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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Organizing a Life

Kits are wonderful ways to organize. I've been using the concept for a few years now and I can honestly say that it makes a big difference in how organized and well the home is maintained. I have had kits for everything and anything you can imagine, except for one, which I'll tell you about in just a minute. Even baking/cooking items are kept in baskets. It's wonderful to lift a basket from the cupboard knowing that everything I could possibly need for baking will be in there. I hate digging around for the can of baking powder.

This is a picture of what's behind the apron closet door. You'll be simply fascinated, I know.

Everything stays more or less organized. If it doesn't fit in this closet, it is stored on some basement shelves and I just refill the baskets from there. If you're not already doing something like this, try it, you'll impress yourself!

You'd think that with a system like mine, I would already have come up with the following idea, but, noooo, this idea comes directly from Brenda at Coffee Tea Books and Me where she describes creating a basket in order to keep her Bible, devotional readings, a pen and notebook, etc., at hand. Lightbulbs went off reading her words. I could do that; I should do that.

So that's the picture of my new basket with the items I've gathered. There is one that makes me grin—Living Sucessfully With Screwed-Up People by Elizabeth B. Brown. Why? I live alone. Living alone doesn't change the fact that I'm going to finish reading that book...lots of good concepts in there. A new Uniball Vision Elite pen and an empty journal with a picture of a black cat leaping over an alley from a rooftop to a fire escape were added. The leaping cat was so apropos given my current situation of holding-my-breath living.

Just another reason why I love bloggers. They spark me to try things I'd never thought of; they stretch my thinking; they inspire me. Now I'll just be off to see what God can do. ;>


  1. You're a very organized person, aren't you Vee? It looks so lovely, but I wouldn't be able to find a thing if my junk weren't jumbled together and tangled with twine...it's sort of how my mind works

  2. Looks pretty organized to me. My life is like a junk drawer sometimes. I try to have ONE junk drawer, but somehow I manage to junk up (is that a verb?) all my drawers! Love the new apron - very chic! have a good one (looks like you still have snow outside...) Vickie

  3. funny you should have an empty journal handy.... you could always make a page for the Overlooked challenge.... just for something to do. Kind of like a mini jump-start.

    I use lots of containers...I like mine clear so I can sort of see what junk ...erm...stuff I have in them. And ..yes..labels too.. at least that way when I am crawling over things in the basement storage space...I can figure out what the heck is in the containers....
    It is annoying to toss stuff though because I know darn well I will need something next week that I toss this Friday.

  4. We're definitely at the stage in life where we strive to get rid of more than we acquire. Why we have so many junk drawers and closets, I do not know! I LOVE the kit idea...I'm running to my kitchen as soon as I've finished reading blogs to start organizing kits!

  5. I wish I were that organized. I have to look for days sometimes for things I know I have but can"t find...Mary

  6. My organization looks a little different...I have a pull-out with all my baking stuff and another beside the stove with all my cooking stuff. (I'm thinking I should likely have a fire extinguisher also!) But I was at a loss as to where to put our daily reading material (as in your new basket), so I picked up a wire wall-mount basket that sits next to our bar and has all those goodies.

    I'm with you on loving all the neat ideas we can gather from our bloggy friends. I just don't have enough hours in a day to try everything I'd like to!

  7. I have lots of baskets and use all of mine but I've never made kits. What a great idea - I'm going to do that. Thanks.
    Today is ABC Wednesday and my B for today was Baskets.

  8. Hi, again Vee - in response to your question about boys... yes my boys did the "muddin'" thing, too, also with 4-wheelers. They pulled each other around on trashcan lids and ropes, too. My oldest has a friend they call "Speed-Bump" - they were muddin in a pasture at night and Blake accidently got run over by one of the trucks. Thank God that it was muddy and sludgy enough to only collapse a lung and not kill him. Why he was not in the truck I'll never know - and MY son happened NOT to be there on that particular night!

    I guess "you're a redneck if you have a friend called 'Speed-Bump'".

    LOL - Vickie

  9. As for me and Margo - well, SHE is the brainy robojunker - man, can she crank out those great ideas and projects - Me? I just stand back in awe. I'm more into collecting things to re-paint or re-do to put in my cottage. I love old vintage dishes, linens, quilts, and old furniture that I can repaint. I may go to Canton this weekend with my daughter. She wants to look for some foo-foo stuff for her room... (rather, fu-fu, whatever...) Vickie

  10. You are one organized gal! Love the baskets...I just bought another one today for all my bills....

  11. Very cool organization ideas. I never thought for instance, of putting all the baking supplies together in basket.

    I've been doing very good lately in the area of organization. I was actually inspired by the TV show, Clean House. I said to myself...I want the "after" version.

    And Vee - honestly, the last time I checked you couldn't live by holding your breath. Breathe, woman, breathe!!

  12. Gosh I wish you lived nearer. I am just getting rid of all my baskets with and without handles as I am tired of trying to keep them free of dust.

    Now how can Alan ecpect to eat my chocolate when he is going to save on having to buy me chocolate for the next month!

  13. "Speedbump" I'm still chuckling about that one.

    No, I am not very organized, which is why I need kits.


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