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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bird Nest Kits

Do you see the nest in the bottom of the apothecary jar? This little nest is so beautifully made. Can you see the blue string and the hair that swirls around the bottom making a soft bed? (Clicking on the picture will help a little.)

After all this sewing, I have lots of bits and pieces of thread and cloth to share with the birds. I've been saving onion bags for a while now and dryer lint, too. I plan to make a few nest kits for the birds. It's not time here to set them out, but if robins are busy in your corner, perhaps you'd like to gather some building materials and help them with their task. Children love this activity as well.

Here's a helpful article about Favorite Nesting Materials of Wild Birds.

Yesterday, Miss Sandy @ Quill Cottage treated me to a review of spring called Let's Play a Game. It's a treasure...go enjoy!


  1. What a sweet little nest! And it looks perfect in that jar.


  2. I like your little nest - its so cute.
    When I was a kid I used to take the hair out of my brush and throw it out the window for the birds.
    I thought your rooster on the dish towel turned out super. I like that it is simple and red.
    Great couple of finds at the flea market.
    Have happy Thursday.

  3. Vee,
    I think you should keep at least that sweet little nest nestled in the jar, charming! I too have been saving for the birds, the robins and cardinals are back and I have seen them busy choosing nesting spots so I'd better set out their building materials soon. I'd better run, I've company coming and here I still sit in my jammies and bed head! Have a great day!

  4. It's perfect...the nest & the jar!

    I've never thought of leaving goodies around for the birds to use...great ideas! I think I can find some little helpers to get a few things together.

  5. What a wonderful idea to help with nesting materials....my daughter teaches in small Christian school upstate New York...I'm sure the children will love this idea..just precious...You know...God does take care of the little birds..and sometimes we can help Him......Have a beautiful day..

  6. Great idea to help the birds with nesting materials.
    Going to give it a go with my kids.
    Greetings !!!

  7. Awww Vee ~ what a precious little nest!! I love the scale of it's smallness in the big apothecary jar! Just beautiful ...xxoo, Dawn

  8. Hi Vee!
    Oh, the time is coming for nesting! Yeah! :) The snow is melting so fast today, all the roads up here are like rivers.. Love the little nest.. we put out tidbits for the swallows to fight over. They are fun to watch and will come quite close to gather bits of straw and string.
    Enjoy the sunshine!
    :) Abbie

  9. Love your little nest! I had heard about dryer lint, but never thought about left over snippets of thread! Great idea Vee!

  10. Well, aren't you just the most clever thing! I love that idea! I know the birdies around here would love it! Thanks!


  11. Oooh...so pretty! You know how I love birds and nest...

    Have a great weekend, Vee!!

  12. Oh, that's so beautiful. I have lots of nests displayed in my home. I think they're a marvel of construction.

    Thanks for the idea, I've never thought of setting out nest kits. Great idea.

  13. Love anything to do with a birds, bird nests, bird houses, bird eggs, etc... Enjoyed this post so much. That little bird nest looks so charming sitting in the bottom of that glass container.

    I have a favoite shop in Cambria CA, called, "Nest Feathers", your photo reminds me of this shop is so many ways, just charming Vee!

  14. Love the nest in the jar! And speaking of bird's nest kits it always brings a smile to my face when I find a fallen bird nest in my yard and see that it was made with bits of my Golden Retriever Ben's fur. Have a great day! ~ Lynn


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