Thursday, August 4, 2011

Turkey Feathers State Quilt

My goal for the Irish Linen is to create a State Flowers Quilt as seen at Vicki Haninger's blog Turkey Feathers. I've been gathering my free patterns and have done two of my own state flower. Let us not discuss what the Maine fathers were drinking thinking when they decided upon a white pine cone and tassel as the state flower. My first attempt was on muslin. I can't find it. Anywhere. So the second attempt is on a scrap of the Irish linen turning out as you see below—unironed and unwashed to remove the embroidery pencil lines. It's destined to become a pillow.

I've already whipped up a quilt on my Photoscape program alternating between my embroidery and a piece of brown transferware for contrast. I am planning to embroider two five by five panels with each of the 50 state flowers featured. I'm unsure about actual size of each panel...perhaps 8x8 inches.

This will be my evening work through autumn and winter. To see what it really should look like, visit Turkey Feathers.

Just a reminder that the Ramsign contest closes tonight at seven. The winner will be revealed tomorrow!

ETA: Cleaning out some email when I discovered that my mother had sent me this Jacquie Lawson card called An American Sketchbook.


  1. Very cool Vee! I have a fifty state quilt that my MIL Verna put together years ago with each state it's bird and flower. Now I'm wondering if it was made before we had 50 states...
    I'm thinking Hawaii might not be part of the quilt. Time to pull it out and check! Enjoy...

  2. I love it! I've watched Turkey Feathers show her beautiful state flowers and always wanted to make one! Maybe I'll attempt something this Fall, too! ♥

  3. Beautiful! I have that pine cone thingy on my embroidery machine card. In other words, I could just pop it in and thread the machine and go and sit in the garden and have tea with you while we discuss ladylike things not including shimmying.

    I had not thought of dehydrating the apples. I am not sure if we can even get them here. Must go and investigate because load 3 of the apples are cooking as I speak and they will be staying in that pot. The mountain remains on the counter, the trees are full of apples and I can't let it all go to waste......

  4. Oh how beautiful...I must get my thread and needles out again when it gets cooler...this is just great

  5. That will be some quilt when it is done. A great fall/winter project. xo

  6. It's going to be a beautiful quilt Vee and will surely keep your fingers busy this fall and winter. You will have to show us your progress as it goes along.

  7. Lovely project!!!

    Now-please-drop-everything-and-come-over-to-my-post-of-today! -grin- I assure you, you will... Have a grand old time!!! -giggles-

    And don't forget to give me your thoughts. Don't chicken out now. ,-) First, second, and third thoughts, even.

  8. I've admired Turkey Feathers state flower embroidery project, too. I'm looking forward to seeing yours emerge. Lovely linen.

    I'm not even THINKING about fall projects yet. But they keep intruding.

    I made Raspberry Muffins last night - finally.

  9. Not just the women pictured in my post. You have to go and look at the link to his blog. And see how that strikes you!


    I only pictured nice looking women. A bit over done perhaps, but nice looking. Moreeeeeeeeeeeeee is on the blog! -grin-

  10. That will be a wonderful quilt when you are finished!

    The practice one you did on the scrap of linen will make a fine pillow - this has given me great ideas for Christmas gifts!


  11. You have an awesome quilt planned out! I love the color scheme you have in mind and the idea of using the state pine cone, I mean flower within it. =)

    It takes such patience to create something so lovely and I know it'll be a perfect keepsake!

    I can't wait too see it finished.

  12. That will be an amazing quilt when you're finished Vee! Great fall/winter project too. Hope you'll share the results as you go along! :)

  13. What a wonderful project it will be.... beautiful.

  14. This is going to be a great project to work on when the weather is cold! I can't wait to see it finished Vee.

  15. Lovely project. Good start! We'll be looking for progress reports as time goes by.

    I like the pine cone & tassel...looks good on a quilt square anyhow!

  16. Vee,
    What a wonderful project. Don't think I could do it. I love the unironed look of the muslin, by the way...

  17. What a wonderful idea Vee! This will be a nice project to work on through the months. Maine's state flower is perfect! I love the "forever" stamsps the post office sells that have pine cones photos on them.

  18. The quilt is going to be stunning. I love the colors and design. I am also in love with your teacups and new header. I was not at the beach, but in Montana with is just God's country up there. Pictures will be ensuing I am sure from both of us. We still have three more days together.

  19. Lovely quilt, Vee! I love all those browns. Now get busy and whip it out!

  20. Oh I love that! Now you have me intrigued and I need to go to check out all the patterns :-)

    Beautiful and I kinda like the wrinkly-soft look :-)

  21. It will be lovely, Vee...I love to have something to work on during wintertime evening hours, in front of a big fire, a warm blanket and a cup of hot tea...
    Winter is my favorite of all seasons and I can.not.wait for this one to get here. It's been an unpleasant summer for us out here in Texas.

  22. It will be lovely....and won't seem too overwhelming as you take one square at a time, and, as I think about it, not boring either as each state will require different colours and embroidery...

    Can you tell I am in the midst of a slow and boring knitting project???



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