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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hope Deferred

~moose cookie cutter~

It's not every day that I announce a winner before I even announce a giveaway! We got such a kick out of the "thought bubbles" that we threw everyone's name who participated into the cap and selected one to win a little something, precious little something, from our corner to include this moose here. Hope that you have room for him at your house. And the winner is Kim at Happy At Home!

This is the iconic boot in front of the Fr**port store of L.L. B*ean. We natives must wait our turn don'tcha know. We are usually not going to be caught dead there in tourist season, unless we are showing off our own tourists. So yesterday we thought that since it wasn't summer; since it wasn't leaf-peeping season; since there'd be no snow bunnies; we were probably safe to go. I felt that we were in need of a bit of retail therapy. John needed a new jacket and shoes; I wanted to find something for the grands, and it was certainly lovely walking about in the Home Store. 

~Lobster Handles on the Home Store~

~Beyond the Lobster Handles~

(I'm a bit hestitant about the photographs today for I had turned off my vibration setting while using the tripod and forgot to turn it back on! I guess that will be obvious.)

So what's the title of this post all about? Just last Monday, John learned that the surgery scheduled for this morning and again next week would have to be cancelled. Cataract surgery is now so commonplace that one hardly gives it a thought. We did, though. First it was a spike in blood pressure and then it was a sty. The doctor put John on antibiotics and then rescheduled the surgeries for next month. Sigh. Hence our retail therapy yesterday.

Did any of you see the report on the evening news and elsewhere that bread is the number one source of sodium? (Thanks, Leslie, for the head's up.) I checked our favorite and, sure enough, there it was.

Sodium—200 mgs a serving or 8% of the day's requirements. That adds up with the more bread one eats. I may have to go back to baking my own bread after all! Oh that would take some serious willpower on several levels.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Your pictures still turned out nicely. Congrats to your winner. Hope John is doing better. What a let down! Love that big boot!

  2. i love that store. the hubby & i traveled there before. maybe again one day. my photos of the boot & big bookbag did not turn out well, really dark. that was before i was really into improving my photography skills. such fun!! (:

  3. Well I'd like to play tourist and see the big boot. Saw it on the news one day and I was there last October but didn't venture to L.L. Was it there then? We discovered the amount of sodium in bread last year and have found one that is fairly low. It's difficult so I hardly eat it and usually only use 1 slice for a sandwich. Have a great day.

  4. I loved the LL Bean Home Store! That is where I got my red plaid wool blanket throw on my birthday! Love it!

    I hope that John's cataract surgery will not have to be postponed again. My dad and my grandma both loved being able to see so clearly! My dad even got the lenses that removed his astigmatism! Amazing!


    ps - that is one cute moose!

  5. Well, you are making the most of the change in plans. I know what you mean about places you don't go during tourist season...lol.

    I saw that report about bread and sodium and it has been rattling around my brain. Interesting.

    Have a lovely day!


  6. I would love to go to that LL Bean store!

    My husband decided since bread supplied more sodium to people than potato chips, that he would just take the potato chips and pass on the bread - lol.

  7. Congrats to Kim!

    I had heard the news about the sodium in bread. Guess I'll be looking at bread machines now...any recommendations?

    Love the boot at LL Beans. Lucky you getting to shop at the home store!

    I'm going out today for a little retail therapy myself. Have a great day!

  8. Congrats to the winner! Love John and the boot...you know I broke out my dusty bread machine when I saw your brown bread recipe. Making it tomorrow...hope you'll come by and visit me at my new blogsite, Vee...going to try to blog more and worry less lol

  9. Smiling here ... from cheek to cheek! I was thinking how cute that little moose is and then thinking what a fun idea it is to announce a winner before announcing a giveaway, but I had to read and re-read to make sure I was reading correctly. You 2 really made my day. Thank you!
    Glad you were able to get out for a bit of retail therapy. I enjoyed seeing a bit of the LLBean Home Store. The picture of John and the big boot is great! I hope those bags contain new shoes and a jacket. :)
    So sorry the cataract surgery has been postponed. I hope that the antibiotics do the trick.
    Off to take a look at my bread bag.
    Thanks again.

  10. What fun to see the L.L. Bean store. I just sent them an order 2 days ago. John is so good about having his picture taken.

    A vibration setting? If I have one, I'm sure it's set wrong...that's got to be the reason for my photo goofs!!

  11. Before he was married, my son and a few friends took a trip to Acadia National Park...and they also made a pilgrimage to the Bean store. So it was fun seeing your picture of the big boot. (Funny though...he never mentioned the home store. Hmmmm....)

    Praying that John will be able to have his surgery in good time. From all reports, it is a good thing! Most people who I know who have had it wonder why they didn't have it done sooner.

  12. Retail therapy ALWAYS makes me feel better. Tell John there is NO pain in the surgery. Eye drops that they use deadens any feeling. It is so cool. I love my new eyes.

  13. Sorry his surgery had to be deferred. But all will be better, after having those two issues dealt with.

    Blood pressure hu?

    Yes Ma'am... We do need to eliminate every bit of processed food, from our diet. And thus KNOW what is going into our mouth.

    "If you fix on yourself and your tradition,
    believing you alone have got "It,"
    you've removed yourself
    form the rest of mankind."

    ~Joseph Campbell

  14. I love LL Bean, been shopping there for decades! Well, catalog shopping that is, I've been to the store once although in Michigan they had stores in the malls but that doesn't compare to THE store.

  15. Shopping is fun! Hope the hubs surgery will take place this next time. Waiting is hard. Have a good day.

  16. I'm so glad I read to the end because I didn't watch the newscast till the end and I didn't see who the sodium culprit was. Who knew?!
    Maybe like high fructose corn syrup they will cut down on the salt now that the public has been warned. Time will tell. Boy that's some boot! I'm glad you got some retail therapy. Blessings!

  17. Do you own a kitchen aid or other kitchen machine with a dough hook? If not...you really should invest in one. I always make my own whole wheat bread but only with a machine. It is fairly wonderful to put four loaves in the freezer.

    OH...but that store. I would love to poke around there!
    I indulge in a bit of retail therapy myself now and then.

  18. Vee
    Sorry for John, that he has to delay the inevitable. I hate putting any surgery off!
    I bought a pair of LLBean boots a few years back, but mine are a bit more attractive than the giant ones. I usually dream of buying there clothing too, but never do.
    Your photos of the store turned out just fine to my untrained eye.
    What a store!

  19. Loved the picture of the boot at LL Bean
    Had to smile about avoiding the store during tourist season, we do the same here...if it's a tourist attraction we wait till the off season
    I think your photos are looking pretty good

  20. I might just come all the way out there just to poke around in your store...off season, of course! Well...that will have to wait fro another road trip. The next one is all planned!

    Yay for Kim...who will be really 'happy at home' today!

    Sorry about the surgery deferred. If John's like me...I like to get the unpleasant stuff over with.

    As for the bread baked at home...it tastes better with a little sodium in it as well. I'm just saying!

  21. Vee,
    I worked for LL Bean a few years back. I was on the phones in Portland. Absolutely loved their merchandise and the employee discount! I remember the store as it was originally too.

    I have to have cataract surgery when we come back. I am also starting to make a lot more of our food so that I know what goes into it!


  22. Sorry for the postponement but it always pays to be cautious with any surgery. I am having eye surgery at the end of this month. I will say an extra prayer for John. xo

  23. Came from Donna's to visit :) Anything Maine catches my eye. We spent 6 years at Loring AFB in Caribou and I LOVE Maine. I've also
    been to the L.L. Bean store.

    Felt right at home here!!

  24. Vee,
    I love LL Bean. I go to the one in New Hampshire on the way up to my Mom. Sarah and I went to the one in Maine a few years back when we were looking at colleges. She so desperately wanted to see a Moose, but we never did. Maybe I should think about making cookies with a Moose cookie cutter. Don't you just love living in New England, we have access to such cool stuff. Like that gigantic boot that you husband is posing with. Love your posts.

  25. We have a small store in the mall that just has clothes in it. Expensive but good stuff!!

    That is some big boot!!!

    Too bad that Johns surgery was postponed but good to get those other problems taken care of first.

    I wonder how the bread would come out if I didn't add any salt to it the recipe. I'll try it next time I make bread.
    I THINK the salt helps with the yeast to make the bread rise.

    Cute cookie cutter and how nice that Kim won it. : )

  26. Never been to LL Bean, but loved the boot.

    Oh sodium...looking for that myself, so thanks for the heads up..as I continue in my quest to eat better.

    Benjamin and I want to thank you. I got one of Sharon Lovejoy's books and guess what she had in it? Four leaf clover..so before we try to kill the clover Benjamin and I are on another quest...so thanks, you mentioned the author and the fact that your sister(if I remember right) always found the four leaf clover.

  27. Congrats to Kim! That will be a fun surprise for her.

    I'd love to see the LL Bean flagship store one day! Do they also have a cafe in it? I know what you mean about tourists--NYC is nice and quiet right now.

    I'm sorry John's surgery had to be delayed x 2 and I hope the next time will be the charm and all will go well. I watch my sodium intake as much as possible, which is why I never use canned soups -- they are loaded with salt! Don't most bread recipes require a little salt to help activate the leavening process? I use whole wheat bread that has 170 mg of salt per slice, but I only eat one slice a day so I don't think that is too much sodium. It really pays to read labels on everything!

  28. I didn't realize there was so much sodium in bread. That is good to know. I guess the older we get there is not much we can have any more. Sorry to hear about the clutch in John's surgery. I had cateracts surgery on both eyes when I was 47. Tell him he will be amazed at how beautiful colors will look after the surgery, especially reds. I hope you have a good weekend.

  29. Your pics look GREAT!!! You live in a beautiful part of the country.

    ANY surgery is worthy of careful consideration. Good for you that the doctors are cautious.

    My name is Linda and I am a SALTaholic.

  30. Your pictures turned out just fine! I sure hope that your sweetie pie can get his surgery soon! LOL, I love the big L.L. Bean boot. It wasn't there the last time we visited. I guess that was in 2006. And there wasn't the wing to the left. Is that the home store part now? It is so fun to see the store. On one trip to Maine, we went at about 2 o'clock in the morning. Had the place pretty much to ourselves, haha!!!!

  31. Now that's some boot! And a very cute moose cookie cutter!

    It's so disappointing when one prepares for something to happen and then the plan changes. Sigh. I hope it happens the next time it's scheduled.

    I started baking our bread a couple of years ago. First in the bread maker, then I found "Artisan Breads Every Day" by Peter Reinhart, and I do it that way now. It's not only healthier but also tastes so much better, and is cheaper. I make up the dough at night and bake it the next morning, or the next, or the next.

  32. Surgery is something you look forward to for the sake of having it over and done with, so I can see why it was "hope deferred" but please let us know when the time comes for John to go in. Praying now for that future date. Loved the reminders of the "Bean" store and being in that area. I'll have to remember that line about "retail therapy." Blessings tonight!

  33. I hope the surgery happens sooner rather than later! In the meantime, retail therapy works (or would work for me). Lillypad and I are off south of the border for a little shopping in the Seattle area tomorrow - two days to poke around and try on while her fiance and TGD stay home to watch Highlander reruns and Star Trek reruns!

  34. Yep, that bread is a sneaky sodium source. I've got to be careful, Hubs BP reacts negatively to salt but I let 'em shake all the pepper he wants!!! Heeehehehe!

    Here's hopin' that they'll get your John in for the cataract surgery.

    The store looks fabulous.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  35. Ugh about the bread but I've almost stop eating it anyway. I was trying to find a no/low sodium pasta sauce the other day and was shocked at the sodium in really all of the brands. Even the low one I bought isn't all that low. Making your own is always best (if you have the time and desire)

    I hope John's surgery won't be put off again. I'm sure you all want it over and done with - I know I would.

  36. Would love to visit that store. I got some work boots today, and would love to of had some from L.L. Bean! Thanks for the heads up on the sodium, I will now go and check the large loaf we got from Panera today.~smile~ And like you, will probably start making my own. I think it so silly of me, (or is that lazy) to have a bread machine and not make my own bread.
    Congratulations to Kim.
    Now I must go and see what else you have been up to this week.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  37. I am back from checking up on you, since I am so lazy about reading and learning photography techniques, I am hoping you will continue to learn and then give the tutorials.
    OH! BTW, John is a better Dr. Doolittle than that other guy! ~smile~ And Molly can come and live with me any time!
    Enjoyed catching up, missed you!!

  38. This looks like such a fun outing. I have been to Kittery before, but never as far as Freeport.


  39. This looks like my kind of store! Your picture turned out very good.

    Sorry about the cancellation of surgery, but good that the doctor is cautious.

  40. Holy mackerel that's some big boot. I've never been to LLB but I imagine it's like a trip to Cabela's. Mr OP is there right now. It get waay to crowded for me!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  41. All the best to John. Hopefully, he will be able to get the surgery done when it's next scheduled. I know that you get yourself ready to go and then if it doesn't happen, it's hard. :(

    Love the big boot and the lobster handles. I've never been to one of those stores before.

    I heard that about the bread! Luckily, we don't eat a lot of it but still.. that's pretty amazing!


  42. Congratulations to your winner and condolences on your husband's surgery being postponed. Waiting is not fun.

    What a fun shopping trip! That boot is HUGE!

  43. I hope the surgery gets rescheduled quickly, the waiting is always the worst bit. It is always fun to be able to visit one's local tourist attractions out of season.

  44. What a disruption of plans to have surgery delayed! I have been using my bread machine lately. The cost of a loaf of bread is so high.

  45. I love the boot! The store looks beautiful. We have Bass Pro Shop across the lake from where we live, it's fun to go there too.

    Sodium in bread is a new one for me too. I am beginning to study all labels and wow... I've happily missed a lot of information, but now I see it so it makes me responsible to do something about it! :(

  46. Everything alright there? I was out of town for a couple days, no computer and now I see you haven't posted since the 9th. Hope you are just busy.......
    xo bj


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