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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Changing Perspective

For the past several weeks, I have been enjoying reading blogs where rooms and homes are being discussed in thoughtful, articulate ways. That won't be happening here because I'm incapable of being thoughtful and articulate these days. Still, because of my fascination with the topic, my idea is to pull together a cyber portfolio of sorts where I can do a little dreaming and think deep thoughts about what would be my perfect home this side of heaven.

Norma Zimmer (she of Lawrence Welk's Champagne Lady fame)once wrote about her mother's ability to create a home anywhere. I like that thought and have always set about to make a house a home in short order. I remember my son's telling me within a week or so of moving from our former home to this one that the new house already felt like home. I should have asked him why exactly. What are the ways that change a house from a mere structure to a true home? Is it the decorative items? The way furniture is arranged? Color? Light? Aroma? The food? All of the above? I'm still exploring the idea of home and probably will be for the rest of my life.

For completely wonderful posts on this topic, visit Terri @ Wind Lost here. Terri is so good at explaining her reasons for admiring/earnestly desiring a style; and it's lovely to see the rooms that she has chosen to express her thoughts. Nor can you go wrong to visit Linda @ Restyled Home here where she and Matthew Mead are carrying on a conversation about changing perspective.

Changing perspective is a profound concept! You can't imagine how much I have thought about it over the past two days and have decided that I need to apply the idea to many areas of my life beyond decorating. Thinking about changing perspective in the home may become a metaphor for some serious life changes, but that's a story for another day.

Here is my changing perspective experiment. Linda or Matthew suggested turning the dining room table. Turning the table? That's it? Okay, I could try that. What a scary thought, though. LOL!

The table has always been set to run the length of the room along the length of the bay window installed last summer as you see here:

So, following the suggestion, I turned the table and it scared me. No, I didn't like it so much:

It just looked odd to me; I was all for turning it back when the thought came Just sit with it for a while. Okay, I could do that. I'd have more energy in the morning anyway. So I decided to wait. And this is how it looked in the morning light.

I love it! Why? Because I am able to move about in the space much easier; I can access the closet doors without any difficulty whatsoever. When two people are seated at the table (as is usually the case), they are in closer proximity to each other while still enjoying the view. This is altogether more cozy. The room now appears more expansive on the dining room end since the table goes "against" the length.

So see what you can do in your home today to change the perspective. You may be surprised!

Follow me right over to *Zanne's* where I happen to know that she'll be serving cake!


  1. Vee- I like the change - is the new year? is it because spring's coming? I, too, have been looking for a new perspective. Maybe it's the time of year. Out with the old, in with the new, or something like that! Vickie

  2. First off! Your Subject Line scared me. -pout- You've been introspective for a while now and
    "Changing Perspective" had me worried that you were leaving blogging maybe. Or something less drastic, than leaving. But still, something which would make your blog be less of what it has been.

    Yeah, I'm old and I don't like big changes to be sprung on me, out of the blue. What can I say? ,-)

    But wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! You aren't leaving us. You are simple doing some great sounding thinking and using your blog, to help it along. Well, maybe that's not how you would describe it, but... That's my quick take, from just reading through this entry, quickly. {Hey, I did have to make sure you weren't gonna' go and leave us!!!}

    Bravo! for fascination with a topic. And Bravo! for finding a way to deal with it. Especially the joint topics of 'the perfect home' and of 'changing perspective.'

    And as long as you are sharing links to decorating stuff, which is fascinating you now.... Well, you just knew I'd have one to throw into the mix too, didn't you? Yes you did!!! ,-) So I won't disappoint you! ,-)

    Corey!!! I am fascinated with this lady's blog. And with the snipits of her decorating, which she shows us. And she even lets us as questions and then she shows us! How great is that??? :-) Like here and here. And her bathroom re-do pics are coming soon.


  3. Btw, I am not expecting you to want to jump right into Corey's decorating. I can't either. I just LUV looking.

    And yes, I will go look at your links too. :-)

    Btw, when I started my last "9 page comment," it would have been the first one today. But of course, during the course of writing my "9 page comment," Vickie slipped in and beat me. ,-)


  4. Amazing how a change of perspective can improve the view!

  5. Change...yes, it's scary and difficult. How wise of you to "sit with the change" for awhile.

    AND .... OH MY!! Look at all those aprons. You simply must whip up a recipe and win one of mine for your collection.

    Do you remember the passage in Cross Creek where Marjorie wonders about the couple who were living out in the open under a live oak tree? And the man who was living in a corrugated metal container, making a "home" the best he could?

  6. I see what you mean vee. :-)
    I do change things in my house around a LOT though. Yesterday's change just didn't look good. I have a small house and I think I've had everything in it in every possible place.
    I have fun with my house. I love it and all the things I've collected through the years. My daughter tells me my house is my art.
    I like small cozy filled to the brim houses, where there is no room for anything else which is just like my house. I love anything old!! My house makes me HAPPY! :-)

  7. Yaaayy!!! I am so flattered that little ol' me can actually inspire someone into "changing things up" and what a great change it is, from your description and photos. And those aprons...that is EXACTLY how I want to display mine, so you have inspired me, too! Your home looks so warm and cosy, and I would also love to know what made your son feel instantly at home in the new place. We have tended to move alot, so any advice to get that homey feeling quickly is great advice, indeed...

    Thanks for your kind comments,

  8. How did I beat Mari-Nanci! :o)(I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks she is so "wordy". I have never been accused of being succinct and to the point! Wish I could be tho...

    Being tagged is not so bad, Vee, as it caused me to laugh out loud at myself remembering and usually that's the funniest thing of all! I'm going to check out Corey, too, at MN's suggestion - take care, Vickie

  9. I developed this aversion to having all my furniture pushed up against the walls years and years ago. Then came the need to put furniture at different angles...the "unexpected" angles. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but I (and I know this is going to sound funny) have come to realize that the freer I am in moving things around in my home, the freer I can feel in moving things around in my life. It helps me to realize that change can be good and, at the very least, change can help me to look at things from a different point of view. It helps to be able to "see" things in a different light, both literally and figuratively speaking and both in my home AND in my life.

    And now I think I need to go move some furniture. lol It may BE time for a change for ME!


  10. Vee,
    Can I join you on your journey? I thnk I need a change of pespective also. I can't twirl my table around in the nook without poking one end out the open window so I'll have a look see at what I can shift and get back to ya! Have you ever visited Southern Hospitality? She has great ideas too.

  11. So what does this tell you about me...my furniture always stays put! It's perfect just where it is...so why change it? Yours was perfect too...and now it's even better? Maybe I should try to move things around on occasion.

  12. I have a "well rounded" perspective already....

    my dining table is round !! ..hahhahahah ...... should I go clockwise or counter clockwise with it? .. lol .....

  13. Bumble Vee, you ARE funny! We have a round table too. Not much to be done with that!

    Vee, I know what you mean about wanting to "change it back" right away. Bravo to you for letting the change sink in a bit and then discovering that you love it! When I decorate (fancy word for setting out knick knacks) I always remember the things I learned as a theater major...odd numbers, angles, varied height. I also get the urge to rearrange furniture a few times a year. It's a cheap way to feel like you've gotten new things...seeing them with a new perspective! Take care!

  14. I love the way the table is now! Those aprons! Love them hanging there!


  15. Vee, you are brilliant! Your table arrangement does look a whole lot more spacious and I am as surprised as you were! I like the idea of it putting people closer together to chat "across the table" too! You are so smart!

  16. Oh, and thanks for the nice stuff you said about me. You are so sweet and lovely!!

  17. Ah yes...yes...now imagine if you took that way of thinking and applied to other areas of your life..(such as things you cannot control)...but just changed the way you are looking at it...scary but very exciting....do I see a rainbow from behind the clouds?..yup..I think I do!


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