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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Which Flower Are You?

I thought my image needed softening. ;>

You are an Iris:

You are logical, analytical, dignified, and wise. You are studious by nature and may prefer books to people. You tend to be a serious person but are capable of making others laugh with your dry sense of humor. Friends always benefit from your advice.

Symbolism: Over the centuries the iris has come to symbolize faith, wisdom, hope, and promise in love.

Just so you'll know, I don't believe a word of it except for the preferring of books to people and I only half believe that. Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. OT but...

    Re: your comment on my latest entry...

    You don't have to look up that word! You _click_ on the link!

    Go look at the entry. See that the words {word 'merde'} show up in red? That means that they are a clickable link. And you are supposed to click on it. And be taken to another entry, which tells you all about what I said.

    Diff blogs pick diff colors for their clickable links. I just picked a deep red, for mine.

    It does show a deep red, on your computer, doesn't it? I hope so. But I never know what anyone else's computer screen looks like. When I had to use my d-i-law's, when mine had a 'nervous breakdown,' I was very disappointed to see how my blog colors came through, on her screen. -sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh- They look so pretty to me, on my computer. But not so, on her's. Grrrr..


  2. Well, there you go...I'm an Iris too! Don't be so skeptical about the books over people thing. I've been known to be in the corner reading a book at a party! That was fun. Thanks.

  3. On topic...

    This one says I'm a Carnation. {Others have said a Snapdragon} But I'm not energetic and I don't love being around a lot of people, in Real Life. "Rarely meet a stranger" is true now days. I was shy when younger. Now, if I want to talk to anyone, I do! ,-) And I guess I'm whimsical too.

    Mmmm... Oh well, what trips me up are some of the questions on these memes. I could answer 2 ways, but they don't give 2-answer-ok. Like after a baddddddddddd day...

    I'd not go out to a lounge for a Ch. Martini. I'd curl up with a favorite book. But I'd have made a yummy Manhattan with extra cherry juice and would be sipping it too. ,-)


  4. I am a Carnation:
    You are friendly, energetic, cheerful, and bubbly. You love being around people. Outgoing and talkative, you rarely meet a stranger. Others feel at ease around you because of your playful nature.

    That was fun!

  5. you are also a "serious person" ...and have a "dry sense of humour"

    ...and strangely.... I, too, am an Iris... hahahhahah

  6. I think this flower has you pegged!
    Did you know: That the iris also means "message"? Iris was the messenger of the ancient Greek gods and she appeared to mortals on earth in the form of a rainbow. The glorious arc was said to be the flight of Iris winging a message across the sky. She was fleet of foot as the blossom of the flower is short, and there are as many different shades and of the Iris as there are colors of the rainbow. We know the real message of the rainbow came from God and it is His promise not to flood the earth as He did in Noah's day. Vee, I think God's message to you is to hold out hope, look for the rainbow, His promises, in all sitations.
    Miss Sandy

  7. Oh, I forgot to tell you, according to this quiz I am a Lily. It says I am a bit shy - true and that I am pure of heart - Oh if only that were true! I'll work on that!

  8. Hi Vee!
    Oh, I think you are a gorgeous Iris freezin' your petals off just like me! ;) It'll be so nice when things warm up!

    ..."the the church pic.. just like the town in."...

    uh?? the above load of junk is what I just typed. No editing. I think I need a spa day! Thank goodness I proofread what I post!

    Have a fabulous week!
    ♥ Abbie

  9. I am a Rose....
    You are a Rose:

    You are creative, sensual, passionate, and bold. You pour your heart into everything that you do. Alluring and gifted with strong sex appeal, you very easily draw people in with your animal magnetism.

    Symbolsim: The rose has always been a flower heavily loaded with symbolism. In general it symbolizes desire, passion, beauty, and enchantment.

    How about that!!


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