Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lovers of the Printed Word

Cozy Corner

Fioré loves a good book

Especially if it's in the sunshine

Sarah prefers a newspaper
also in the sun...

Long ago, July 20, 2009, in a post titled "Sarah Plain and Long" (and often confused with my views on S*arah P*alin) I promised that I would share if these two gals ever learned to get along. They didn't. It's mayhem and bedlam here most days. I'm always grateful when they settle down with some reading material.


  1. I'm not a cat lover generally, but I think I like these two :)

  2. I love cats and these two are adorable. Too bad they haven't accepted each other.

    My Tidbit absolutely hates Georgia's cat. All of the other animals are friends with him....but she makes the most atrocious sounds when he is outside the window.

    Becky K.

  3. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...these pictures prove that! Wonderful shots Vee.

  4. Good morning Vee,

    Thank you for your kind words. My Mom is at peace now and with her loved ones again. While missing her I'm so happy for her.

    Hugs, Sherry

  5. By looking at your photos, it's hard to believe that these two don't get along. They look so peaceful. Very cute photos.

  6. Awwww... how cute! Victoria's new favorite place to sleep is on the Lazy Boy, where I also like to sit. :)

    This post reminds me so much of our beloved Sasha. I don't know why but she loved curling up next to books (which can be found everywhere around here).

    Unlike her petite sister (Storm), Sasha was rather... ummm... fluffy? So her long fur combined with generous amounts of flab made it rather difficult to read if the said book was in my lap and she was curled next to me.

    We miss our two furry girls so much but thank God everyday for bringing us Victoria. The furry members of our family are gifts from Above.

    Beautiful photos!

  7. Beautiful cats! I am a huge cat fan and always owned a white long haired Persian of sort or the other while growing up. We have two adopted cats and they get along famously, I hope your will soon learn to love one another too! Have a great weekend!

  8. I am a cat lover and I love, love yours! Darling!

    Mermaid Debbie

  9. What cute shots. You are excelling in your photography these days my dear. What a cozy two!

  10. Oh, that is darling. I love cats and these pictures are so cute!

  11. How I'd love to join "pussycat" and curl up on your welcoming chair and read! Sounds refreshing. But not for me just now...I'm off between meetings! So "hasta luegito!"

  12. I'm a book lover also. And I think you have my Mom's chair! I have it & had it recovered a few years ago. Not so sure about the cats...aaaachoo!

  13. Hi Vee, I am a cat lover, too, and I think your cats are beautiful! Great photos! Our cat is really independent and doesn't like anyone but us, so I'm sure she wouldn't get along with another cat in the house either.

    Thanks for your visit and nice comments. Have a great weekend!


  14. I love this post, Vee! What is it about lying on books and papers that cats love? I get the lying in the sun part.....
    I spend a lot of time around here "cat watching". They never fail to delight and entertain me.
    We have 5 irrepressible young boy cats....nuff said. Since they are all on the same wavelengh, they all get along.

  15. A cat's life is so sleep and look elegant.:-)

  16. As my mother once observed: There are girls we like, and girls we don't like. Girl cats just are upfront with their opinions; that's why we say a girl is being "catty" when they are letting their true negative feelings show.

    Both of them are EXCELLENT posers. My Tigs and Hart would approve!

  17. Aww.... I loved seeing your cats. Charli is just learning to get along with our other grand dogs when they come to visit but if they stay over night, forget it!


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