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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pot Luck Post

Last night when suppertime rolled around, I had nothing suitable save eggs and turkey bacon. When I suggested it, John promptly declined. He countered with...plug your ears...pizza. Pizza?! Is he for real? I shot him such a withering look as to make the most hale and hearty of hubbies blanche. He seemed properly chastened. In the end, we ordered two chef salads with dressing on the side. That way, we had turkey, a hard boiled egg, and veggies. It was far better than a pizza might have been. I shudder to think of all my hard work going down the drain for a measly pizza. The thing is, John has only ten pounds more to lose, give or take a few, to be in his goal zone. I, on the other hand, well, let us not go there.

Here is the Mountain Laurel pillow I made for my daughter. It bears her name. *That's right, I named her "Mountain." ; ) I dispensed with the CT. I was at Joann's night before last and didn't find anything that I considered right for working up the quilt. I've got to start doing my research. I see that Vicki is working hers up on her kitchen counter. It looks great, too. (**I'll be popping in a better photo of that pillow just as soon as I get it tightened up a bit.)

That? Oh that's the photo I decided not to use.

** Another picture of the pillow in slightly better light. I keep wanting you to see that windowsill because of the vintage candlestick I found in one of those many boxes we unpacked. I love it!

The button? While tightening the pillow, I managed to pull the linen resulting in a tiny hole...hence the button.

This was John working on the vent yesterday afternoon. We have the power company coming soon to install new wiring from the pole to the house. I believe that John is planning to have a buried wire. Oh joy unspeakable!

The sky has been so blue and the weather so fine that it's hard to believe that we're under a Hurricane Watch for Sunday and Monday: Hurricane Irene. I find this somewhat amusing since Irene was my nan's name. Anyway, it'll all be over by the time you next hear from A Haven...

The morning glory continues to make me happy. I can't believe how it's taken off. No, no, this is not one of those nasty, invasive monster morning glories that takes over a yard and can't be killed. This is an annual that won't make it through the cold winter. I will be planting another next spring, though. It has been that much fun. Even my photographer neighbor has been over taking photos. She brought me an entire set of the prints. She says her camera has a flower feature on it. Hmmmm...

It is not often that I make a movie recommendation, but if you've not seen Temple Grandin, please order it up on Netflix or get it from your library. It is an incredible true story. I can't wait to see it again. I can not recommend it highly enough. And that's all I shall say about that.

Until next time...

* poetic license strikes again


  1. That picture of the morningglory is divine.

  2. You make me smile...

    The morning glory is beautiful. I cannot get them to grow. Sadly.

    Please hunker down and be safe Sunday and Monday.


  3. Vee,
    Love the morning glory. The flower and blue sky match. I am trying to post no more than three times a week. I need to get off my butt! Hope Irene goes away....

  4. Okay Vee, first things first, If Mr P had suggested Pizza, knowing me I would have beat him out the door. I am glad you have more will power than me!! ~smile~

    Your pillow is so pretty, and delicate, great job!!
    And I gasped!! when I saw John up so high just like I will gasp!!! today when dh goes up on a ladder to check everything before Irene decides if she is visiting or not.. These two guys never cease to amaze me.
    There are not enough words to say how beautiful your Morning Glory is . That photo should be on a postcard!.
    Well as usual I have written a long letter~lol~.
    Enjoy your day!

  5. Vee! Your Heavenly Blue Morning Glory is gorgeous! That is my favorite one! Stunning!

    I love your humor - Miss Mountain must have gotten a lot of teasing when she was in school! ;)

    Why is it that the guys can just drop weight and we struggle so? Meanies, I say!

    It will be interesting to see just where the storm goes...we are doing a few basic preps, like clearing the deck, so chairs don't go flying around the neighborhood!

    I hope the weather settles down into a lovely Autumn by the time I come to Maine!

    Is there anything from Lancaster County I can bring you?


  6. You are a stronger woman than me,,,I would have broken down and had the pizza and then regretted it. Good for you!!

    Love your morning glory. What a pretty color.

  7. You are so talented. Wish I could make pillows like that. The morning glories are so pretty on the mailbox. I've always loved them. They are so old fashion looking.

  8. Another lovely pillow and the photo of it on your chair next to the window in the evening light is so peaceful.
    I tried not to look at John way up there on that ladder and instead focus on the gorgeous blue sky.
    I am green with envy over your Heavenly Blue morning glories. I planted them from seed this year. The vines have grown and grown and grown, but not a single flower to be found. I'm completely puzzled by this. Did you plant yours from seed?
    I noticed the new little graphics with the butterflies. So cute.
    I've never heard of the movie, but will be on the lookout for it.

  9. -chuckle- A while ago, I gleaned your daughter's name, from another place. And I was so proud of myself. "Tickled pink" I was. And now...... She goes and tells the whole world! -pout- ;-)

    Lovely pillow and lovely pics of it too. Especially the second one. It has that lovely, soft, cozy look to it. Home... Home... Home...

    No pizza for John. ;-) But what about when he has reached his "goal"? And what about after you have reached your "goal"? Will pizza forever be off both of your plates?

    What will happen when you *just have* to have a pizza? Can you have 2 slices (each), and throw the rest out?

    Life Style Change... Have 2 and throw the rest away. Without *guilt.* :-)

    Wishing you well, with what remains of Hurricane Irene, when it reached you. And me too.

    Take pics of flowers, before it gets here! They may get beaten-up, with rain/wind. -pout-

    Gentle hugs...

  10. Temple Grandin is one of the best movies I've ever seen. I'm so glad you like it and are encouraging others to watch it.

    The morning glory is gorgeous.

    John is amazing! Look at all that beautiful work he's doing AND he's not afraid of heights, either. I would never make it up that high. (On the other hand, my husband jumped out of airplanes and loved it.)

    It's always wonderful to find your posts.

  11. I love morning glories but never planted them for the reasons you stated. Now that I know it is an annual, I might have to plant some next year. xo

  12. Yippee...its one of those "Vee posted!" Days.
    Everyhing everyone else said: Think the embroidery is wonderful, think John is brave, love his patriotic ladder, will be so jealouse if your house lines can go underground, admire you turning down pizza, (portion control is darn near impossible with those things), I am adding non invasive morning glories next year, glad your neighbor has the flower setting (lots of point and shoot cameras have that setting and it is an absolute must have!), my husband is in South Carolina over the weekend, Irene will be his second hurricane adventure, and the weekend after this one my son and dil are flying to Maine for a wedding. Wish I was going there too..100 degree record breaking weather here in SLC.
    We both named our daughters after the same botanical bit...Laurel and Laura, which means Laurel. With our last name of Spriggs, I hesitated to make her name the proper plant name. My DIL. wants to use a flwer name if they have a daughter some day. Hope such future possible child wouldn't get teased because of it.

    Had to type/talk fast to get it all in before you leave again...or at least that is what it feels like knowing you are only "here" now and then!

  13. You crack me up! I'm sure Mountain will love that pillow! Ahh the lure of pizza, especially when you can pick up the phone and have it at your house within 45 minutes...sigh.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. HA! Love the poetic licence. Good for you for sticking with the "new way of eating" - pizza can be a sticky trap.

  15. Vee, I love seeing your posts on my sidebar. You make me smile and laugh out loud (LOL). We often have a salad with egg and maybe a chicken breast bbq'ed and cut up on top. Very nourishing and easy on the diet. Irene is supposed to make an appearance here too. Oh my. I hope you are safe from the storm. Hugs, Pam

  16. We have been enjoying salads sooo much, using the different dressings, like the ones on my giveaway.
    Mr. Sweet makes the salads..he does it so much better.:)) We have some of the best cucumbers..I have to take a Pepcid before eating them, but I do it, I enjoy the cucumbers and NO HEARTBURN. :) Seems all the veggies have been so good this year..
    Glad you stood your ground against the pizza. We both LUV it and it is hard to resist.

  17. Oh my i think pizza gets a bad wrap. If you put veggies on it and not meat it is good for you. (and if you only eat one or two pieces) I would die without pizza and as you know i eat it all the time!!

    Your morning glory vine is gorgeous!!!
    I'm going now to put the movie in my Netflix queue.

  18. Well Vee
    You are sure keeping busy with your linen pillows-very nice. I love the idea that you made lemonade out of the lemon (hole) instead of crying over spilled milk!

  19. I love that pillow! Even the button looks great - though I know it's not something that you had planned on using.
    The flowers are smashing too! What a lovely blue and they look so healthy.

    Mmmmm... pizza. I'm supposed to be trying to "eat clean" *snort* but I just made mini banana muffins and chocolate chip cookies. Hmmmm... Not all that clean eh?

    Praying all will be well in your neck of the woods!


  20. Hi

    Loved Temple Grandin!!! So did our Flyboy (22). Good for you and your will power - you go my friend. Remember I'm your cheerleader

    Gimme a V
    Gimme an E
    Gimme another E
    What's that spell?


  21. even though you don't plan to post again, till after Hurricane Irene has passed you.... Will you please consider even a tiny post, sooner? So YOUR Dear Readers know you still have power, after it goes by? And are still OK?

  22. Congrats on talking him out of pizza :) Great work on the pillow...we have a daughter named Lauren - pretty close! I just saw Temple Grandin - it is a wonderful, heart-warming movie. I have to tell my morning glories to get going! I have lots of leaves but only a few flowers so far. I love that shade of blue.

  23. Huh? Say what? What did you say? P-i-z-z-a? That's all I saw, lololol. JK.--- The pillow and the flowers look wonderful!!! Blessings--stay safe with the approaching storm. I can't tell you how many close--never mind..Katrina was the last one. We learned a long time ago, not to take it for granted.I will be quiet now. (slinking off my box now)--- BLESSINGS

  24. I've never heard of the movie...but am taking note! Thanks.

    I quite like your daughter's name. We have a niece by that name as well.

    As for the fare on this grand camping trip we are on...it wouldn't adhere to your current menu guidelines, I'm afraid. Hot dogs, bush pies, smores, walking tacos...and lots of ice-cream! I'm really hungry for a chef's salad.

  25. My brother and his wife have met Temple Grandin in real life at a support group, Vee. Her story is is very inspiring!

    I love your pillow and I'm sure "Mountain" will love it too! ...lol!

    I am getting very worrid about this hurricane ... we are suppoesd to take a direct hit in my area. We are in NYC flood zone "B" but those in zone "A" are being told to get ready to evacuate -- 250,000 people! The mayor announced that all the nursing homes, and there are many, are being evacuated in Coney Island as the storm may flood badly there.

    Stay safe --let's hope and pray the hurricane veers off to sea!

  26. The pillow is lovely and the button is ingenious. I have used buttons in the same way, LOL. The morning glories are, well, glorious! I planted several at our other home and had them trained up poles. I'd love to try that again, but we have a total lack of shade in the front yard and they do not do well in totally blazing southern sun.

    I hope that you weather the storm OK! Button down those hatches!

  27. Congratulations on being strong enough to resist PIZZA!! My Louis Dean only has 10 more pounds to go as do I. We have to use all our willpower to resist hamburgers and onion rings!

    I LOVE love LOVE your patriotic ladder I spied in your pic! I MUST paint mine!! Or at least ONE of mine! LD was up on a ladder today as well.....

    Stay safe with all the weather happenings. You know, my middle name is Irene.....and I mean you no harm!

  28. That morning glory is fabulous. I'll have to plant one next year.
    Good for you for sticking with the healthy meal - pizza would have been sooooo tempting.

  29. Love the pillow. How wonderful for Mountain to have something personalized like that. Hope she doesn't mind the Laurel part... ;)

    As for your morning glories... whatever! They don't even look real. In fact, how are we to know that we aren't being duped? I've never seen blue like that in REAL life!

    Blessings, Debbie

    Blessings, Debbie

  30. Morning glory is gorgeous and I like the button...add a few more =) Glad things are going well. John always makes me nervous with his escapades YIKES!

    Can't wait to see the new window...funny how things like that matter. Open windows during a gentle rain...too perfect =]

  31. Your morning glories are gorgeous!! Maybe I'll try planting them again next year ... just haven't been able to find the right spot. :)

    Have a lovely weekend! I hope you escape the worst of Irene. xo

  32. Hello Vee - Your hand made pillow is lovely. Your daughter will be so pleased to have it! I agree with you that "Temple Grandin" is an amazing movie. It must give such hope to parents of autistic children. It's definitely a movie worth watching.

  33. The pillow is pretty and I am sure you would never know why the button is there. Clever idea.

    Thinking of all you East Coast folk with the hurricane forecast. I know what they are like having been in the middle of one in the Gulf but thankfully got to shelter off Cuba.

    Thank you for your many comments. Finally getting some time to visit but for how long is a guess as Oliver comes to stay again on Monday!!!

  34. I've written your movie suggestion on a piece of paper and plan to order it..

    Your pillow with the sweet little button looks so pretty and the candlestick in the background..looks so serene.

    John is making me shake.....I'm afraid of heights..

    I love your morning glories.....
    Hope the weather is good to you.....

  35. Once again, sheer beauty! I planted the same Morning Glory on my front porch, all vine, no flower?

  36. I was thinking pizza sounded pretty good too but you have a lot more will power than I do. I love the pretty morning glory. Have a nice weekend.

  37. Be safe as the storm heads your way. Your "pot-luck" posts are my favorite. You seem so at peace with life. It is such a breath of fresh air. =)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  38. Just wanted to drop by and wish you a nice and safe weekend. I'll be praying for you and all in the path of the hurricane. Stay safe! Loved your post.

  39. I love that Morning Glory ..so lovely. thinking and praying for you in the next days. ..hoping Irene takes a sharp right turn soon.

  40. Gorgeous Morning Glory and a fine photo. I hope you all are safe and sound. I trust your taste in movies gonna order Temple Grandin.

  41. Just stopping by to see if you survived Irene! Hope all is well in your neighbourhood.

  42. Thinking about you Vee and hoping all has well after the hurricane. Take care.

  43. Hi Vee,
    I love the pillow! You did a beautiful job and I like the button placement too...LOL
    Your morning glory is so happy! They are one of my favorite flowers.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  44. Just checking in on you and John, Vee, hope all are well and safe from the storm.

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  46. I hope you and your family were all safe from Hurricane Irene's fury, Vee. We were very lucky --no flooding or power outage in my neighborhood. It is so sad to see the devastation elesewhere :(

  47. Vee...are ya'll ok? Hope you didn't lose power...or flood. Let us hear...

  48. Thinking of you and hoping that you and yours are alright after the terrible storm.

  49. Your morning glory looks sooo gorgeous! I have one growing around my mailbox but I'm afraid it just hasn't gotten enough water this summer.