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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Who Wants a Snowstorm?

So some of you think that you want snow...well, I'm happy to oblige...love to send you some...all of it really.

Don't mind me, folks, I'll be stuck on Christmas through January 6 and, like most Mainahs, I shan't be taking down the outdoor decorations any time soon either. Hope to get to it before Mother's Day!

Speaking of mothers...this is my mother's old bicycle basket hanging out on the chippy paint fence.

This is my old sled leaning on the garage.

Look closely and you'll see a very confused woman! Nope, I have no idea who she is.


  1. It's been snowing for two days here. We gave up on snow a couple years ago and sold the snowmobile. DRATS. Your snow looks like that beautiful fluffy kind. Such a cute idea for using that bicycle basket.

  2. HOW did you get that first picture?!? So cooool!

    Love the old bicycle basket with red bow. You are so artsy. I am not. -pout-

    A reflection picture!!! I LUV reflection pictures!!! Oh if you do too, I'd love to point you to some, on the daily city photo blog thing. Oh wow, some of them take one's breath away. :-)


  3. Thanks for sharing your snow! I miss it terribly this time of year. Lovely outdoor decorations with the snow accent mmmmmmmmmmm.
    So you’re from Maine? I was a MA girl growing up. Now here on the west coast, in a high desert plattue, I miss the snow!!!!!!!

  4. Hey Vee!! I love your snow...wish we had some here in WA!

    Love the basket too...so neat that you have it!

  5. Snow looks beautiful but I'm glad we don't get much of it here where I live in Md. :-)


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