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Saturday, January 5, 2008


...and then there are those lips...disappearing lips. Well, not exactly, they're just slipping off to the right. No, have no worries, I do not intend to go on like this. It's just that sometimes my mind is filled with fascinating thoughts and sometimes it's as empty as the tomb. It's because I'm on overload, I hope. If it isn't that, I have more to worry about than I need.

This morning, I was up early, there was a little red glow in the eastern sky. So I decided to walk up the street and take a photo of my wee house nestled into the snow at the foot of the knoll, all charming and cute against the pines and the forest. I donned my big wool winter coat, my hat, my scarf, my boots and started the coffee knowing full well that I'd need some after my journey.

My intentions were good; they really were, but one can't wear gloves and make those tiny buttons on the camera work. I made it to the bottom of the stairs before deciding it was too dangerous to continue. Well, you can see why.

Have a cozy weekend, everyone!


  1. Brrrrrr! It's in the 50's here right now and I'm freezing! You stay inside and cozy today and enjoy the warmth!!


  2. Yikes...I didn't know it got that cold out there! But how would I know? We are enjoying a balmy +4C here this morning...a wet one though. Stay inside, is my advice!

    PS Is it ears tomorrow...or nose?

  3. I haven't stepped outside of the house since December 27th ... having a cold hasn't helped but I'll do almost anything to avoid going outside in winter. Thankfully my darling husband does the groceries. Have a wonderful year, Vee! ~ ♥ Lynda

  4. Hee, hee! Disappearing lips! Not long ago I noticed that the hair on my legs wasn't growing as fast or thick. A friend of mine told me, "That happens so we can use the time to tend to our new mustaches." A wild ride, getting older! I officially de-lurk today. I love your blog, Vee!

  5. OK, you can keep your snow if it comes with that temperature! Enjoy a warm and wonderful weekend.

  6. You silly girl and your eyebrow and lip issues! Of course, we all have them or similar ones. Especially us more "mature" women (i.e. not in our twenties any more, eh hem).

    How about a little break, Vee? Take some time off. Rest up. Clear your mind. It will do wonders, I promise! :-) Just kidding with you! You are hilarious!

    Have a great weekend,

  7. Those were the temps here the past few days, but today we're having a heat wave - 37 degrees!

    Oh yeah, the disappearing lips. I remember looking in the mirror one day and screaming, "When did THOSE appear?" Lots of vertical lines on my upper lip. "Oh yeah," said my friend Betty, "The dreaded puppet lines!"

  8. Very glad you got wisdom and scuttled your plans to trudge out in the cold and the snow and the ice and .... Well, all that nasty stuffffff. Save the pretty picture for better weather.

    Wisdom! Hey, you are too young to be "getting Wisdom." What's this all about?!? I, the Old One, am the one who is supposed to "get" and "spout Wisdom." -grinnnnnn-

    Stay warm and take pics around the house. Those artsy-fartsy ones like I took, of my decoration hanging on my lamp. -giggles-


  9. Oh my...stay inside where its nice and warm...and close to the coffee!!LOL

  10. Geez...good thing you weren't going all the way....I had visions of us having to admit that our breasts are in a rather amazing race to see which of them could reach our waist first...if they could find a waist... you know the scenario... who said that anyway? a friend o Oprah's?

    who cares. I am mostly happy with me but sure hate the whole aging thing. I hate the wrinkles the most. Probably 'cause I have more than most folks... have had for many years with a stupid syndrome called Ehlers Danlos. A lack of collagen fibers. I even resorted to some surgery waaaayyy back when I was only 43 to get rid of the deep furrows around my mouth. Could do with another tuck or 5 now....

    for your lips.... you could always get some Restylane injections along your lipline...... but they only last about 6 months ...and they ain't cheap.

    Hey, that is pretty cold...I was thinking Celsius and almost called you wimpy...but 0 F is -17 C.... brrr... you are cold.

  11. oh dear, hehehe you really are tired! So am I, maybe that is why this is all soooooooo funny!

  12. You discovered that if you click on a photo, it comes up, in enlarged version!! Even yours!!! Good for you!

    But did you notice that the pics in SideBar do not? Well, your lovely kitty did not. And I think I remember this fact, from other SideBars.

    Live and learn!



  13. Wow that's cold. You have a lovely blog.

  14. It got really cold here last week also. Blessings

  15. I would have loved to have seen that picture.


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