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Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July Preparations

We are hosting the family's 4th of July celebration. I love to host. It's a challenge with Nan not feeling so very well, but it's much easier for her to be home. As I've explained to her, we are not going to allow old age and infirmity to dictate whether we gather together. Period. The family is helping, of course. That's what families do.

Both John and I have been quite busy. If hosting, I wanted the steps to be painted...both sets front and side. We've been "spoken to" about our lack of a house number so John set about fixing that.

There! A house number and soon another larger one will be on the garage. This was a set that my sister purchased while she was here. Lucky for me, her house number doesn't match mine so I inherited.

I love astilbes. A lighter pink one hasn't yet bloomed and you can be assured that when it does, I'll be showing it.

This was my best deal of the past few days. I love having a tablecloth for the umbrella table. This one is a fabric, not vinyl, and the best part was that it was on sale for $2 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They had lots more and lots of variety. The cashier asked, "You understand that this has a hole in the center? Lots of people bring these back when they realize that." LOL!

Gotta have some bubbly at our party.

Just liked the "new" light on the fence this morning. Made the lobster buoys pop.

I made a teepee for the grands.

I apologize for being a bit ditzy about color coordination. It's not my strong suit. :D Now, I've got to get busy baking lawnmower cupcakes and tossing together a killer potato salad.

Hope that all your preparations are going very well! How are they going?


  1. Have fun with your family this weekend! We are going to visit my husband's brother and his family. I told Mike we need to buy smoke bombs and sparklers for his nephews. I don't know if we really will but both bring back memories of my childhood 4th of July celebrations.

  2. Oh, our plans are coming together. Yesterday I worked outside nearly all day, shopped for groceries and flowers, and was so happy for the lovely evening to sit and enjoy the progress. Today I will clean the house and then the company begins coming. We'll have overnight guests from afar. Oh, we are so excited here at Hospitality Lane.

    Now, I am thinking, though, it is good that we do have plans or else I would be sorely tempted to crash your party. Did you say lawnmower cupcakes and potato salad? Hmmm....tempting.

    Have a great one, Vee and John!!!
    Enjoy those Grands!!! They will love the teepee.

    Becky K.

  3. Lawnmower cupcakes? You have no idea what I am imagining as I write! How lovely the family are all desceding on you - I can't think of a better idea, and your home is looking beautiful, Vee. Have a very Happy 4th July!

    (I have just returned from a shopping expedition with mother - looking for cooler clothes for her for summer. I need a nap in a darkened room.)

  4. You seem to have it all under control. I'd love to see your potato salad recipe. I'm always up to try something new.

    Have fun!

  5. Love, love, love the teepee. Can I come to your house? Have a great time. and do tell......what are lawnmower cupcakes?

  6. You love to host!!! Then you "have it made" already!!! :-)

    "we are not going to allow old age and infirmity to dictate whether we gather together. Period."

    *Glory-osky* yes!!!!!!

    Everything will be lovely. No doubt about it. :-)

    Happily, here... It a much more casual gathering of family [on *"The Compound"]. Those who want to, swim in our pool. Everyone makes something to eat. Crock Pots will be employed to do deeeeeeeelicious Ribs, for one thing. All very casual, and eaten in the middle house on the *"The Compound," 'cause they have the new baby and other kids, and it's simpler. :-)

    But sturdy paper plates, etc., will be employed. That's my rule. No way #10 should have dishes to do, for hours and hours, at the end of the day.

    Happy 4th of July, my Dear!!!

    *"The Compound"... Since there are only 3 houses on our street, and all of them are owned by family, we call it "The Compound." In a joking way, 'cause it's NOT like the "Kennedy Compound" of old! NOT!

  7. It sounds like your plans are coming together just wonderfully. I love how you have given the place a bit of a spruce up for your guests. Love the teepee.
    Have a wonderful party.

  8. PS ..We went down to the states last night for some mexican food ..and just couldn't get over all the fireworks to buy on every parking lot .. .oh what a lot of fun. We're pretty much banned from fireworks here. . except of course for the town get togethers.

  9. It looks like you're going to have a wonderful 4th of July. I'm adding my question to the others - lawnmower cupcakes?

    Happy Independence Day!

  10. Hope you have a great Independence Day!

  11. Happy fourth Vee! We are not going to be hosting anything at our home so I am doing fine with prep this year! Just putting a few things together for church, but they are easy.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Lawnmower cupcakes?? I am intrigued. Surely you will post a photo of them, won't you? :-)
    Your new tablecloth is so bright and cheerful. Was the cashier serious when she made that remark about the hole in the center? Too funny.
    Your astilbe is a mot beautiful shade and looks lovely with the tablecloth photo.
    How sweet of you to build a teepee for the grands.

    Have a wonderful time celebrating with your family.

  13. Have a fun party Vee!

    My hubby has not been feeling well lately so we are spending a quiet July 4th holiday at home.

    The beaches will be packed around here and the traffic horrendous. The Macy's fireworks are uptown this year on the Hudson River, instead of downtown on the East River, so we weren't going to go anyway.

    My husband will probably watch soccer and baseball games on TV as he did today, while I finished reading a book. I have a big stack of new books form the library so I'm all set! :-)

  14. Hope you have a lovely celebration! What a steal on that tablecloth. You can't even purchase fabric for that price!

  15. your neighbors must love all the eye
    candy you provide them.

    we certainly do! how cute of your
    grandson to tell you what a special
    day you gave him.

    those are the golden moments.

    and take it back, what you said about
    my other place of abode. :)

  16. I have been reading all your post. I see you had a wonderful 4th as did we. Have a blessed week...m.


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