alot to catch up on. Congrats to the winners.;

  30. You are always so sweet to share with everyone! These are so cute! I always want to thank you for the encouragement today! It wasn't easy to start on this new venture and I sure appreciate your support and friendship! Hugs, Diane ♥♥♥

  31. I just finished watching last night's DA online tonight. Of course you heard the maternal grandmother referenced ... in NYC...I don't remember that from the first time I watched the last episode, So that is opening the door to--have you heard=--Shirley Maclaine (sp) is to be in it next year, the grandmother come from America.

  32. Such a generous one, you are! How sweet of you to send a magnet to all of your commenters! Take all the time you need...although you do seem to be creating them en masse!

    Sigh...Downton Abbey. I am so anxious to watch this series, but I haven't seen the first season yet. We have it in our Netflix queue, but it says "long wait." I've never seen anything else with that description, so I have no idea how long "long" is. We have reserved it at our local library we'll take the one that comes first!

  33. OMG did I miss a Giveaway? I am so upset with myself!!! But congrats to the winners who were more on their toes!
    Oh and Vee, I may have lost my mind, but am going to try to keep up with Holding Patterns and One Cat Shy of Crazy both...wish me luck!

  34. OH such fun magnets....happy Nonni Day!

  35. Congrats to all the winners, hey that's all of us! Whoo-Hoo!!!!

    Your so sweet Vee...Thanks so much!

  36. Hope that today was full of hugs and kisses Nonni!

    I was one of the multitude of magnet winners - yeah! Thanks so much.


  37. It is winter --- gray skies and cold wind. I am way behind on my blog visiting...I need some sunshine!

    I love your header! Those apples look delicious! Great photography, Vee!

    And your magnets are charming. I have always loved this style of magnet and have wished to learn to make them. Someone at the beauty salon is trying to sell them there, but they won't tell how they are created. Will you?

    Enjoy your week! I hope you have more pleasant weather than we do.

  38. Yay, I am going to be sooo thrilled to have something you made and I will think of you every single time I look at will go on my fridge and I open my fridge A I will think of you, A LOT. :)))
    Thank you so much, sweet lady.

    Now, my email is down today. Bummer...but it does it often and it will be back up tomorrow. I will send my address right along to you.
    Thanks again so much.
    xoxo bj


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