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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Time to Get a Grip

I woke this morning late. I had a good reason; it was my second waking. I had been up between 3:45 and 4:30 to snowblow the driveway. Sis is on duty today at the maternity ward and there's no telling babies to wait for a more convenient day. Four o'clock found us bent to the task of shoving over 14 inches of snow somewhere else. Exhausting! I think I heard a collective neighborhood hallejulah when I shut the snowblower down thirty minutes later.

So back to bed I went and off to work she went. As I lay there in my cozy bed, I felt as if it could be one of those days. A day to spend entirely abed in truly hedonistic fashion, but, as you can see, I resisted the urge.

I marched right down those stairs and straight to the shower. I even remembered to moisturize and then I attempted to get dressed. Wait a minute, wait a minute, I seem to have gained twenty-five pounds since last I wore these pants! And these are my fat pants!! Oh-oh...this means war. I am so not eating those last three peanut M & M's.


  1. Vee,
    Thanks for the lovely snow pictures! I'm feeling a bit gulity about the rasberry filled donut sitting here with me right now - I think the donut has the stronger grip today!

  2. Hehhhhhhhhhhh... There seems to be a lot of that "going around." Noting a larger number on the scale. Or a tightness of some waist lines. Etc.

    Time to get serious! Etc. Etc. Etc.

    And then ~~ There is this cute entry! -giggles-

    Nahhh, I didn't really send you there! Nope, not me! I'm not the culprit! -evil giggles-


  3. Mmm-is that contagious, because I think we caught it! But those m&ms still do look good! Here's to New Year's resolutions!!
    Wanted to wish you a wonderful, prosperous, safe and healthy New Year! Here is to a fabulous 2008!

    kari & kijsa

  4. Leaving those 3 M&M's right there is a good start!!

  5. I don't even WANT to get on the scale after this past Holiday Season......jeez!!

  6. Those m&m's won't be tasting so good next year...just get it over with and eat them! (I think I just need company since I'm still working on the candy bowl that's sitting on the table.) Actually, you deserve much more than 3 teeny m&m's for clearing the driveway at 4 in the morning!
    By the way...I love your snow pic's. The new camera seems to be working just fine!

  7. I've been doing the snowblower thing too but certainly not at 4 in the morning. Gosh woman, you deserve those M & M's. I've heard that operating a snowblower burns 1,500 calories and hour. Ok, I'm just making that up but eat them!!!

  8. just discovered your blog and wanted to wish you a beautiful 2008! karri : )

  9. You are not fat...you are a Titian Beauty as are we all!!! Happy New Year, and merry snow blowing!

  10. Awwww, go ahead, eat those last 3 M&M's. They're just little fellas who won't hurt a thing! After you eat them, however, no more until next year! *lol* That's what I tell myself anyway!
    Oh, I remember the days of digging out at 4:00 a.m....hence the move to Arizona!
    Have a lovely day!


  11. Nice to find you all here as always!

    Thank you, Sandi, if I had a million dollars to spare I'd send you a check today! ;>

    Thanks, Judy and Zanne, for permission to eat those little buggers. I ate them and chased them down with some chocolate kisses. I'll get to the end of this holiday food some fine day.

    Hi there, Karri, thanks for stopping by!

  12. Oh, more permission! Thanks, Jan!!

  13. My friends and I always say, "break your yummies (or whatever your weakness is) in half, that way all the calories fall out." No guilt! Best wishes for a wonderful 2008! Vickie


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