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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Snowbanks and Stuff

As promised, here's this week's snowbank. Please contain yourselves...this IS something!

If you'd like to compare: last week's snowbank.

Inside looking out picture window (located directly behind my computer)...

Outside looking back toward the picture window...

Now I'm off for my second cup of coffee and to visit all of you. Oh, meant to say that all of your questions shall be answered when I know myself. I don't mean to be vague on purpose; I simply don't know the answers yet. As for the gloves, keep your eyes peeled.


  1. We have rain today, which is pretty much depleted the grounds of our snow. I saw our first Robin yesterday, but not to be fooled, I peeked at the weather forecast and I think next week looks a bit snowy. Your snowbanks are amazing. My mom lives in South Burlington, Vt. and they have quite the ski season this year. Blessings, Karen

  2. This weeks snow bank is slightly smaller. :-) Another day of rain here in MD.
    Nice view out of your window. A good spot to read one of those books you didn't buy.

  3. Hmmm...I'm not sure an extra hour of 'sunshine' will help make you think spring has arrived. You have a few mountains to move, before you'll be putting around in your garden!

  4. Vee..I sent you an email.

    Love your snow....

  5. Vee,
    To make you giggle I ought to take a picture of my very own snow bank, it is all of one inch high! (Only because the wind blew it a little into a snow bump!) We had a little sifter full of snow yesterday. You have such lovely views out your windows! Have a nice day!

  6. Wonder if I can leave a comment on my own blog... Haven't been able to leave any comments elsewhere for a while now...some sort of error message. I'll get back to it later...

  7. Your snowbank pictures bring back so many memories of living in Brunswick, Maine with snow deep enough to make caves and monster snowmen! There are robins everywhere here. I'll tell some of them to fly up your way! PS. Go back and get The Time Travelers Wife...an intriguing love story!

  8. Wondering if I can comment here? Wondering if Google/Blogger are still having hissy-fits. Wondering how many of us, had issues this morning? I know you did. I know I did.


  9. WOW! Look at all that snow! That's the one thing I do NOT miss!


  10. Oh, to be rid of the snowbanks. Thankfully I escaped mine for a weekend in Connecticut. The rain and wind sure beat the white stuff! I wonder how many more weeks you will have to post before the snowbanks are gone? I was tickled "pink" to see my name on your blog roll. What an honor! ~Kathy

  11. Hi Vee...I love the view from your window..the snow is beautiful to me...I miss the seasons...We're having tremendous March winds blowing tonight and the temp is a cold 51 degrees... A hot chocolate night for us. :-)

  12. I love your room with a view! I know if I actually still lived in MA I would be sick of the snow too. It is just such a rare commodity out here, I love seeing what is outside your window!

    So Vee: funny thing about that picture. We were at a wedding. And for one second we were all at the same spot at the same time. I just yelled everyone hold still for just one second. Threw my camera in the air at a gal we were all visiting with, and said quick take a picture. At that moment we all yelled for Tyler to get in the picture. He was on his way in as the picture snapped. So Dan and I instinctively were trying to steady the boy! It was a fun moment and it turned out to be a great picture. So that is why we seemed to have a vise grip on the son-in law….hehehe !

    I won't forget about those white gloves...
    Oh I just remembered what they were used for. I won't give it away, but can't wait to see your handy work. Oh, I might have to try this too!

    Gee I am so chatty tonight :]

  13. Wow so much snow. We haven't seen more than a sprinkle of icing sugar this winter. A little hail, but mostly rain.
    England would not be able to cope with so much snow...the country grinds to a halt if there's more than an inch...tee hee.

  14. I'm loving these photo's with the snow. I remember looking out our windows in MA as a kid and seeing those kind of snow drifts. I rather miss them, that's why I'm moving to MT. :)

    Enjoy your lovely winter wonderland. Spring is coming and it won't be long before you'll start seeing lovely Spring flowers, green grass and sunshine!

  15. LOL...we must live in the same neck of the woods,our snowbanks are getting smaller slowly but one would never know spring is near :)

  16. OH MY goodness! I can scarcely imagine that anyone is still in all of that snow! We hear birds singing in the sunshine and have flowers popping out of the bare ground! You poor thing, SPRING needs to get a move on to your place!

    Happy day,

  17. Wow! I have never seen so much snow. Reminds me of why I love living in Georgia. Our snow days (however far and few between) turn into holidays! Your pictures are beautiful.


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