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Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Few Pictures or Ten

A small nod to autumn...

 ~not framed~


I've had the vintage housewife graphic for so long that I forgot where it came from; otherwise, I'd give credit. I've always liked her pantry! Anyway, I've obviously edited it using my Distressed app and added the little poem of a few days ago. If it's of interest to anyone, feel free to snag. 

The spider lilies↑ did the best this year. They seem impervious to Japanese Beetles.

Those trees are really leaning, but as John tells me, "They're not ours." Right. But they will fall, if they ever do, on what is.


You can probably guess what is soaring. This reminds me of the time my daughter was patiently explaining to my grands how to tell the difference between eagles and turkey vultures. "Eagles have some white underneath," she said. Just then a seagull went flying past and my grandson said, "Oh look! There goes one now!"

A happy holiday weekend to my countrymen and to my cousins to the North.


  1. Can't be first. That's NEVER happened here. But we're on the road and I'm checking in waiting for the breakfast room to open.
    Lovely touch of fall, Vee. I'm clinging to summer, but driving through the first set of mountains yesterday I noticed that I can't be in denial much longer. The leaves are beginning to turn.
    Cute grand thinking a gull might be an eagle! I hope your day is a fine one.

  2. Love that response to the Seagull from your grand after the "explanation". Make me smile. Trees...hope those leaning trees stay that way instead of falling down on your fence and house! What a cute autumn crown!
    Have a wonderful Labour Day weekend! I spelled it the Canadian way...

  3. Your nod to autumn is just right. Very subtle and pretty on the lampshade. Did you make the banner?
    That vintage gal's pantry is inviting. I would be quite happy to be helping her bake that pie. The poem is a good one too.
    Glad to see that some of your flowers survived the beetles.
    Chuckling over that scenario with your grand. I imagine I will now think of it every time I see a seagull :).
    Enjoy your holiday weekend.

    1. Technically, yes, though my friend Sandy Babb made the paper elements. I purchased them from her a few years ago and just found them again when cleaning my sewing room. All I did was punch holes and string it up.

    2. It's really cute! I need to get the kids making some crafts for Autumn.

  4. I love nods to autumn! Well, of course, I love autumn in every way...but in recent years I have been a fan of letting it slip in a bit at a time. (That is, until I can't hold back any longer...) With all the summer birthdays over for another year, I am thinking that it might be time to dig out my pumpkin candles. Forget the fact that we're supposed to have some of our hottest summer days this coming week. (Ick.) I am rambling...

    So cute, your story about the "eagle"! Love hearing kids' perspectives! :D

    Yikes...those trees!!!!

  5. That vintage housewife poem is perfect! I usually feel that way in real life..I have my ways in the kitchen and I like them! HA
    Longing for fall and cooler temps..we are still in the 90's and it feels even hotter..all next week too..ughhh
    Happy labor Day weekend..
    Love, Mona

  6. Keep those nods to Autumn coming. Maybe my weather will take the hint! Snagged the vintage housewife -- a truism. Have a lovely, long holiday weekend.

  7. Great post Vee!! Lovely flowers but I would be awfully worried about those trees. Is there anything you and your hubby can do?? Love the housewife pic and poem, adorable. Grands are about the best thing God has given to us to enjoy. Does anyone remember Art Linkletter (sp) on Kids say the darnedest things?? Now I've given away my age!! Hugs, Nana

  8. Great post. Thanks for the chuckles and smiles. I just love your "nod to autumn." Blessings

  9. I'm itching for some fall weather. Sure wish some would blow in! I like your fall decoration.

  10. I saw a turkey vulture yesterday as I went for a walk...and was reminded of you (of your 'fondness' for them!).

    Everything is looking like fall...and I am still in summer mode. Give me another week or two...and I'll catch up. I was telling Elmer this morning that I always seem to be 'behind' when it comes to embracing the new season...except for spring. That one I jump into!

    Enjoy your Labour Day weekend. (I hope you are not making John labour. :)

  11. I wouldn't know a vulture if I saw one and if I DID know it, I'd run screaming away. Scary ! (I'm such a titty baby)
    I am still in summer here...90's and above and sultry the last few days.
    Been playing around with my blog again and altho it looks good on MY screen, it looks a little off on the Template screen....sooo....*in a whiny voice..."will you look and see how it looks on YOUR big screen?"
    oh, and I know the NICE MATTERS button is big...it's ok.
    Thank you, dear one.

  12. I'm not ready for fall decor yet but your is very creative. I just love love love that sunset picture in the last post!
    We don't have any vultures in the area but it has been so wet I had a few very large Sandhill Cranes walk through the yard the other day. No kidding!!

  13. Love love love that autumn garland, just awesome, Vee! Hugs!

  14. The turkey vultures are ugly up close but so graceful flying. I love to watch them soar.
    I like your touch of fall decoration.

  15. The last part about the vultures reminds me of a picture that I took the day my mother had her last surgery, I pulled up in front of the surgical waiting room, and there were about a dozen birds circling over the top of it. I thought it was funny. (Maybe I wouldn't have thought so if I were 1. superstitious and 2. overly worried about the surgery, but I did find the humor. I snapped a shot but never posted.

    And now, I have exceeded the new word limit I have put on my comments after the last one.
    Debbie needs to learn anti-stalking brevity.

    And that's all I have to say about that.

  16. What a cute fall garland - even though I'm not ready for it, I know it will be on our doorsteps soon. The days are already so much shorter. Still green here with all the rain we've had!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed those trees stay put. Luckily, it looks like they're sheltered from behind by lots of other trees so they shouldn't get blown over, at least.

  17. What a cute garland. Love it wrapped around the lamp.

  18. I like the seagull story too....out of the mouths of babes! And I love your Fall garland. I thought I would make one for every season but I think I've missed a couple already this year! I'll try to make one for Fall! You've inspired me! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Diane

  19. Love the fall garland! It is good to be prepared for fall. This will be the first real fall in our new home. I am looking forward to decorating!

  20. You made a nice autumn garland, I actually started pulling out the fall decor today. I keep watching the tall trees at the back in the yard behind us sway in heavy winds and sure hope they fall into their yard.

  21. I like your garland! Very nice.

    My flowers are basically done. Poor garden is looking so bad.

    Cute story about your grand and the gull! We are always looking at the birds. We often get hawks, as well as vultures, but sometimes there are eagles around.


  22. I had to laugh at your grandson's comment Vee. It's nice to see so many photos on your blog today. Pretty flowers and I really like that poem and the sweet vintage image on it. Enjoy the weekend. Sunday blessings.

  23. I really like your garland, and my, your grass looks so green. I say the same thing about trees leaning in towards our house. While I appreciate the shade, there are concerns. I enjoyed your gathering the moments photos and wish you a happy September.

  24. I so enjoy your posts Vee! I wish you a beautiful autumn season and hope you and your family are well!

  25. Beautiful photos of your yard Vee. I have been so busy here the last few weeks and have had no gumption to try to come up with blogging material. Today I feel inclined to visit my friends and see that you are about to take a sabbatical. Praying for you this morning dear friend.
    Oh.. funny about the eagle. The mascot for our grands school is an eagle. We often have eagles flying over and I had to laugh when he said.. oh look, there goes another MEI eagle. (MEI being the acronym for the school name).

  26. Vee, I hope you are ok. Read your Sunday post and had to wonder. I'll miss your Notecard party and surely hope another blogger will carry on with it. Take care.
    Blessings, Beth

  27. I love this lovely leaf garland, Vee! I feel autumn in the morning chilla dn I've seen some leaves beginning to turn yellow already. Our neighborhood has spotted bears coming down form the hills to look for extra food in order to fatten up for winter hibernation --I think our first snow may come in September!

    I am always late reading blogs these days and I read the post after this, which says you will not be blogging in September? I hope all is well and that you will enjoy your blog break. I may have to take a break one day when I have my eye surgery --when I'll be doing that I'm not sure of yet--maybe after all the holidays when life slows down a little? See you in October--or hopefully before! ((( hugs)))

  28. I have just read your more recent post and know that you closed comments, so I hope I'm not overstepping the boundaries here. I just wanted to let you know that I will be keeping good thoughts for you and hope that all is well at your haven. I hope you will enjoy your (well-deserved) break.

  29. I love your small nod to autumn :) I got a chuckle out of your grandsons comment, and I can relate to the my kitchen poem ;)

  30. Your garland is so cute, Vee! Love the comment made by your grandson! So precious. :)

    I read your latest post and just wanted to add that I hope you enjoy your break. Your voice will be missed and I'll look forward to your return later this month. xo

  31. Dear Vee, May all be well with you! I can't tell if it is or not, but I hope you enjoy your September off........

  32. I'm missing you Vee but quite understand that a break may be necessary.
    Hope to see you back here come cooler October - we usually get more energy around then, at least that's what I'm praying for!
    Be well, be happy, and know many friends are thinking of you.
    Warm hugs - Mary

  33. Hi Vee!! I really enjoyed your post! I saw your comment asking about Kathleen......try this http://gratitudeattitudeatforty-fourlatitude.blogspot.com/ I hope this takes you to her blog.

  34. I've been worrying about your all month and hope you and all your family are well.......Hope you return in October!


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