Friday, August 5, 2011

RamSign Winner

And the winner of a beautiful baked enamel house number sign from RamSign is...

She says she likes the Lighthouse Style. Let's see what that one is...

Oh lovely!

Okay then, this gal lives on Hospitality Lane.

Congrats, Becky! Just as soon as I have your permission to forward your email addy to RamSign, it'll be a done deal.

Thanks to everyone who participated and most especially a big thank you to RamSign for the kind offer.

(It's a Nonni day so I have no idea when I'll pop up again. Have a wonderful day.)


  1. Thank you, soooooo much! I am very excited!!! Thanks to RamSign too!!

    I can just envision those numbers on the front of our house. I'll blog about it when they are up.

    Enjoy your Noni day.

  2. A hearty congrats to Becky!!! Have a wonderful Nonni day!

  3. Yay for Becky. Have a fun Nonni day!


    A question -- How do you pronounce "Nonni"? With a "hard" O? Or with a "soft" O? :-)

    Gentle hugs...

  5. Congratulations to Becky! Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Vee. I love that your grands call you Nonni. Enjoy the day with him (or them). :) xo

  6. Congrats Becky!

    I really like those address signs!


  7. Congratulations to Becky! Have fun with those darling boys, Vee!

  8. Hey Nonni! Have a fun day with your grands!

    Congrats to Becky - looking forward to seeing that neato sign on her house!

  9. Congratulations to the lucky winner.

    Have fun with the grands..:))


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