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Friday, November 28, 2008

An After Thanksgiving Picture Story

Gotta get busy as we're doing it all over again at six tonight!

Hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and enjoy those leftovers.


  1. Whoa....love that chocked full refrigerator!! Doing it again??? Why are you doing it again? I love the photo of the table in front of the window. You have snow in Maine. We don't have any right now, the light dusting disappeared. I love the grandbaby too.

    The bad thing about going to someone else's house for Thanksgiving is that you don't have leftovers to nibble on for two days!

    Have a great weekend Vee.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  2. I'm just wondering where you are planning to put tonight's leftovers.

    I can guess why you are 'doing it all over agin tonight'...you have double the family now & double the fun!


  3. YUM, it looks like you have lots of goodies leftover for dinner. Tonight it is take out Chinese for us as we did not host so no left overs. Enjoy your celebration!

  4. Oh, I couldn't handle doing all of that twice. You are brave.

    So YOU were one of those who commented on Amazon, huh? Hehehe

  5. I'm glad your dinner was wonderful and ahhh the leftovers. The only reason (well not the only!) I host

  6. Hi Vee

    Awww ...such a sweet photo of your grandson asleep in your daughter's arms!

    I didn't cook this year so sadly I have no leftovers to enjoy. I always made soup from the turkey carcass and I really miss that.
    Hope you had a good "second time around"!
    Hugs, Pat

  7. I'm sick of turkey now. Gonna do a ham for Christmas lol...your icebox looks like mine...cept yours may be a bit fuller lol
    Hope all went well and you and John are just relaxing while you wait for the next round of holidays!

  8. My friends were meeting Friday night at 6:00 to at the left overs also after they shopped all day. Me I sent the left overs home with our Daughter and children(did keep a little to eat). LOL Hope your weekend was as beautiful as could be...m...

  9. Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving too. Your (real) table looked beautiful, btw.

    Now for Christmas...starting to decorate a bit today....

    Be blessed Vee...

  10. Hope it was wonderful and that you are well-fed and happy! We're supposed to get snow tomorrow. David put up the outside lights today, so I can't wait for the snow to begin...has it snowed in Maine yet this year?

    xo T.

  11. A beautiful picture story Vee, it warms my heart :)


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