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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Winter storms are so labor intensive! I'm already exhausted by a cold and now the clean-up after the storm. Oh well, one must have grit to live in snow-laden places. After all these years, I really ought to get some...grit that is.

Who cleans up after the snowstorm in your world?


  1. In MY world there is no snow...only RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd love to have some of your snow...we've had a few dustings of less than an inch but what a disappointment....

  2. Hello Vee, I am sending you warm hugs....wow, what a beautiful winter wonderland you live in! Where I live in the Ozarks we usually just get a dusting of snow...tomorrow we are expecting about 2 inches. Stay warm my friend, make a steaming pot of soup or a cup of hot chocolate and dream of spring! Take care!
    Warm Pie, Happy Home

  3. The storm missed us yet again. The one good thing about snow in Washington DC is that they handle it badly and life comes to a halt... a complete grinding stop if it's more than 4 or 5 inches.

    If it snows 8-10, I know I'll be snowed in and I love knowing I'm stuck home.

    We live down a very steep pipestem that branches off into two driveways. The man who mows our lawns, comes and plows us out. Until he does, it's hot cocoa and a good book!

  4. Well, you won't believe this, but I am still waiting for snow. I stand there... snow shovel at the ready... ear muffs, toque, scarfs, mitts..big boots.. winter parka... just wistfully looking out my window......waiting......waiting.... sigh........ NOT!!

    Most place in Canada we are used to plenty of snow, lots of shoveling and cold. We grow up with it and it just seems natural I suppose. However, this year in Calgary we have had hardly any snow... no cold either to speak of. Yesterday it was a wonderful balmy day.. if it wasn't for the old patches of snow that has not melted on the shady areas.. they could probably have opened some of the golf courses. I was tempted to put the battery in my bike, fire it up and go for a ride... although there is some old ice still in the cul de sac. Would have made it interesting trying to hold it up just getting to the main street..hahahha...

    I guess global warming is really here... or perhaps it is a 100 or 200 year phenomenon or something. No snow and cold for us this year so far, but, Mother Nature is known for her warped sense of humour...we will probably get some... sooon......and it will then last til about....oh, uhm.... end of May. Once we got 17 inches of snow in mid may.. St. Patty's day actually. Nobody went to work..we couldn't get out of the garage.

    The wind was gale force last night, got no sleep at all... and they were calling for snow with it. But, this morning... ... a brilliant, sunny-with-blue-sky day.

  5. Okay, now I would be piled up in a big old chair with lots of quilts, a good book, a teapot and plate of tea biscuits and be set for a few hours. Those pictures are so pretty and make me cold all at the same time! Did I say it already, but welcome welcome back...missed ya

  6. Vee, you need a tractor and loader! I must admit I never shovel snow (sidewalk, maybe)...if you live on a farm you have a machine for everything.
    Your snow pic's are beautiful!

  7. I love to have a "dusting" of snow...but it doesn't look like it's going to happen here this year. We get a good snow once every 2-3 year.
    Don't forget to take care of you!


  8. Some years we don't get enough snow to shovel, other years we get lots. When we do I am the one who does the clean up. I like to shovel snow, but probably would get sick of it if I had to do it a LOT.
    So far this year we've only had one snowfall.

  9. I should BE so freakin' lucky as to get a snow storm. I know you're not happy about yours, but it sure looks lovely to me.

  10. We don't clean up our snow, we just let it melt! That first picture on this post needs to be on a Christmas card, loevly!

  11. "Who cleans up after the snowstorm in your world?"

    Mick and the boys. Well, the young man and those other young men who work for him. They cut lawn in summer and plow our driveway, in winter. Son next door snow blows a path from his house to ours and around the side of the garage, to the side garage door. Big garage door and side one, are how we enter and exit, in winter months.

    I DECREED some time ago, that husband was NOT to do any more snow removal!!! If I had NOT decreed this, he would still be doing it. Unless he'd killed himself meantime. Men! Yish... LOL.

    Naturally, while he could {with out killing himself} he did everything.

    Hope the %^*&^*%$# cold gets all better soooon!

    Enjoy your little *re-break.* We all take what we need! Yeah, I have DECREED this too! LOL


  12. Chance would be a fine thing.... I wish we could have real snow like this now and then!

  13. Vee - we rarely get snow in East Texas - a little flurry or two MAYBE - a little sleet or ice occasionally. And we are so unused to it, that the schools and businesses just shut down and the local bubbas are going around the roads with 4x4 trucks & winches and pulling people out of the ditches! Ya'll up north would die laughing! But the last ice storm that blew through here quite a few years ago was enough to uproot a few trees trees and oh yeah, get this - my redneck boys were able to get on their 4-wheelers in their camo deer huntin coveralls and pull each other and their friends with ropes on my new trash can lids all thru our neighborhood ditches and streets and drives. How could I be mad at that! They had the best time ever and I just laughed and made them hot chocolate. We threw their wet clothes in the dryer when they came in and back out they went! It was too good to fuss at them. We could always get some more trash cans! GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!! Your snow is beautiful. WHy clean it up?
    Hope your dad is doing better - Vickie

  14. Oh, what a lovely scene! We have had almost no snow since November, just dustings. Last couple of days we had some snow, but it is melting. Calgary is sunny and cold, but I miss those big east coast snow storms (to look at, of course)!

  15. Iknow it must make life difficult but how beautiful it looks.
    Snow storms - it is very unusual for us tohave snow here in the south east. We have the Gulf Stream to blame for that. We d get the rain though and it has hardly stopped for days.


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