A Haven for Vee

Monday, January 28, 2008


Tidying up loose ends here by returning to the humble house tour. I believe that I was going to show you the office and the bedroom. This won't take long so don't run off now.

Here's my office. It's disgusting. I can't keep it organized no matter what I do. Apparently, even my family is concerned since I receive lots of little gadgets and helps for office tidying whenever my birthday or Christmas rolls around.

What's up with that chair? Yes, I can see that you're all wondering. Well, I do have a beautiful chair for the desk, but it is the least ergonomically correct chair ever, much worse than the wicker one that you see there. So here's the beautiful chair serving its new purpose...holding LLBean bags and such.

The next photo is of the office of my dreams. I think you'll be surprised on two points: The first is that it isn't tidy either and the second is that it is not yellow. It must be all those books I love or maybe I really do enjoy chaos. No, it's the white woodwork again! I'm sure of it!

In my hometown, a large Edwardian home with a turret and a carriage house sits on a corner lot. When I was growing up, I always wanted a tour. Lucky for me, friends of mine bought the house and I did eventually get "the tour." I was disappointed to find that the turret room served as a storage room. I always wanted to see it used as a master suite. So, if I ever have the opportunity to own a house with a turret, hahaha, I want my bedroom to look like this...

Not so long ago, I posted a photo of my own bedroom here on December 30...look for a sleepy cat.

And so that ends the humble house tour. When I actually attempt the wonderful suggestions and tips that so many offered, I'll be sure to show you how it turned out.

Happy Monday!

Edited to Add: This was in the early days of blogging and I am appalled that I made no attempt to document sources. Nevertheless, I am making the decision to allow it to stand. I now know that Google Images sends out a "ping" representing every time an image is taken. All the owner has to do is follow the source. It's probably time consuming, but I've not heard from the owners of either of these fine photographs. If I ever do, I'll link properly or remove as the case may be. My apologies for my early ignorance.


  1. Good morning Vee! Honestly, I think that every home office across America looks just like yours. I know mine does so that's at least two.

    I agree about the books. Books just make an office special in my eyes. I clicked on the link that includes your cat and I think that post was the first day I ever visited your haven.

    Lovely stuff. You give me lots to dream about with your great inspiration photo choices.

    - Suzanne, The Farmer's Wife

  2. My books and other things are not too bad here...but it is papers, receipts and bill paying stuff that seem to accumulate on my desk. I wait so darn long to do anything with them....

    I find a small credenza or filing type cabinet very helpful to house things; letter writing stuff, some books, etc. ..... gadgets are usually worthless..too small and become mess in themselves... I have some book holders of the standing variety for some books on top of the credenza too.. as well as pair of cute old fashioned bookends... oops... and more...on the floor under the ends of it for more books and magazines that I absolutely won't get rid of.

    love the turret master suite....

  3. Well, you can add our home office to the list of disorganized ones. As long as YOU know where everything is, right? I love the turret bedroom. Oh, that is beautiful. Have a great day!

  4. Vee,
    I'm not the tidy office type either! I like a lived in look! I'll have to post a picture of one of my desks. I have two, one in the house and one in the writing cottage. The one in the house looks rather lovely but looks can be deceiving! The front folds down and inside chaos reigns. Everyone thinks I am a neat freak and my daughter just loves to give them a tour of my desk. It kind of, um how do you put it delicately, spits up, when you open it.

  5. I have my computer out in the family/library room so I have to keep it kind of neat because it's out in the open. My husband has his computer next to mine. I also use my monitor for watching Netflix. (No TV)
    Your master bedroom dream looks wonderful!!

  6. Hello darlin'! I'm home from my little adventure...just catching up! Loved the home tour! I don't think I would be brave enough...my little home is a mess right now! *lol* Take care!


  7. I think your office looks just fine...rather comfortable looking. Your bedroom looks comfy & cozy also...so just enjoy!

  8. Oh, I'd love a turret room, too. Why don't you insist they do the room justice??? I was laughing so hard when I saw your office...I have a rattan chair with a blue cushion and the ergo chair sits anywhere but under my butt!
    I loved the tour, too...can we do this again soon?

  9. Hey Vee- at least you have your office all in one spot. My "office" happens to stay strewn out all over the kitchen cabinets and dining area. My family thinks that the cabinets and breakfast table are the perfect spot to drop whatever they are carrying when they come in the house!

    It's the white woodwork... Vickie

  10. I love the books. I love books and have them everywhere...Smiles

  11. Hi Vee...at least you have a desk! I am still trying to get my own workspace so I can get all my projects outta the kitchen! Actually I don't think yours looks messy at all....

  12. Wouldn't it be lovely just to have a room for a messy office? Alas mine is regulated to the great room, just a desk, with guess what? A wicker chair, with a comfy pillow to sit on :]

    I am partial to the stacks of books too!

  13. You guys are sweet to say that it doesn't look that messy. However, I spent two hours on it last evening and I am still not done. I think 30 minutes of that time was spent on shredding. I need to get back to my FlyLady ways stat.

    I wound up placing one of those organizer centers on the small table against the wall. This created an "L" workspace so my hope is that it'll be more efficient. Now if I get my folders labeled, things will really be looking up.

    Sandi and AWWI, I knew that we were kindred spirits...all of us sitting on wicker or rattan chairs? Too funny!