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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On Her Way

There are universal dreams...the one about falling, the one about walking in molasses (oh, yeah, don't tell me that you haven't had that one), the one about flying, which is closely related to the falling dream, the one about driving in reverse at 100 mph (no? you haven't had that one either?), the one about dying, the one about giving birth to something not necessarily someone, the one about hearing your name called very loudly. Feel free to share if you've ever experienced any of these or add one of your own regulars.

From the time I was about ten to the present, I have periodically dreamed of a man falling down a deep well. He yells my name all the way down. I know him to be my husband. Yes, I knew that he was my husband even as a girl. Now I recognize his voice.

I have been dreaming a lot. That's because I have been sleeping a lot. At the risk of being clobbered by your nearest shoe, I have slept at least ten hours the past three nights. It's been great. I usually sleep seven hours or less; sometimes a lot less. I'm ready to go back to my usual schedule as this loss of three hours is a problem.

Enough about sleep and dreams.

Some of you have expressed such empathy for the lack of spring in my corner and I have appreciated those sentiments, truly. Not only that, so many have been providing that "ministry of flowers" that I spoke of some time ago that I have felt as if spring is very near even though I've seen no signs. Well, no signs until a few days ago.

I was searching the trees for nests and I found this one on a branch that hangs over the street in front of my home. See? There's a red circle (sort of) around the nest.

Then, wanting to see the nest better, I played with the zoom and took this shot.

It was so exciting to see this photograph not because of the nest, but because of the buds on that tree. Buds! Red buds! Spring is coming; she may be delayed; she may have to step over snowbanks, but she's on her way!


  1. Hi Vee!

    Isn't it fabulous??? I have been noticing little buds on things too.. the trees are starting to get alittle fuzzy when you look at the hills. Yeay!!! For me the dream that gets me is bookcases falling down all around me and my parents are yelling at me. As far as I know, I never knocked over any bookcases as a child! :)

    Have a great day!
    :) Abbie

  2. I sometimes dream that my tooth or teeth have crumbled and are falling out. I understand this is a common one too, a stress dream.

    I noticed buds on the tree across the street, a flowering pear, I think. And my crocus are popping up. Yay, Spring!

  3. Ten hours of sleep does a body good.

    We have a good sign of spring - the robins have arrived. Unfortunately they're freezing their little red breasts off. Seriously, they're gathered in great groups feasting on the berries from my Hawthorns trees. I hear them plotting on how they can turn an empty baken bean can into fire pit that they can gather around and keep warm. Poor birdies.

    As for dreams, for many, many years as a child I dreamt I was a Brick Woman. Yep, entirely made of bricks. But I could fly and did so regularly, just at the moment the train was coming.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  4. Now we all know that when it comes to dreams, I live in disturbia...nuff said...but I spent the entire morning going around looking at the beauty that spring is offering...so far, so good!!! Lets just hope that Spring doesn't trip on her way over those snowbanks of yours!

  5. Oh how nice that you finally see a sign of spring. It won't be long now.

    I got the chills reading about your well dream.
    I have had the teeth falling out dream.
    I dream I have to go to the bathroom but can never find a place to go. I walk in and out of buildings trying to find a bathroom and when I do find one it's either out of order or in some way unusable.

    I sleep 7 hours a night and that is just perfect for me. I always feel well rested in the morning. I am a morning person and like getting up.

  6. Yeah! Spring is really on its way!

    My reoccurring dream is one that started in childhood, it is a dream of flying. We lived at the bottom of a hill and my best friend, a boy named Jerry lived across the street. In the dream a storm starts to brew and the sky gets very cloudy and the wind picks up. I am always standing at the top of the hill. I begin to run down, lifting my arms as I run. I feel a rush of wind lift me and then I am
    soaring. Every once in while I have to use my arms like wings to guide or maintain my flight. I soar over to my friends house and get him to do the same then we fly away together over our grade school playground and all around the neighborhood as we laugh. The wind slowly dies, I begin to drift to the earth, then I awake.

  7. I get very little sleep and when I am asleep...I seem to dream non stop and wake exhausted. It takes hours to fall asleep..tossing, turning and thinking... my stupid, busy mind hops from one thing to another... then back again... busy, busy...

    I have new dreams, but many recurring ones as well... the same dream Happyone has about trying to find a useable bathroom is a regular. Total filth, flooding toilets...toilets that are wrecked and half off the floor...floating feces....doors that are so close you could not sit if you tried..you would whack your knees... and open so far up at the bottom that you could carry on converstaion with anybody else who showed up....

    I have some fun dreams too ..and my fav is my flying carpet dream. I have a little flying carpet with a sort of short gear shift type of steering device that is centered on the little Persian type carpet.. about 6 inches in from the front edge. I zoom around about 9 inches off the ground..... the little carpet tilts a bit and I am leaning into corners I am speeding so fast... don't need roads, which is a good thing because in other dreams..I go so fast I almost leave the roads on corners.... I love my magic carpet rides.
    Other days I have hideous dreams and am happy to wake up even if it means no sleep at all. I seem to manage to get through most days on about 2-4 hours sleep. sometimes I have to have a little nap. Last night was a shocker.... I got to sleep in about half an hour or so...and slept almost 4 hours before I had to pee...then got a couple more before I got up...wheeee.... but... today I feel kind of groggy ... can't win I guess.

  8. Is it the time change or what? Did not know that most of those were common, interesting. I often have the one of someone calling my name. Congrats on your buds...will hopefully be here before we know it.


  9. The darling buds of may...er...march! I'm so glad spring is peeking out where you are. I dream about houses with lots of rooms, twisty hallways, nooks and crannies, and hidden rooms. I have a couple of dream houses that I visit regularly.

  10. Awesome!!! My husbang was walking about our yard yesterday and said our buttercups were coming up and the tress were budding. YES, SPRING is on her beautiful way bringing SUNSHINE to all of us....Smiles mary

  11. It looks like you can quit 'dreaming' about spring...it's not far off!

    Molasses? I've never heard of that one! Does anyone even know what molasses are anymore? I had nightmares about bears and spiders as a kid...now my dreams are usually pretty sweet.

  12. I have the dream where it is exam week and I realize that I have never been to that class. Do I go to the exam unprepared or just skip the exam, since I have obviously skipped the class all semester. There are variations, but I have been having this dream for as long as I can remember. Guess I never feel prepared, huh? Oh well.


  13. I'm with c.c. I have dreams about houses, imaginary and those I'm familiar with. Even in my adulthood I have dreamt that the door on my grandparent's third floor in the attic opened up into another land. Too much Wizard of Oz and L,W. and Waredrobe as a child I guess! I haven't seen any sign of spring here except the river has gone out and left bare ground at it's banks. It won't be long now!

  14. I'm popping back in to answer your question about my house dreams. They are always pleasant...even when the houses are old and decrepit. I walk through the house, opening doors, climbing staircases with no fear. I love those dreams and don't have them often enough!

  15. Oh Vee, I am so happy for you. I know what you mean about being ready for spring, though being in the south I have seen lots of signs. Spring has officially arrived at my Charm & Grace website, and it was such fun putting together the "ministry of flowers!"


  16. I am so happy you have a few signs of Spring! I was just realizing I need to pull up all the dead plants from last year and maybe plant soon...but we still have frosts so maybe I'll just pull up the dead stuff and wait on the planting.

  17. Yeah!!! I have seen some budding of trees here too. And I have daffodils...

    I have dreams of so many weird things - lol...

  18. Vee, you're too funny. Love that little nest and even better...those buds! I hope you guys get the longest most amazing summer on earth. You've earned it!

    I have three recurring dreams...(1) a flying dream where I can soar like a bird but sometimes cannot control my buoyancy and I go up and up (2) a dream where I have to go to the bathroom but all the toilets are occupied...tell me what THAT means!) and (3)a dream where someone is in my house in the dark and I'm in danger and I turn on the lights but every light is very very dim you can hardly see, so I keep trying them all but they're all so dim (cannot illuminate!). Oh, and sometimes in this dream I try to dial the phone in the dark and can't get the numbers right.

    Do you think I have control issues?

    Have a great rest of week Vee! xox

    P.S. 10 hrs per night! You lucky so-and-so!


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