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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Update on Snowbank

Hmmmmmmmmm, do I smell He-man Chocolate Chip Cookies baking across the land? :D Wish that I still had some, but I was smart and invited people in for coffee the first afternoon and, yesterday, I bagged up the remainder and took them to a friend's for tea. Having that many cookies in the house is dangerous! (Don't forget to tell me if you try them.)

So here's the snowbank...the very handy Saturday post. At least, until it's gone.

Yes, that's snow falling...sigh.

This next photo made me laugh.

I've often felt as if I didn't know whether I was coming or going and now I see so clearly why!

And this last photo nearly made me weep...

Such a brave little daffodil to be getting ready to bloom under a snowbank and in such trying times.

Have a wonderful Saturday, dear friends!


  1. Love the footprint photo, it gave me a chuckle this morning! Your daffodil is brave indeed, I see a life lesson in her bravery, hmmm, may be the makings of a post. Have a happy Saturday!

  2. I've copied down the cookie recipe and will be making them in the next couple of days.

    I can see more of the door in the snow picture so it must be melting a little.

    I took these pictures this morning and thought of you.

  3. I love the bottom photo..at least you have things trying to bloom Vee!

  4. Awww Vee. He is a brave little daffodil!!! The snow is beautiful but I know you're ready for spring....hope that it's just around the corner for you!! We're having rough weather here in Georgia last night and today. We even had a tornado in downtown Atlanta last night, can you believe that??!! xxoo, Dawn

  5. Hi Vee...You are quite amazing at keeping your chin up in the midst of the vast amounts of snow, snow and more snow. The little Daffodil is another sweet little miracle about to burst forth and bloom regardless...Praise the Lord for that! Sweet regards to you..Dee Dee

  6. I see that the snowbank is melting but I hope the fresh snow doesn't mean that snowbank will grow again.

    Here in northern Illinois we are making progress as the glacier recedes...slowly.

    And yes, I can imagine the aroma of those cookies baking all across the continent.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  7. We've actually been spared from snow this weekend ~ a pleasant change! Your poor daffodil! I hope spring comes to us both very soon! ~ Lynda xox

  8. I can't believe that snowdrift! It seems to be getting bigger! :)
    The poor, brave little daffodil! Just imagine popping out of the ground, all ready for the warm spring breezes and you get SNOW!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hi Vee,
    I love the footprint photo! Feel that way all the time! I know, more snow.. yeeaaaacchhhh... atleast it's melting pretty quickly now.. Have a fabulous weekend!
    :) Abbie

  10. That footprint photo is a classic! Spring will soon arrive, I hope & your brave little daffodils will give a burst of yellow.
    Have a nice day, DebraK

  11. Yes !!! that is one pretty brave little daffodil !!!

  12. What a snowbank!! My daughter and I went to Toronto this week, and we couldn't believe the snowbanks there. I thought New England had snow. Your footprints are a riot, and such a brave little daffodil weathering the cold. Blessings, Karen

  13. Are you beginning to dream of 'footprints in the sand' about now?

    You definitely have me thinking about baking cookies...soon!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  14. I used to make those cookies many years ago, uh oh I am dating myself again. They were delicious. I have a craving for sweets lately and I think it might be because of this disgustingly cold weather!!


  15. Oh Vee, I love your Saturday posts on the snow bank conditions at your house. I enjoy your sense of humor so much. The daffodil photo brings me hope. Thanks for the encouragement. We'll be sharing photos of our blooming gardens soon enough. (maybe I need a cookie to cheer me up.....) ~Kathy

  16. Love the footprint photo - it is sooo ME!! I hope your snow ends soon and spring burst forth in your neck of the woods!

  17. I am going to try them too. I will be the waddling about looking like a blimp. They sound wonderful!

  18. Lovely blog!We have no snow out here in Hull,Mass. I am on the water.I think I saw some green poking thru...hope!
    Wouldn't it be fun to try and pull together a few of us Northeast artisans for a day of play on my beach this summer? I have plenty of parking..now my muse is imagining altered art with seashells,sand etc...Do you know of anyone else?
    How do I make more than 1 blog and do a search on blogger been trying to figure out for months?
    Hugs Denise Hull,Massachusetts


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