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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bargains and Bits

Melissa might be proud of me today. I decided last night that I would purposely not crank up the computer until noonish. For a while there I thought that I'd go bonkers; you know how it is when there's an upset in routine.

My morning was spent quietly listening to the sleet hit the windows while I watched Martha Stewart and then The View. I was listening more than watching since I was also busily organizing my recipe notebook. Notes were added to each recipe and they were all placed into plastic liners. Fifty liners were not enough! So I'll have another morning of finishing that chore the next time I pick up another package.

Yesterday, I went shopping at two much-loved flea markets in my area. I wandered all through the first without finding a thing, but I had no sooner stepped through the door of the second when I found two items very reasonably priced. The first you'll recognize as I featured it not so long ago.

It's in ever so much better condition than my grandmother's piece. Obviously, Nan has played "Feather Your Nest" often. Perhaps this selection is not so rare as I first believed...the price was two dollars. (I'm chuckling here.)

Also found these...

One can't have enough custard cups, in my opinion, and these are vintage Fire King. (BTW, Zanne, Fire King is the answer to the question that you had about the green jadite bowls atop the refrigerator in that vintage kitchen back along.) And the price was right...ten dollars for four with forty per cent off. Can't beat that!

Here's how the dishtowel turned out...quite simple, but I'm pleased with it.

I promise that this is the last pincushion that I'll show you...maybe "promise" is too strong a word. This is for my niece whose favorite color is yellow just like mine. It's made from a yellow bandana...ninety-seven cents!

Lastly, on a personal family note, my baby grandson took his first step a few days ago and promptly sat down without trying again. Yesterday, to everyone's surprise, he took off walking for real. Here's proof!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


  1. Vee,
    I'm back! Pop over and see the very special post just for you!

  2. Hmmm...it looks like you had a productive day!

    Yay, for your grandson! Those first steps are such a milestone...and soon you won't be able to remember the time when he couldn't walk!

  3. Congrats on the walking cutie! I need to pop over and get the info on making those pin cushions, I need one too!

  4. Your little grandson is so cute!!! I wish I had one or two - I gotta get some kids married off first (hopefully in that order!). You did a good job on your rooster - he looks very sassy the way he's standing! Thanks for your well wishes - I'm doing a little better today. It keeps coming & going, but I hear that's how alot of folks are faring this year. Hmmm... wierd bug going around. Vickie

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  6. Oh Vee..he is SO CUTE!!! Love all your finds and I love the pincushion...it looks like a lil punkin.

  7. He is so cute. I love the pincushion....Smiles

  8. I LOVE your pin cushion. Show as many as you want! I plan on doing a recipe file for myself soon. It's kind of hard...since I don't cook all that much. But I DO have some recipes that I truly like and would like to organize them. You should see me when I try to make mac and cheese...it takes forever before I can find the recipe that's stuffed in a box with a bunch of other ones that I never use. lol
    Your grandson is so sweet...I'd forgotten the thrill of a baby starting to walk. You made me smile when you reminded me.

  9. Big day in the life of a baby! Time to move all the breakables up a couple of shelves! I love your pincushion, too. And the tea towel is adorable. Beautiful job!

  10. Vee, sounds like an awesome day. Great finds! Hurray for your wee grandson...next thing you know he'll have you worried sick on some motorbike..

  11. Vee!! How wonderful, your grandbaby's first little steps!!!! I love your pincushion by the way and you should show about a thousand more I think....and can you believe you found that sheet music??!! Thank you again for taking the time to send my mine, it was so sweet of you! I love all of your treasures...xxoo, Dawn

  12. He is a cutie. How old is he now?

    We had picture day with baby Eden.
    I am looking forward to her toddling around.

    Sounds like you had one of my favorite kinds of mornings.

  13. Oh so glad you got that picture of him! That really rarely happens! You did so much today that I feel tired...and I never tire of the pincusions...my great granny used to make pincushions just stuffed tight with hair...she said it sharpened the pins better...she's the one who taught me to run the diaper pins through my hair to sharpen them! Wise women our grannies (great or other wise) don't you think?

  14. Your grandson is a cutie patootie! And I am so proud of you! Yay! Jumping up and down for joy and happiness that you tried disconnecting during normal blogging hours! :-) You said for awhile you thought you'd go bonkers, but I hope that after you got used to the idea you enjoyed it? A little? In any case, you organized your recipe notebook and that is a great achievement. I do not have one so I need some help. Call me next time and I'll send mine over.

    Happy day (and yes, you can NEVER have too many custard cups, I agree!)


  15. Hi Vee..I love looking at your blog each day and I do so appreciate your kind words when you visit my post...Your little grandson is so precious and adorable walking...My new grandson has just turned 3 wks yesterday..
    Love the little pin cushions ...

  16. Your grandson is going to be a man who does things only as it pleases him. Good for him to have made the big decision to walk. He knew he could do it all along. :)

  17. Thank you for all the sweet comments. Jakey is 13 and a half months old. I don't know quite why news of his walking gave me the familiar "pang." The-baby-is-walking realization I guess.

  18. And that's the way to do it! When he's ready! :-))))

  19. Good for you for stepping away from the computer! I really love that dishtowel! Yay, for your grandson taking those first steps!



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