Saturday, July 24, 2010

John's Story

Not wanting you to worry a second longer, I thought I'd better tell John's story.

He told me right away as he arrived dripping, his arm up in the air, and his face gone a bit ashen that he was always told to keep his ar*se behind him when working on any project. He didn't. He decided to hack a small green twig from a bush with his jackknife. Somehow he lost his footing (I'm sure that it was easy to do since he was not following orders and was at an angle.)

At first, he was quite convinced that we could just pull the whole forearm (left) back together. I didn't think so. The wound was bleeding a lot and was quite long and deep. We got it cleaned and wrapped up the best we could, stuck his arm in a plastic bag, and headed for the ER. Have I mentioned how queasy I get when other people are hurt?

The ER did a great job of seeing him quickly the first time around. They bandaged him up and the triage nurse said it looked like inner and outer stitches to her. Then we sat around in the waiting room visiting with other nice folks for two hours until I, observing that John was deep in conversation with another gentleman about the state of current affairs and was unaware that he'd begun to drip on the furniture, went back to the "welcome window" and suggested that they might like to see him now.

After all was said and done, John has six staples that look as if he attacked himself with his own staple gun. No antibiotics, no pain meds, no nothing but "see you in two weeks." I've often called John "numb clean to his elbows" to which he responds, "Is that a nice thing to say to a nice man like me?

Though after he answered the question about pain know the one...on a scale between one and ten, what's your pain level...and he had responded with a "1," I'm pretty convinced that he may actually be numb to his elbows after all. They should have asked me what my pain level was. I'd have said "about an 8." Pounding headache, serious back pain, and great anxiety...

So he's fine. Really. He's just fine. Wants to get right back to ripping and tearing and doing what he loves best. Thanks for your prayers because I'm pretty sure that those staples need to come out before the two weeks is up.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Clouds Rivaled the Views

This was it—our one day away in a year. It was a beautiful day, too. The clouds were as amazing as the views. (This reminds me of a friend who took nothing but cloud photos while in Rome...ha!)

No, no, I have more photos and I will post some the next time I get a chance.

(As for the computer, the modem was fried from a transformer blowing a couple of weeks ago.)

Nan is coming home tomorrow from a two-week stay in respite care. I want two weeks in respite care myself, I'm thinking. (Bet John would like that, too.) We've been terribly busy and John hurt himself, and I've lost Hospice care for Nan so there's a lot going on to talk about over the next few days if I find some time.

Am in fond hopes of visiting you, too. I've missed you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Computer Woes

Catch you as soon as I make it through my current computer woes. Obviously, the power outtage we had a few weeks ago caused more damage than first thought.

Take care now...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

April – July Posies~Mosaic Monday

Simply documenting the year's posies so far...

May~white bleeding hearts
June~ Bolero lilies
July~ Purple wave petunias

and a few leftovers including ground cover in the center called "Everlasting."

Enjoy the mosaics this week!

Forget to Communicate?

Hebrews 13:16 is such an interesting verse. One can pick it apart or take it on face value. Depending upon which version of the Bible one uses, the meaning can shift a bit.

Today, I want to chat about the King James version because of the word "communication." In other versions, that word often shows up as "share."

But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased. KJV

Ever forget to communicate? I do. All the time. I know. You're shocked. Truth is, communication is one of the first things to go when I'm feeling stressed or tired. I just clam up. Case closed. The end. So I appreciate the King James version if I take it on "face value" (without studying the etymology of the word "communicate") and am reminded not to forget to talk, share, encourage, and communicate. I'm also glad that God knows that it is a "sacrifice" because that's just how I feel about it in times of weariness of body and soul. Let's not forget, too, that even the touch of a hand is communication.

I only have one chalkboard and I've been trying to decide its next message: Communicate, Share or perhaps "Be Sweet" will cover it all.


Blessings to you...

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