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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Before and After

Do you love before and after pictures as much as I do? Nothing makes me much happier than a before and after photo of anything. Got a garage to clean? I want to see a before and after. (Speaking of which, I'll be providing this myself just as soon as the weather warms a bit.) Got an eyebrow to pluck? No kidding, I want to see the transformation.

Sometimes, trying to talk someone into sharing at this level just does not work. Not two days ago, I was cranking away on a friend (Hi, Mrs. G.!) and practically begging for her to show me a before and after of her reorganized sewing room. She said, "Not bloody likely!" or something close.

On Tuesday, as many of you already know, Kari and Kijsa held an "Homage to Spring" and so many great bloggers participated. That's where I learned the following four things and I'm sharing!

For quite some time, I've been unhappy with the arrangement on top of the china cupboard. I've been playing with it since Christmas. This is how it looked yesterday before I employed #41 on Kari and Kijsa's list.

I am not very good at creating things on my own. Inspiration is an absolute necessity. Number 41 provided that for me...that's #41. ;> I didn't have old window frames, but I did have an old picture frame and that's close enough. Yes, I cheated again by lighting the candles. Candleglow always works, doesn't it?

Then I decided to employ #84's use of white silk flowers. Mary has single-handedly turned my thinking around on the use of silk. I'm afraid that I had become something of a decorating snob eschewing anything fake. Not anymore! Until the real thing is readily available, I'm happy to follow Mary's lead.

(Sorry that I don't have the before, but you can imagine it by removing both rabbits, the flowers, and the small pitcher.)

Not only did I gain an idea or two about decorating, I will definitely try #74 for my grandsons and #86 also for the grandsons. I just picked up some muslin for the #86 project and hope to work on it today. Number 74 is an Easter treat that is cuter than a button and sweet to eat. Kids of all ages will love them! You've just gotta go see what I mean.

Here's the link, once again, for Kari & Kijsa's Homage to Spring.

P.S. Oops, forgot to say that there are some great comments on yesterday's post about dreams. That's another thing I enjoy reading about so perhaps you do, too.


  1. Hi, I found your blog this morning and just wanted to say how much I like it. Such great posts and wonderful ideas. Please stop by and visit me sometime over at Nora Lee's Nook.

    Have a great day.


  2. Hey Vee...I think the teacups on the picture frame is so cool! Love it! I love all your vignettes...very romantic!

  3. It turned out so wonderful. Love the candelight.

    I love before and after's, especially the really dramatic ones, such as "Clean House". HA.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  4. I need all the decorating help I can get so I'll definitely be visiting that site later. I love the changes in your before and after photos. You combined the decorations beautifully.

  5. It is so fun to see how we are all so connected... I love what you did with your tea cups on the frame... yours look neater than mine...I just love that we can inspire each other...and each time .. each person gives their version a touch of them selfs...
    # 41

  6. First of all, allow me to apologize, Linda, for describing you as #41. That wasn't the best way to go, but it seemed right at the time. And then allow me to apologize for not leaving a comment on your post when I obviously gleaned so much from it. For whatever reason, I am not able to post on your blog...I've tried.

    Thank you for visiting me!

  7. I love before and afters too! The candles are a nice touch, especially when lit! I like both your before and after of your hutch and I spy glove bunny proudly perched in one pic! (he's so cute!)

    You are my very first official invite to my very first blog event! I am hosting an Easter Parade and am inviting you to attend, details are on todays post!

    Have a good day!

  8. Hi Vee...Love your before and afters..The cupboard top is lovely....Oddly enough I have something quite similiar going on with my flower pots...Stop by and take a look...Wishing you a beautiful day...Dee Dee

  9. I like before and after pictures too.
    I love the changes you made - really nice!!
    I change a few things around almost every week. It usually happens when I'm dusting. After I remove everything to dust I just put it back differently. I guess I really like change. :-)

  10. Hi Vee!
    I love before and afters too, I just forget to take the 'before' pic so I rarely post them on my blog! :) i love the height you have now on your cupboard. You are so clever at taking ideas and making them your own!
    thank you for the eye treats!
    :) Abbie

  11. It's so fun to try out ideas from other blogs...I love it! Good job, Vee.

    I had to laugh when our TV news guys were discussing dreams this morning...I thought maybe they'd been by your blog! One of them has a recurring dream of playing hockey with Wayne Gretzky.

  12. Hello there sweetie! I loooove before and after pictures, too! I especially like YOUR first after picture! What a brilliant idea with the frame and tea cups! I'm going to copy you....IF I ever get someplace to settle in! : )
    Take care!

  13. Very nice. I love what you did. Love the candles too.

  14. Jan, hope that you get to try this idea very very soon!

  15. I love before and after pictures too, but sometimes I prefer the wayyyyyyyyy before pictures...like before Mama got married or when my Grandmother was a college student at Winthrop University studying to be a teacher...yeah, I like that, too

  16. Sandi, is that a "no" on the brow transformation? :D


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