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Friday, March 7, 2008

Interesting Day

It's going to be an interesting day here, folks. I am vacating the premises (not permanently...yet) for several hours while my sister and her beloved clear the house of the things they want.

This leaves me wondering what I'll come home to.

I tried to get my sister to be specific just so I could prepare myself and think around whatever gap will be left. Probably things will be just fine; although, I am going to miss those grapefruit spoons terribly. Just to clarify, the things that she'll be taking are her own and she has every right to take them.

As far as I can tell, this is the list:

silverware (Thankfully, I have my own set.)
rug shampooer
popcorn popper (Whirlypop...these things are great!)
odd and sundry decorative items
measuring spoons (the good ones)
measuring cups (the good ones)
wallpaper rolls

So what to do this morning instead of visit all of you. Oh! I know! I'll shop for some good measuring spoons and measuring cups.

Edited to add: This post needed brightening: Create a Flower Garden with a click of the Mouse


  1. My mother lived with us for a few years. I got so used to using her things. She moved out to begin a wonderful new life, fortunately only five minutes away. I still miss some of her pretty things and the huge pot I always used to boil potatoes for holiday mashed potatoes. I hope you'll find a sense of being settled when you return home today. There is something to be said in knowing that everything in the house belongs to you and no one can claim it.

  2. Well, now you can go out and buy replacements for everything and know that they are your very own.
    Why do you have your sister's things and why does she want them back now? Just being nosy.

  3. If it were ME I'd have to be there to supervise....Happy Shopping and I hope you find all that you need replacements for.

  4. But look at this way Vee, when you see something you know you just have to have, there's room for it now!!!

  5. I like Sandi's take on it...now you'll have extra room for new things of your own! I hope you have a great day, Vee!

  6. I'm with Robin...I'd have to be there supervising! LOL I'm just a nosey Nellie! : )
    Well, I hope you found some replacement items and that all is well when you get home!
    My daughter lives with us right now, after having an entire household full of things. We have some of her things in the house now and I'm gonna miss them when she moves out! But I'll miss her more! : )

  7. I wouldn't shop just yet..... you may have to return things. She might take things other than what you think and leave the rest...which is why I would either be there to suprevise...or.... knowing me as I do... I would toss her stuff outside on the lawn.... then you would know exactly what she is taking...but, that is just me. Been there done that and got a lot smarter through the years.

    Mari Nanci and I will be reading between the lines here again.... sounding a bit cryptic there Vee...."not vacating permanently... yet"? hmmmmm............

  8. I've felt that vibe in your writings that signal a moving on. I'm curious also as to why your sister's things are in your home. Please forgive our nosiness, but think of it as more of a curiousity. I would be hard pressed to leave my home and have someone pick and choose items.

    Do you remember what I said about choosing to be happy? I'm going to do a whole post on the subject but I'll say that it actually involves making hundreds of small decisions. But you know that!

  9. Vee,
    I'll hold you tight in my heart today and in the days to come as you adjust I pray you will have a peace filled heart and a deep and abiding joy despite outward circumstances. Send me your address ~ I have a perfectly lovely set of grapefruit spoons that are never put to use, I'll send them to you!

    Pop over later for a recipe swap and hop link if you feel like using those new measuring spoons and cups!

    Much love,
    Miss Sandy

  10. If I were nearby, I'd join you at Walmart this morning! I'm still replacing things in my kitchen that got tossed by the 'restoration' company after I smoked us out of house awhile back. I have a little trouble adjusting to new things...I like the old.

    I won't be a 'nosy nellie' (I like that term though)...but I'll read whatever you post about the subject!

  11. Enjoy some time away shopping, Vee! Another blogging break? Vee, you're scaring me. Twice in one week!

    Happy day,

  12. Oh, I take it for granted that you've all been with me since I began writing this blog. I must stop doing that because newer readers are without a clue. My sister moved in with me in 2000 and we combined households. She remarried in January and, of course, moved on. You'd have to go way back in the archives to read the particulars. I'm not going back; I'm just pressing forward. Thanks for your interest!

  13. "I am vacating the premises (not permanently...yet) for several hours while my sister and..."

    -sigh- I wish you wouldn't say these things {vacating the premises (not permanently...yet)} and then just leave us hanging. It's really not fair, you know. Well, maybe you will know, when you think on it. -sigh-

    When your sister decided to move out, you said you'd not be able to keep your house ~ because of having to continue paying {by yourself} for all the changes made, after she came to live there. Now that is scary and sad making, for your loyal readers.

    You never mentioned it again, so I was thinking nice thoughts and figuring that... She had 'done her duty' and paid you for her share of the project. So you {sole person living there now} would not lose your home.

    But now, you drop that little bombshell. -sigh-

    Yes, this is your blog. And yes, you can write here, whatever you want to write here. But... please know that we in blog land have to become attached to the well being of our pals. And a 'bombshell' makes us {makes me anyway} sad and worried, for/about you. -sigh-

    OK, 'Old Aunt Tilley' will leave now. After scolding you like this.


  14. Okay I am late to the post, and I do hope your okay Vee. I will have to read up the page. I started with where I had left off. I have been so busy with the Blog Party.
    Thanks for visiting by the way, and your lovely comments. BUT, all that to say this :]
    Was I the only one playing with the flower thingy. ohhhh my gosh how fun! I felt like a kid with a new box of crayons. I decorated my WHOLE page. I have got to go check that out. That was a blast.

  15. Nooooo, you weren't the only one playing in a garden. Several got caught having fun, including me (see footer). :D


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