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Friday, March 7, 2008

Don't Tell Melissa

...that I've posted twice in one day! :D

Everything was fine when I got home. Only the pile of things that I had gathered was gone with the exception of bedroom items that don't matter at all to me.

Miss Sandy, you're so sweet for offering me grapefruit spoons! I won't need them unless I actually do start a B&B (old joke) because I found some at TJMaxx this morning. Yay! I also purchased two iced tea spoons.

Golly, I had forgotten how much fun shopping can be...I even had a good time shopping in the Dollar Store, which is unheard of for me. If you watch Martha Stewart, you know where those workgloves are heading.

Here are my treasures...

It was so tempting to buy books today. I actually had The Glass Castle and The Time Traveler's Wife in my hot little hands for at least thirty seconds before putting them back keeping only this issue of Victoria.

Hope that you'll all tune in tomorrow for the second spring posting of the snow pile.


  1. Just wanted to say that this blog is cute. Time Traveler's Wife broke my heart and it's still healing and this was a year and a half ago. It's so good. haha

    Stumbled in and just wanted to say hi.
    I would like to invite you to leave a comment on my blog. At my blog I ask people to tell me about their day in seven words or less. Just leave me a comment with your seven words, you can do it anonymously. If you'd rather not, then have a nice day.


  2. I'm thinking you are planning on making more pincushions (are those pins I see on your pile of goodies?). Enjoy Victoria...a nice read on a snowy day!

    PS What does Martha use her gloves for?

  3. oh, ..... that cute fabric.... the one with the pink/black/white.... hmmm...I can so see that as the inside of a second bunny's ears....maybe her big footpads too.... hmmmm...maybe I will have to go to Fabricland....

    Can I make my reservation now for the B & B? .... what will you be serving for brekky...?? maybe I can even get a job making cinnamon buns...

  4. I am glad you had fun shopping for all your goodies! I'd have gotten the books for sure. Who needs groceries or trinkets when there are books to be had!

    I just got that same magazine and am waiting for Sunday afternoon to roll around so I can enjoy it quietly.

    I'm with Judy, I must have missed what the gloves are for, so do tell!

    Have a good weekend!

  5. You got some great things while shopping! I was going to offer you my copy of Time Travles Wife, but I can't find it!! I must have given it to someone. It is a great book, so head to the library and check it out!

  6. I've read both of those books and both were great!!

  7. Oh fun post. Sounds like a good book. I will have to add that to my list. Do tell about the gloves. I missed Martha that morning. I still haven't read my Victoria, good reminder. I had that subscription for years, so I just had to sign up when they started to publish again. Oh and I have to tell you, TJMax does have the best spoons. I got the cutest ones for espresso and tea. I will have to go look now for grapefruit spoons. I sometimes think you lead my other life...right there in all that wonderful snow!


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