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Monday, January 14, 2008


Isn't this cute? I found it at the Catalog Card Generator via a really lovely blog called White Country.

As an update: my father is still in the hospital recovering from a stroke and from becoming toxic on medication. The toxicity was a completely unexpected complication that very nearly did him in. Things are beginning to look more hopeful and I want to thank all of you who have kept me and my family in thought and prayer. Prayer does indeed change things.

Can't wait to get back to blogging for real! (I've been trying to keep up with all of you!)


  1. It was so good to see a post this morning. I've been checking back regularly to see if you had left an update...so I'm glad there is some improvement in your dad's situation. Take care of yourself, Vee!

  2. Vee, Love the blog! I see you got a lot of snow too. Prayers for your dad! I will visit again!! Connit

  3. Peek a boo>>> hey there you are. Cute little notebook page thingy...

    sure hope your Dad has some better luck now that they discovered the toxicity. Poor guy. Damn doctors....

    anyway....it was great to see that you have posted a little update..and thx for stopping by to check things out at my blog during the past weeks.

  4. Love the card but love it more that you are back!

  5. I love seeing your visits, I do hope life will take a turn for the better soon, especially for your dad! And of course, YOU.

    Take care in the meanwhile!


  6. Happy to see an entry here!!!!!!

    And your list of things to do, sounds lovely. It will be fun for us. But what's most important is ~ that it's fun for and good for you. And I think it will be.

    Returning hugs,

  7. A nice surprise to see you posted today. :-)
    Your dad has been and still is, in my prayers as are you.
    Hang in there!

  8. Hi Vee...thanks for the update on your Dad..I will pray for him...nice to see you again...although I know you've been over to my place...

  9. Dear Vee, I am glad your father is improving. It must be a great relief for you and your family, and I hope he will grow more well each day. Welcome back, but do take a break if you need it. We will still be here and no one will forget about you...

    Hugs, Terri xo

  10. Praying for your Dad and for you also....Blessings

  11. Continued good wishes coming your way for your dad...

    Thanks for posting that link to the card catalog generator. Love it!

  12. WELCOME BACK YOU WICKED GIRL!!! I knew you couldn't bare to be away from us for long! So glad to see you back!


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