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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wildflowers of New York 1921

Taking a weekend break from the humble house tour to chat about a different topic—specifically, the book you see above.

As you know, I am a blog nut. Love other people's blogs. Love to see where they live, what they do, what they eat, what they create. I'm nosy like that. Very. Don't leave your curtains open at night if you don't want me peeking in! Although I comment at many, many blogs, some blogs are revered so highly that I seldom, if ever, comment there. Isn't that bizarre? I know. I am not well.

One of those blogs is Dawn's The Feathered Nest (another would be Manuela's). Recently, Dawn was working on such an exquisite piece (here) that I remembered a book that I had rescued from the dumpster twenty years ago or more. Now where was that book? I hadn't seen it in ages. After a good bit of hunting, I found it buried beneath scads of other books and the Christmas wrap in the bottom of my closet.

The following are a few photos...

They have faded with time, I would imagine. On many pages, there are penciled notes such as these:

Mr. Whittier finds these growing in his lower field from July through September August 28, 1931

Found growing along Crystal Pond on the north side. June 12, 1929

Orr's Island July 17, 1931

The photos needed to be straightened, collated, and generally tidied. Instead of reburying the book, it is now in an honored spot in the bookcase waiting for the day when my gears are turning instead of churning. I'd love to try doing what Dawn accomplished because it's beautiful and meaningful. Besides, didn't Melissa just recently say that art in the home should be just that...beautiful and meaningful? (Follow the blogroll to The Inspired Room and read the January 23rd entry.)

And, if I ever do attempt this project, I know that I'll need the product that Sandy from Quill Cottage mentioned here.

Sorry to interrupt the flow, but if you really want a nice bedroom tour that'll have you chuckling, visit Suzanne right here.

A relaxing Saturday to all and STAY WARM!


  1. "some blogs are revered so highly that I seldom, if ever, comment there." Well, whether it's bizarre or not, I fully understand.

    Some places are kind of rarefied. And they may already have a zillion comments. I can feel, well, scared off. {I know! Unbelievable that I can be scared off!~} I was like that with Corey for a long time. And with Merisi. But I finally got brave and commented. And low and behold, they are just like the rest of us. Warm and nice and happy to receive comments.

    See, I do understand. :-)

    But one of these days, I will NOT comment here! I will. I will. I comment all the time and my icon keeps popping up and up and up here. And it's like... over kill.

    So someday, I will not comment! But first you have to not make an entry which calls out to me! You gotta' help with this project. ,-)


  2. Vee,
    I love you old book! The prject you spoke of over at Dawn's woudl e a perfect prject for your pages. Thanks for the mention, I just found a new product yesterday, a bit cheaper at $3.99 per can, made by Krylon called Make It Acid Free. It comes in a small container but does the same thing. Have a great weekend!

  3. That book is a treasure, Vee! Whether ot not you use it in a 'project', don't bury it.

    I can certainly identify with your 'nosey-parker' traits! I love looking in people's windows at night...and helping them redecorate as I drive by. What fun!

  4. Hi Vee....love your old book...and I know what you mean...

  5. I love your vintage book of wildflowers! I have something similar from Homes and Gardens...I have actually had a couple of them professionally framed.

    Vee, I am so glad you visit me and leave comments!

  6. Vee, just popping in to say "thank you" for spending so much time reading my blog! That means so much to me. You've become a very welcome friend in my little corner of the blog world! I appreciate all of your comments and the nice things you had to say.

    PS - You asked a question about the gingerbread tree...Wilton kit from Walmart!

  7. The book is a treasure and I know you'll find just the right project.

  8. Vee,

    I think that book is incredible! And you found it in a dumpster! Now that is a great story! You can use that book however you want now since you have a great tale of dumpster diving in order to get it! Love that.

    Now, dear one, on the commenting issue. Even if you see 20 comments that doesn't mean the person isn't thrilled to see your name light up the list. You know how great it feels when your friends show up! Lurking is fine, understandable and acceptable (we don't always have time to comment the day away!), but I hope you will always feel you CAN leave a cheery hello if you want to, wherever you go. You make people smile!



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