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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ten Weird, Random Facts or Habits

Minnesota Kathi @ Lavender, Lace and Thyme tagged me on March 22 with the Ten Weird, Random Facts or Habits meme. She says that she wants to know more about me. I find this amusing and flattering all at the same time. Oh well, here's for you, Kathi. (Kathi needs a little pick-me-up since her brother fell while shoveling heavy, wet snow and broke his arm!)

Here are the rules: Once tagged, you are to write a post listing ten weird, random facts or habits about yourself. Then you find 5 people to tag. Not only do you list them at the end of the post, you have to tell why you chose them. Next, you must leave a "You've been tagged" comment on their blog. They'll come back to read the details. Once these good people have posted their list, they must remember to let you know. One good thing - they can't tag you back!

1. M&Ms are impossible for me to resist. If I see them, I must have them. These pastel shades for Easter are especially nice.

2. I play with my M&Ms sorting them by color or by arranging them into stick figures.

3. Oddly enough, I think that brown M&Ms taste better than any of the other candy shell colors.

4. For a brief moment, I thought that the above photo proved that I had won a major prize. Don't ask!

5. I really don't think that M&Ms are the best-tasting candy...Lindt chocolate is.

There! That took care of the first five... ;>

6. I never eat cooked vegetables; the one two exception exceptions is are corn and potatoes.
(Thanks, Kari, for keeping me honest!)

7. I love to clean because cleaning equals instant results.

8. If I couldn't fail, I'd open a tearoom.

9. I read three or four books simultaneously...not at the same moment of time, but in the same period of time.

10. Memes are especially difficult for me because I think of myself as being as dull as dirt.

As a notorious rule-breaker, I'm not tagging anyone today. BUT, if you decide to do this meme, please let me know! While I find it a challenge to do them, I adore reading them.


  1. My uncle worked where M&Ms were made. He used to bring cartons of them around. My favorites were the malted milk kind and I don't know if they still make those.

    I stopped by Mari-Nanci's blog to give her some ideas for teas that taste sweet. We'll get her drinking tea yet!

  2. If you're dull as dirt then what does that make me? I check in on you every day and love to read your blog!

    Keep up the good work.

    Did you try the cherry M&M's yet? They are ok but nothing beats plain ol' PEANUT M&M's.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Good morning Vee,
    There is nothing dull or dirty about you! Those were fun facts! We are all a bit quirky if we really stop to think about it.

    In answer to a couple of your questions, no,that was not me you saw on TV, but manners do matter!

    Yes, we have met, yikes boy!, and we think he is a very nice young man. The question remains is he nice enough for darling daughter? Do you ever think anyone is good enough for your children?

    About Sandy, I was wondering why I haven't seen anything new from her after you brought it up. I went to her web site and it is down. I snooped about a bit and didn't find any mention of her being ill or anything else, so where she is and what she is doing is a mystery.

    She is very personable. I was waiting on my mother in the entry when she approached me and introduced herself and we chatted a minute when up walked Emilie Barnes eating a banana, and she joined in the chat. My mother arrived, introductions were made, we talked a bit more and the they went over to the table for book signing. We were first in line, got our books signed and wished the safe travel going home. End of story!

    Let me know when your package arrives and have a great day!

  4. M&M's they melt in your mouth not in your hand.
    Do they still use that old commercial line?

    You are certainly NOT dull. I love reading your blog. :-) We must all think our blogs are on the dull side, because I think mine is pretty boring too!

    Maybe I'll give this weird meme a try in the next day or so.

  5. I'm Ok with M&M's but I would prefer the peanut ones.

    You are not dull, Vee. You are very clever and fun! :-)

    Happy day,

  6. Yum, M&Ms. I prefer the peanut ones but this reminds me I haven't had any for ages. I am also quite partial to Smarties, steal them from the kids.

    Oh, and Libby? What a beautiful dog. What breed is she?

    Have a great day!

    Lisa xo
    Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

  7. Canadians usually buy Smarties...I think they are homegrown. However, since I prefer peanuts to chocolate...I'm with you on the m&m's!

    You like cleaning? I like the result; the process...not so much!

    Let me know when your tea shop is open. I love to visit quaint little places and who knows...I may even start drinking tea.

    Thanks for sharing those all-important facts about yourself. Now we know what makes you tick!

    Have a fun day.

  8. My son eats his Skittles the same way...LOL! I love m&ms too.....

  9. Hi Vee!
    I used to eat a 3/4 pounder bag of M&M's in one sitting! I was so bad-lol. You would be perfect running a tea room!

    Thanks for the info on Cacti.

  10. Mingus is from the tribe of Bartok..far to the north. They are travelers... seeking first hand knowledge, wisdom and experience. His quest has been long and arduous.. his face shows the weariness... you can see from his scar and his wonky eye that he has seen his share of trouble.

    He has traveled many miles...and in his travels has had many jobs; worn many hats.... the most recent of which was a trial as Dungeon Master for a castle housing not only prisoners, but which also has some resident trouble makers... jesters. His job, had he been able to obtain it on that occasion, would have been to keep unruly jesters in check as well as to guard the prisoners. Sadly, he did not pass muster with the powers that be...and he moved on....for some strange and unfathomable reason(at least to me) ...they chose a strange little cutesy, dragonish type of thingy..and his cat buddy.

    (For the interest of doll makers and crafters... .... I sculpted his face of polymer clay, his body including the hands are cloth...his boots are Apoxie Sculpt as is the stick for the jester.)

    all this is mainly for Vee who asked about the story behind my post...

  11. Vee, if you could see my face right now you'd see it has the biggest smile on it :)...I love all the things about you, I just knew they'd all be wonderful! and you're not dull as dirt or nobody would bother visiting you :).

    My favorite chocolate is Lindt, I love to treat myself to the round balls that are filled, they're wrapped in red, they always have them at the checkout counters :).

    Thanks so much for sharing and for thinking of my brother :), you're a keeper!.

    Kathi :)

  12. Oh no Vee ! You are certainly entertaining, interesting and a great blogger, so no "dirt' references from you are allowed. :-)

    I love Lindt truffles the best! They are so creamy and delicious.

    Hugs, Pat

  13. could I have my M&M's with peanuts please. This easter on vacation I discovered the dove dark chocolate eggs. Oh yum.

    I'm the same as you at number 9. On vacation I read tons of books, almost one a day and then nothing for months. Funny how something I love so much can be such a once in a while thing.

    You are certainly not dull. No way.

  14. You're so funny....I'm thinking you may qualify as being "M&M OBSESSED! LOL

    I can't believe you don't eat cooked vegetables. What about baked potatoes? And green beans? And ...well...other vegetables that I can't think of right now???

    I read several books at once, too. I don't know why that is, do you? Maybe we're easily bored. Or distracted. Or just extremely intelligent and able to handle that many stories at the same time. ha,ha!

    Great meme!
    P.S. Keep those e-mail jokes coming...I love 'em!!

  15. Disregard the comment about the e-mail jokes. And disregard the comment about me being so intelligent...I got distracted while I was typing that comment and shifted over into a message to my niece. Geez. I really, really, really need therapy. LOL


  16. Oh Vee, if you opened a tearoom, I would come and visit! The last thing you are is "dull as dirt"!

    I loved your litera-tea post. I haven't read "The Thirteen Tale" yet but it's on the pile! ~Kathy

  17. Oh Vee, there is nothing dull about dirt...there are so many colors in one shovelful of dirt, well I could write a book on dirt, the color the smell the feel. The best dirt for growing things is the dirt that holds together when you ball it up in your fist. M&M browns are a color of dirt...you had to get me started didn't you? And here you thought you were dull!

  18. Hello Vee, I found you through smilisigh. I already have left a comment for you regarding Queen Victoria in Smilinsigh's weblog. What an interesting weblog you have. I will save it and read it later. Then I will come back. Nice to know you.

  19. You guys make my day...make me laugh...make me wish that I had a tearoom where we could all get together for real.

    Alice, nothing sounds much more wonderful to me than an uncle bearing cartons of M&Ms.

    Hoosier Homemaker, see this is just what I get for this negative self-talk I have drifting about in my head like so much flotsam. I smear you with the stuff, too. I'm thrilled that someone loves to read my blog. Thrilled! And, of course, it must be because dirt is interesting as Sandi, bless her heart, suggests. :D Haven't tried the cherry M&Ms. Wish that I could eat the peanut M&Ms, but they don't like me anymore.

    Miss Sandy, you have a way with words, dear heart! LOL! Glad that you like young Mr. Yikes. Thanks, too, for taking up my hint and scouting about for SLC. I see that you found as much as I did.

    Happyone, thanks, you're not dull either! Hope that you'll try the MEME. I'd love to read more about you.

    Melissa, mwah! Right back atcha!

    Lisa, Libby (I just noticed that I referred to her as "Livvie" on the picture name...that's when I was changing her name to protect the guilty, but promptly forgot to spare her when typing up my post) is a chocolate lab. She used to look more like a chocolate lab in her youth, but she's getting to be a bit jowly now that she's approaching old age. Nice to see you!

    Judy, I hate to offend, but those Canadian Smarties have very little in common with M&Ms. They're soggier or something's definitely wrong with them. LOL! And, yes, now you know what makes me tick!

    Robin, Skittles...yum. I almost forgot about those. Only problem with them is the stick-to-the-teeth thing.

    Penny, you're a gal after my own heart! How did you stay so thin???

    BumbleVee, that's a fascinating history Mingus has. No wonder he looks scarred both physically and emotionally.

    Kathi, those Lindt folks are very clever. I can't get past the hardware counter without selecting one or two brightly colored foil wrapped delights myself...my fav is the gold-wrapped one.

    Hi Pat! Another Lindt lover! Thanks for the compliment, too. Sorry if I managed to smear you along with Hoosier Homemaker.

    Lovella, stop mentioning new candies to me! I have enough trouble with the old favs. LOL! I'm so glad that you're back from vacation. Don't hit me!

    Kari, you can't be accusing me of stuff because I had it all worked out just which joke I had sent you and everything after only a brief moment of confusion. I told you that I was highly suggestable! Don't round me up for an ax murder either because I'd probably confess!

    Kathy, if I open a tearoom, I'll be certain to send you a coupon for a free cuppa. :>

    Sandi, thank you for keeping me humble. I laughed so hard this morning reading your comment!

    Farideh, thank you for your visit. I hope that you will come back soon!

  20. How wonderful it would have been if we could "email" ourselves to different part of the world. No visas, no planes, no packing.... then...the first place I would have visited would have been your Tearoom! What a brillient idea! Work on it dear it and WANT it with all your heart. The Vee's Tearoom sounds great! Until then, I will drink a cup of tea to your health. Cheers!

  21. LOL...I dont know why this posting made me laugh, but it just did. Probably because I just stumbled on your blog and needed a pick me up!


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