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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Way Back

Untethered by time, he sees us all. From the backwoods of Virginia to the business district of London...Vagabonds and ragamuffins all, he saw us before we were born.

And he loves what he sees. Flooded by emotion. Overcome by pride, the Starmaker turns to us, one by one, and says, "You are my child. I love you dearly. I'm aware that someday you'll turn from me and walk away. But I want you to know, I've already provided you a way back."
~Max Lucado

All I've ever really wanted to know, I learned to sing in Sunday School..."Jesus loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so."

Ever feel as if you're missing the mark? I do.

Ever feel as if you're falling apart? Yup, me, too.

Ever feel as if you can't endure even one more day? So do I.

Ever think that this (whatever "this" is) will never end? I hear you.

Ever wonder if God still loves you in spite of foolish attempts to hide? Do you see me now, God? we say as we peek out from behind whatever fortress we've erected.

Today, of all days, we know the answer. He loves us. He adores us. He thinks we're absolutely fantastic. He longs for us. How do we know? Because, while we were still hiding from Him, He allowed His one and only son to endure the cross for us. Why? So that we didn't have to pay the price that we could never have paid in the first place. Nothing we have or could ever do is enough to "earn" our way back to Him.

Today we remember what it cost Him to love us. Everything!

You must be somebody very special!!

Blessings to you today and every day!


  1. I wish you a blessed Easter, Vee.

  2. Hi Vee...Beautifully said..and all so true...Blessings for you and yours this Easter....Dee Dee

  3. I'll just say "Amen". Blessings to you today.

  4. What a lovely post! You are such a blessing!


  5. Great post.
    It's wonderful to know that Jesus loves us and is ALWAYS there for us if we only ask. He fills my heart with joy. How can I NOT be happyone!? :-)
    Have a HAPPY EASTER.

  6. Lovely post! Blessing to you today and Happy Easter.


  7. What lovely inspiring words. Thanks! Have a very happy Easter!

    Also, I love the little nest treats you had in an earlier post. I think I'll try those!

  8. Dear Vee, thank you for taking time to remind me of the most important thing I know. The love of Jesus! I'm glad to have made friends with you here in blogland. ~~Kathy

  9. Amen! Have a lovely, blessed and Happy Easter!

  10. Beautiful post Vee. Have a wonderful Easter!

  11. Vee,
    This post blessed my heart beyond belief. I'd love to read whatever book the Max quote came from. Your post made me think of something, you are not only my blog friend but my forever friend, if we never meet on this earth I will seek you out in heaven. Amen and Amen to this Good Friday post. I will be a thief, giving you notice in advance, I am slipping over to my blog and adding this to my post as part of the Easter parade, this is Easter at its finest! Much love, Miss Sandy

  12. What a beautiful post, Vee!!
    Happy Easter to you and your family!


  13. Hi Vee! Thanks for the wonderful words and inspiration, what a blessing you are! I love the cup and saucer collection, my 92 yr old mom has a collection of about 100. All special and beautiful. Thanks for visiting my new blog, please come back for my future house tour posts! This is so much fun and all of you are so wonderful! Sherry (Edie Marie)

  14. Have a fabulous Good Friday and a wonderful Easter celebration!

    kari & kijsa

  15. This word speaks volumes of truth. I pray that every reader receives a touch of God's unconditional love. And...is challenged to seek out the true meaning of this Easter Holiday.

    Well written Vee.

  16. Love your post! Very meaningful ~ Thank you for sharing! Happy Easter! Blessings, Katie

  17. Lovely thoughts, thank you for sharing them

  18. Happy Easter, Vee!What a beautiful post. (Max Lucado is one of my absolute favourite authors.)

  19. I lovely beautiful post

    Happy Easter


  20. Beautiful thoughts Vee. Have a blessed Easter! Kathi :).


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