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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Snowbank and Silhouettes

Despite six inches of new snow in the past two days, I think things are looking up. How can I tell? The neighbors' discarded Christmas tree is showing up very nicely; it used to be buried. Wonder if I'll have to haul that off for them again this year???

This was my project for the morning.

The silhouettes that I did years ago of my nieces for a Mother's Day gift to their mom were faded and ratty looking. My hope was that they could be rescued with PAINT and/or Photoshop. I'm not too adept with either program, but I think they'll look better once they are trimmed and returned to the wee frames. That should be loads of fun for a Saturday afternoon. ;>

Hope yours is great, too!

Edited to Add: That wasn't too difficult, after all.




  1. I remember a grade school teacher sitting us in a chair behind a lamp and tracing our silhouettes onto black construction paper. We then cut them out and mounted them on sheets from an old wall paper book and made a frame by gluing on lace and buttons at the corners. My mother saves absolutely everything so I am sure it is squirreled away in her attic.

    Your restoration project turned out really great! I, myself, will be indulging in the three "R's" this weekend, Resting, Relaxing, and Reading! I posted, finally! after a few fated attempts and I am taking a bit of a bloggy break for a few days. I'll still visit but I'm too pooped to post!

    Happy Saturday!

  2. The silhouettes are lovely. Very Nice.
    Sorry to hear you got 6 more inches of snow.
    When do you usually see spring up your way?
    Enjoy the rest of your day.

  3. now I feel guilty about complaining of our sciff of snow.

    YOur silhouettes are such a great idea to redo. Hmmm, I think I have some haning around myself.

  4. Oh Vee! These are gorgeous little treasures!!! I have several very large silhouettes of my older boys in kindergarten, but I would love them to be tiny and framed....maybe I could sketch them over small? I just love the look of these! I can't believe that snow, I don't have a snow bank but more like a pollen bank!!! Our car looks like a bumble bee at the end of the day! xxoo, Dawn

  5. Great job...especially beautiful as it was saving a memory! ANd of course, we do love silhouettes!!! Have a great day,

    kari & kijsa

  6. We're sharing a little of your snow misery this week (although none has actually stuck to the ground, it has been falling off & on).

    I thought you must have come from Kari & Kijsa's place when I saw the silhouettes...but it looks like you were into silhouetts long before they made them popular. Good job!

  7. I love the silhouettes, Vee!

    And yes, I saw a doctor straight away, and thankfully he ruled out heart lungs and gall bladder immediately. I carry a heavy laptop around all day and trays of books and equipment, and he is sure it is from that. He says it can just go. Great. But as I said, I can cope with pain now I know imminent demise is not on the cards! Inconvenient, but a relief. I have horse pills for the pain. Well they are large enough to be horse pills. And they work.

    Have a great weekend, and thanks for your concern!

  8. Oh, your silhouettes are lovely! I really like silhouettes and I've been wanting to try doing some. Yours turned out great!

    Did you really have to haul away your neighbor's tree last year?!?

  9. I was going through some things the kids did for me years ago when they were in school and found a silhouette of Amanda. Now that you've inspired me, we'll just have to get that out and frame it! What a lovely idea!



  10. Your right! I looked them up. They are impatients and guess what!!! I accidently found a birds nest in my pitiful fern as I was watering it. 5 blue eggs and mommy bird didnt appreciate getting wet! oops! We did some more today with red eculyptus mulch, it all is getting prettier everytime we mess with it! And guess what I just found out? My guy used to be the "lawn boy" for everyone back in the day when he was a young scoot. He is amazing with what he knows, I am loving it.

  11. Your silhouettes turned out great! I love that you jump into projects feet first, and you always come out on top! Great job!!


  12. Good evening friend - thanks for stopping by to wish me well. I'm slowly coming around. Today was good. I love your little silhouettes. I have one of my husband when he was about 3. thanks for always being so cheerful for me! You are a jewel - take care - Vickie

  13. We did silhuettes at school...It was at Vila Nova Delaneve...Sister had us do them in gold foil with doily paper background. Mama had them hanging on the wall of every house we lived in. I am so glad you were able to "rescue" them. They look good to me! Hope your good weather gets there soon...we had 80's yesterday and 51 today...Mother Nature can't make up her mind!

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  15. You have been a busy bee....making the most of being snowed in...good for you!

  16. Thanks, dear ladies! It's great that we have so many tools available to us these days to help us create little lovelies. I am so glad that these were rescued...and, of course, I saved the originals as well.

    Let's see, I know that there were questions...

    Oh, Happyone, spring is usually already here. Once spring was delayed until the third week of April. I remember it so well because I was on spring break and the snow was heavy on the ground, but we were wearing shorts since it was so warm. That was sometime in the 60s.

    Mrs. B, nice to meet you! Yes, I did have to haul off their tree. By then, it was partially in the street and I was tired of looking at it every morning. I'd like to put their screen away (it's right under the front window), too, but I won't go that far. Mari-Nanci told me that yesterday must have been rat on the neighbors day! :P

  17. Oh Vee, I love silhouettes and I remember them being a part of my childhood just like Miss Sandy :). My Mother kept the silhouette of my brother but I'm not sure what has happened to any of the others.

    What a wonderful job you've done restoring them, I'm sure they will be cherished forever!

    I love your snowbank picture, mine is almost gone but there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow :(.



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