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Saturday, August 23, 2014


Nanaland ~ Mildred and Diane
The Lavender Bouquet Diane (see above)
My Irish Cottage Home ~ Betty
Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth ~ Abby
The Red Feed Sack ~ Kathy
My Journal Reflections ~ Pat
A Bit About Britain ~ Mary and Pam
Love Made My Home ~ Pam (see above)
Motherhood and Muffin Tops ~ Karen

These were the new to me blogs that dear readers suggested. If you'd like to read why, check comments in yesterday's post. The new blogs are on the left and the old blogger who suggested it is on the right. Something's wrong with that sentence. 

 Jill suggested *one,* too, but that kind of blog is reserved for those with a certain panache. I have zero panache. Betty suggested her own blog, which I thought was very spunky of her! Thanks, Betty! ☺ Others suggested wonderful blogs that are already on my list. Great minds and all that.

Yesterday's post resonated with most of us since we have all lost favorite bloggers. I still hold out hope that they'll be back. After writing the post, I visited Deborah at The Beautiful Matters where she was discussing the successful ways that people age. One of them was the ability to gather "new" people after loss. I don't really want to gather "new" people, but the fact is that you were new to me once and I'm so glad that I gathered you. 


It is interesting how little changes can affect mood positively. I made a little change in the corner by my stove. I know. We're talking simple here. This is a photo from 2009 when the former microwave lived there. Not a happy arrangement at all...such a tight corner you see.

You know, looking at this again, I think my antique stove top may require moving and it's providing some lovely extra storage, too.  John will kill me. Maybe I can keep it for the function of it.

So, where was I? Oh yes, there've been some changes...the vintage white enamel kitchen table is now in my sewing room. The jelly cupboard was painted red.

Those streaks on the walls are why I want to whitewash them. We'll see. I don't move too fast over here.

 ~do not look at dirty grills~

Impressive, say what? ☺ The angled platter turns the perspective back into the room rather than ending it. Right? Don't you think so? Simple changes. 

Well I had to have someplace to stash the cookbooks. Don't look at that either. ☺

Nope. I've got to keep it. I have no place for tea pots, candles or vases. Besides, I do love those sheaves of wheat.

Thank you for reading. Hope that you'll visit a new blog or two!


  1. I love being the old blogger with suggestions! hahaha! Looks like some good blogs to visit...in my spare time! lol I like the cookbooks in the chair. It's perfect actually! Enjoy your day! Happy blogging! Sweet hugs, your old blogger buddy, Diane

  2. I'm always looking for new blogs too, Vee. Like you, I read Deborah's post - lots of good thoughts there, not the least of which was the importance of being open to new friendship. I think it's important to embrace change too - or at least to entertain it. Good for you for making the changes in your kitchen - I like the change, and your decision to keep the stove top. Me? I'm trying to keep my blog a reflection of who I am and where I'm at. I've written a post today that many won't like - will think is 'strange', but it is part of my reality.....perhaps not a big part, but just as much a part of it as my garden and my walks along the shore.
    I'll think of you when I come across a new blogger and will send an email link.

  3. Looks good ! I am the same way just a little change can make a whole world of difference ! I have a hard time keeping up with 100 or so blogs I follow now lol but the more the merrier lol ! Thanks for sharing have a good weekend !

  4. Love the jelly cupboard painted red! (of course) Little changes do make a difference in how things look and how you feel about how those things look.

    Looks like a great list of new blogs. Right now I can't keep up with the old blogs I read so I'm going to have to put off new ones until things slow down a bit.

  5. I'm wondering what is on the counter below that long cupboard where the microwave was? Looks like a good spot for the cookbooks. Otherwise, I like them on the red chair too.
    I have a Google+ account but don't use it much and it can be frustrating when a blogger's comment is linked to theirs.
    Enjoy the weekend Vee!

  6. Old blogger! ha ha ha, it's true in so many ways. I love what you've done with the corner by your stove! Really nice! And I adore that red high chair! Oh my! Of course I love the red jelly cupboard too, and your old stove top! It's unique and perfect for storage!

    I'm going to take a peek at this list of NEW blogs! :)

  7. Vee, your blog and your pics always looks good! You actually inspire me! I can not figure out Google Plus, so I will stay in the dark ages, ty very much, lol. I'm pretty sure I have it, but can't figure it out..anyways-- I have well over 20 (prob more) blogs I visit and I love everyone of them. They are all different and unique in their special ways. Blessings

  8. Love the cupboard painted red. Red is my favorite color. The platter in the corner looks perfect.

  9. I love the old cooktop! My mother always had a wood cookstove in her family room (we called it the back room) she heated that end of the house in the winter with it and usually had a kettle on and sometimes a cast iron pot of stew or soup simmering away. Homey. And she used to have a cookstove that looked just like your warming ovens! Love the red jelly cupboard and the red chair full of cookbooks. That is so something I would do. Your kitchen is homey and warm:>)

  10. I love your jelly cupboard and thanks for sharing the "new" blog links. I definitely will have to check them out.

  11. Changes are important! I love the cookbooks in the red chair, I have a red high chair and it also had cookbooks in it until the Grand needs it to sit in. :) I found you through Diane @ Lavender Dreams awhile back and have enjoyed getting to know you. I'm also open to new blogs, my life changes and so do the blogs I relate too. Enjoy!

  12. you will love Joni @Motherhood and Muffin Tops! So glad I discovered her blog a few months ago....she is very witty but can also convey the seriousness of a situation.

    I'll have to check out some of your other "newly" suggested blogs....have a great weekend!

  13. Thanks Vee for adding me and yes as I get older I am becoming Spunky. I love that word, means something when I was so shy growing up. I notice you have a gas stove. I did not know how much I would miss mind until we bought electric.

  14. I love finding a new blog to read when it offers a fresh perspective but I can rarely comment on them. There are only a few old blog friends(hehehe) where I comment. Otherwise I do love perusing blogs with lovely home scenes.

  15. Vee
    I so much prefer a kitchen that looks lived in and yours does with it stack of cookbooks, teapots handy for tea, and platters about. I look at new (to me) blogs often, but I don't often comment on them. I seem to stick with my same blogging buddies. There is only so much time in the day, after all!

  16. Vee, Some times it is the little things that make an impact. I move things around...but once I find places that things fit..then it's hard to do changes. LOL I love having collections, just hate tending to them, like dusting, cleaning, etc. Hope your weekend is fun. xoxo,Susie

  17. I do see how you've changed the perspective in that corner, extending the line that the eye follows. Your kitchen is so charming!

    I admire your ability to keep up with so many blogs/bloggers, making each one feel like a personal friend. It is a gift that you have!

  18. The "new" kitchen corner decorating combination is a winner. Glad you found some new blogs of interest.

  19. Your small changes look good. And thanks for the new blog recommendations.

  20. Hello Vee! I am loving your new changes - isn't it amazing how moving something or adding something makes a hugs difference.

    I agree with Cheryl, I admire your ability to keep up wit so many blogs and you do make each one of us feel like a friend :) Thanks for the recommendations!

    Hugs to you!

  21. I like making little changes and do almost every week in my house. I just move things around when I clean.

  22. I will click away and check out these new to you blogs. I'm glad you have the energy to move things around. We moved stuff from the garage to the Jeep and on to Goodwill. That made Dear happy. We also had some boy scouts move our huge pine tree trunk rounds to their house so they could split them and sell the wood for a fundraiser. Now the wood will go to a good cause instead of to the person who's been stealing a few during the night. That made me kinda mad! Wish I could have caught them red-handed. Have a wonderful Sunday, Vee!

  23. Hello Vee, I loved the cookbooks on the little red chair!! I find that I have gotten very cozy with the bloggers that have made an attempt to get to know me through comments and just a hello! And I also love to change a few things around in my kitchen counter tops. I did clean my closet, and I may have already mentioned that...
    Have a great evening!! Yours

  24. Dear Vee, this evening I was looking at the stats on my blog and saw all this traffic from yours! So of course I came here to check it out and saw that someone listed me as recommended reading! Aren't fellow bloggers just amazing people? I am so in awe of the kindness in other readers. Anyway, this is the first time visiting your blog and I've been enjoying looking around. I am signing up to follow! :-) Have a lovely weekend! - Dori -

  25. As summer winds down there seems to be an urge to survey one's house with fresh eyes. Maybe knowing the season of inside/indoors life is coming soon?
    Your place seems so cozy a sensible too. Panche be damned!
    We had snow up on the mountain today by the way. Not kidding!

  26. You are so spot on! That plate looks super in the corner...I may have to try something like that...probably not with a plate, but I have a perfect platter that might work. My microwave is a like a huge sore thumb in my kitchen. I wish I could do without, but hey...then where would I microwave my popcorn? LOL Have a great Sunday..sorry I am sor far behind. Eye doc on Wed..finally!

    1. Mine's a platter...perhaps it looks a bit foreshortened in that photo. Have fun with it!

  27. Yeah, I'm an old blogger and will be older very soon. Thanks for posting some new places to visit. Love the nooks and crannies of your kitchen. I should post some of mine, you'd love it. Similar tastes.

  28. I'm so thankful that you "gathered" me Vee! Your haven always looks so cozy and inviting and I love your cookstove top on the jelly cupboard - your style pleases me!

  29. I will check out the new blogs, Vee. It is always nice to "make new friends but keep the old, some are silver and others gold"--old Girl Scout song I used to sing--I could not resist! :)

  30. Looking back who would have thought that some of us would be blogging 7 years later. As you say sadly many have fallen by the wayside. I certainly could not post every day like you do Vee but try and keep up at least once a week and preferably two. What a difference since you changed all the reds.

  31. Meant to add that I use GLO Bible on my computer and i-pad. Its brilliant and also has photos of all the places you re reading about and you can for instance scroll round too. Then there are quite a number of full length videos about times when Jesus walked the earth etc. Also can interact if wished with other readers/viewers (don't have time for that) and much more. Not free though but worth every penny.

  32. Am catching up here . . . I am going to check out your other blog, and see what's what over there. I would like to meet new bloggers, but right now, I seem to have trouble keeping up with the ones already on my list!


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