Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowbanks and Stuff

As promised, here's this week's snowbank. Please contain yourselves...this IS something!

If you'd like to compare: last week's snowbank.

Inside looking out picture window (located directly behind my computer)...

Outside looking back toward the picture window...

Now I'm off for my second cup of coffee and to visit all of you. Oh, meant to say that all of your questions shall be answered when I know myself. I don't mean to be vague on purpose; I simply don't know the answers yet. As for the gloves, keep your eyes peeled.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Don't Tell Melissa

...that I've posted twice in one day! :D

Everything was fine when I got home. Only the pile of things that I had gathered was gone with the exception of bedroom items that don't matter at all to me.

Miss Sandy, you're so sweet for offering me grapefruit spoons! I won't need them unless I actually do start a B&B (old joke) because I found some at TJMaxx this morning. Yay! I also purchased two iced tea spoons.

Golly, I had forgotten how much fun shopping can be...I even had a good time shopping in the Dollar Store, which is unheard of for me. If you watch Martha Stewart, you know where those workgloves are heading.

Here are my treasures...

It was so tempting to buy books today. I actually had The Glass Castle and The Time Traveler's Wife in my hot little hands for at least thirty seconds before putting them back keeping only this issue of Victoria.

Hope that you'll all tune in tomorrow for the second spring posting of the snow pile.

Interesting Day

It's going to be an interesting day here, folks. I am vacating the premises (not permanently...yet) for several hours while my sister and her beloved clear the house of the things they want.

This leaves me wondering what I'll come home to.

I tried to get my sister to be specific just so I could prepare myself and think around whatever gap will be left. Probably things will be just fine; although, I am going to miss those grapefruit spoons terribly. Just to clarify, the things that she'll be taking are her own and she has every right to take them.

As far as I can tell, this is the list:

silverware (Thankfully, I have my own set.)
rug shampooer
popcorn popper (Whirlypop...these things are great!)
odd and sundry decorative items
measuring spoons (the good ones)
measuring cups (the good ones)
wallpaper rolls

So what to do this morning instead of visit all of you. Oh! I know! I'll shop for some good measuring spoons and measuring cups.

Edited to add: This post needed brightening: Create a Flower Garden with a click of the Mouse

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bird Nest Kits

Do you see the nest in the bottom of the apothecary jar? This little nest is so beautifully made. Can you see the blue string and the hair that swirls around the bottom making a soft bed? (Clicking on the picture will help a little.)

After all this sewing, I have lots of bits and pieces of thread and cloth to share with the birds. I've been saving onion bags for a while now and dryer lint, too. I plan to make a few nest kits for the birds. It's not time here to set them out, but if robins are busy in your corner, perhaps you'd like to gather some building materials and help them with their task. Children love this activity as well.

Here's a helpful article about Favorite Nesting Materials of Wild Birds.

Yesterday, Miss Sandy @ Quill Cottage treated me to a review of spring called Let's Play a Game. It's a treasure...go enjoy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bargains and Bits

Melissa might be proud of me today. I decided last night that I would purposely not crank up the computer until noonish. For a while there I thought that I'd go bonkers; you know how it is when there's an upset in routine.

My morning was spent quietly listening to the sleet hit the windows while I watched Martha Stewart and then The View. I was listening more than watching since I was also busily organizing my recipe notebook. Notes were added to each recipe and they were all placed into plastic liners. Fifty liners were not enough! So I'll have another morning of finishing that chore the next time I pick up another package.

Yesterday, I went shopping at two much-loved flea markets in my area. I wandered all through the first without finding a thing, but I had no sooner stepped through the door of the second when I found two items very reasonably priced. The first you'll recognize as I featured it not so long ago.

It's in ever so much better condition than my grandmother's piece. Obviously, Nan has played "Feather Your Nest" often. Perhaps this selection is not so rare as I first believed...the price was two dollars. (I'm chuckling here.)

Also found these...

One can't have enough custard cups, in my opinion, and these are vintage Fire King. (BTW, Zanne, Fire King is the answer to the question that you had about the green jadite bowls atop the refrigerator in that vintage kitchen back along.) And the price was right...ten dollars for four with forty per cent off. Can't beat that!

Here's how the dishtowel turned out...quite simple, but I'm pleased with it.

I promise that this is the last pincushion that I'll show you...maybe "promise" is too strong a word. This is for my niece whose favorite color is yellow just like mine. It's made from a yellow bandana...ninety-seven cents!

Lastly, on a personal family note, my baby grandson took his first step a few days ago and promptly sat down without trying again. Yesterday, to everyone's surprise, he took off walking for real. Here's proof!

Enjoy your Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


GrandCentral: receive calls and post voicemail with your blog

Hmmm, wonder if Blogger is getting a lot of buzz about that one. I'm trying to imagine who in the world would want that service; obviously, someone who isn't trying to hide on the World Wide Web. ;>

Last night around 10, I discovered, via my tracker, that my niece had very cleverly used a few key words and was now sitting on my blog having reviewed umpteen pages. I called and left a message to please call me back, which she did.

"Whatcha doing?" asks I.

"Nothing, I'm on the internet," says she.

"Yes, you're on my blog!" (Subtle, eh?)

A little nervous chuckle, "I'm just looking at the pictures. It's pretty Martha Stewart...really kinda dull."

"That's right, nothing for you to see there so move along."

"You can see me?"

And that was when I was very grateful for my tracker. Not only could I "see" her, I knew the words she used to find me. I shared them. She was properly awed.

Oh, btw, just so this is on the front page now and not in comments, my niece took the photo that I am using in my header. Phew! One less thing on my mind to feel guilty over.

So now I have joined all of you who share freely with your families, read one another's blogs, and have a sense of connectedness with your own communities. Except that I'd hoped that it would never happen.

All this leads me to a discussion about perception. Yes, I am a deep thinker. LOL!

We sometimes feel as if things are one way when they are not. Feelings and truths are rarely one. For example, I took this photo when I saw that the reflection in the mirror was pleasing:

It is pleasing, but very little of it is based in reality. There are reflections that cause one to wonder exactly how many books, plants there are. The colors have been enhanced and the quality of the light isn't exactly as it was.

I remember a lecture where the professor shared that no one knows how he or she is perceived in this world because we never see ourselves as we are. Of all the people that we see in dimensional ways, the one we never see is our own person. "Even mirrors are very little help to us," he said.

That's when I stopped taking notes and really started to listen. Thankfully, someone asked why. So we got an interesting piece of information that day. All mirrors are distortions. When we see ourselves we are not seeing our entire mass. We are less.

Every woman in the class woke up then.


The professor continued to explain that we could try this for ourselves: look at our faces in a mirror and draw a line across the top point of our heads and the bottom line of our chins right there on the glass...step back and see how far apart those two lines are and decide whether your head could possibly be that small.

It was a very interesting discussion. It was a very interesting experiment.

What's my point? Not sure exactly other than to say that sometimes we think that we are hiding when we're not, that we believe we're writing fascinating things and we're not (if nieces are to be believed), and that things are not just exactly as they seem.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Where I Get Crafty

Did you all have a wonderful weekend? From what I could tell in my wanderings in Blogdom, I believe so!

Last Friday, I was gearing up for a snowy Saturday, which happened, folks, but enough of that. All sorts of ideas for spending the day were tumbling about in my head. Today, I am happy to report that a few of them spilled out to reality. (You can't imagine how often that does NOT happen.)

The first thing was working on more dishtowels. Birthdays are coming up and I am resorting to homemade gifts. I always use Martha Stewart's flour sack dish towels from K-Mart for these projects, but this time, after seeing how Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy (February 21) was creating her own bias tape for dishtowel edges, I decided to do the same thing. I purchased the binding tute and the material and had a lot of fun creating tape for myself. Alicia gives most excellent instructions!

I also spent some time gazing at Zanne's excellent handiwork on my oo-la-la apron. So between both sites and having the apron in hand, success!

Because I was using premade dishtowels, I did have to remove one finished edge so that the excess bulk would be gone; stitching was impossible otherwise. Don't ask me how I found that out or at what hour. (I only removed one edge because I'm only taping one edge.)

In the middle of all that, I realized my urgent need for a pincushion. Soooo, using WHIPUP's wonderful directions, I was able to make one for myself very quickly out of a vintage tablecloth remnant.

Do you see that doll maker's needle? Sure came in handy for this project. Also, please note how the needle is threaded. Here's a little secret for you...shhhhh, don't tell a can sew without ever having a knot or a tail. See what I mean right here at Bella Dia's No Knot, No Tail.

Last night, in the middle of all these big doings, my niece pops in to invite me out to supper. Naturally, she was curious about the mess on the dining room table. So she discovered her birthday gift a bit early and requested a redwork rooster for her dishtowel. None of my embroidery sites offered quite what we wanted so I thought that I might find one in a coloring book...good suggestion, by the way, for embroidery ideas. I found what I was looking for right here online.

Those patio door grids come in handy and these directions from PatternBee.

Thanks for looking and let me know if you try any of these things. I love to see what you're all up to, too!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Life

Christians are continually trying to change their lives, but God calls us to experience an exchanged life. Christianity is not a self-improvement program. It isn't a reformation project. It is resurrection! It is new life!

~Bob George

And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge — that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. (Ephesians 3:17–19)

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