Thursday, August 18, 2011

Candles and Cream, Et Cetera

My absence around here — hate it! Apparently, my addiction to Blogdom is every bit as bad as I suspected so being away is even tougher than I thought. I cheer myself by saying blizzard weather is coming. ☺

Have I exercised? Only if one counts partially cleaning two houses, mine and his. His is now ready for a new tenant; mine still needs a sewing room straightened and several trips to Goodwill. Today and tomorrow I'll be walking, though. Really. Would I lie? *Gwen, don't answer that. Speaking of Gwen, if you haven't seen her post about our meeting just one week ago today, *here's the link.* My suggestion is that if you have any illusions about me at all that you'll not visit.  Do.not.go. No, no, it's okay, please go and see why I need to push myself away from this computer screen and do something.

Did I start the new diet?  Yes. Monday. John, too.  We're starving. Please send M&Ms. STOP.


Seems as if I have unfinished business...let me check my file...oh, yes, *Becky* sent John and me two wonderful candles. Wait, I think they're just for John because the card says, "In my humble opinon John puts up with so much blog craziness that he deserves his own candles." He puts up with blog craziness? Are you kidding me? Look at'im! He loves every minute of it.


Aunt Ess and Uncle B were over the other day bringing along Aunt Em and her dear high school friend with whom Aunt Em had reconnected about twenty years ago way before Facebook. Pretty cool. Anyway, they came bearing gifts.

Two per cent milk and cream in glass bottles with a special cap there. I'm so happy. (I have a wee bit of cream in my one cup of coffee a day.) I was a little concerned about the 2% until I learned that it's only twenty extra calories a cup. (We usually use our milk allowance on yogurt.) My Aunt Ess purchases these bottles so that she never has to use plastic for lemonade or ice tea or any beverage that she stores in the fridge. I love that idea and see that nice grip on the side of the bottle? It's going to be so easy!


In other news, because I don't have enough unfinished projects going, I'm starting a new afghan. I think it'll be the Pretty Flower pattern from Free Granny Square Patterns from Tip Nut. It's pretty and  it's for beginners. I might stand a chance.


My Patch of Blue

 Have always meant to show you who holds the patio door. It's not the cat; it's the bear!


And now for the best part, and it's not the lantana: I can bring this ridiculous post to an end and skip off merrily to  read blogs. Wait, I've got to walk first, but I'll be back and I'll be visiting you!

*Gwen and I had a little discussion about poetic license. Do you use that technique? Someday, I'll explain a few times when I have.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Finding the Sea

I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
~Joyce Kilmer

Right. You may remember what I really think.

After meeting with Gwen and Mike, we had errands to run in Portland at Borders and at The Christmas Tree Shop. Completing those, I asked John if he minded finding the ocean. This is not as easy as it sounds even in our corner. We knew that we could go to nearby parks, though I had already taken pictures of them many times over. Off we set.

I tell you what. There are so many trees in Maine blocking the best views. Trees. I love them. They are lovely. But they are a dime a flippin' dozen and I want to see things in addition to trees.

With many false starts and stops, we managed to find Ferry Beach. Would you believe that we had to walk through the forest to get to the beach even there? Oh my!

Over the river and through the woods and under the road we go...

until we glimpse the sea...


Ordinarily, I would be linking to Mary at Little Red House and participating in Mosaic Monday. Though I am linking, I am not participating as I have a new blogging policy in effect until I get myself under control. This means that I will neither be posting nor visiting in Blogdom as often as I would like. Things are a bit lot out of control with computer time and I must behave myself.

Thank you for reading. You are so appreciated. This is not goodbye. It's a one, two, skip a few, three, four skip some more...

Until next time...

Love Vee