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Monday, November 17, 2008


My head is just spinning. Perhaps it's ADD or some malady that strikes women of a certain age. Whatever it is, I know that I am restless and fidgety as if I need to get completely involved in something. There are a number of projects at hand, which I'd like to discuss this morning with you.

First up are my kitchen cabinets. I'd like to paint them and have been thinking about it for weeks. This week, it seems most urgent that they get done because I am hosting the family for Thanksgiving next week. NEXT WEEK! Do you think that I could possibly have decided to do this at a worse time? Please talk me out of it; John almost has. They've been this way for 14 years and it's looking pretty tired; I'd feel so good about having them freshly painted. It's just that one thing leads to another and the wallpaper would need to be refreshed since I can not afford to have tile or beadboard installed and then...

I'm still pondering colors. I like both these colors from Maine Cottage...

(As I have provided, at no benefit to me whatsover, a perpetual link to Maine Cottage, I feel perfectly justified in sharing these pictures. If you don't like it, don't look.)

Next are drapes for the front picture window. I got this brainstorm from visiting Dawn at The Feathered Nest just one too many times. Yesterday, while shopping at Lowe's, I picked up the painter's cloths and I'm so excited about the possibilities.

For another thing, we're pretty sure that the upstairs rooms should be closed off to save on heat this year. That will mean that the front room will become our winter bedroom so we'll need those drapes for this window.

The next project is the ongoing one of packing up my sister's things. This is where I really miss an old blogging buddy who would often comment, "WHAT? Those things would be on the front lawn by now!"

The above bedroom is the future home of my sewing, craft room. May it be so, Lord!

This all reminds me of the old joke about the little boy who finds a dust ball under the bed and reports to his mother that somebody's either coming or going. In our case, it's both!

Well, I'd better get started on something. It's not as if I don't have plenty to do!

Enjoy a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week, too.


  1. Woah. . .wait a minute. You don't want to start those cabinets beforer thanksgiving unless you have a quick way to do it. Have you thought about a finish that would antique them? It looks like they are yellow now? What about taking white paint and painting it on the cabinets, and then rubbing off leaving more around the edges? Oh shoot, I guesss I'll have to come over and give you a hand. .. .snicker.

    I love all your projects, I dont' think we have those huge canvas drop clothes here and I am very interested in them. I would love to make winter slip covers for my couches,. . just for a different look. I have slip covered couches before and said I would never tackle that job again, but it's a little like childbirth.

    If we don't hear from you in a few days, we'll be waiting for the photo documentation of your hard work.

  2. I would leave it till after Thanksgiving. But then, I am a woman too, and if I get a bee in my bonnet, as my grandmother used to say, I would be out with the paintbrush too!
    I love the yellow and red colours. Can you use the deeper yellow for the cupboards and maybe paint the wall paper? Hmmm. I will leave it to the experts!Whatever you do, have fun!

  3. Take if from me who always seems to start major projects right before a house full of guests- DO NOT DO IT! You will be exhausted and wishing you had never started it all. At least wait until after Thanksgiving and make it a goal before Christmas...better yet start it in January when you are really bored!

    If you don't listen to me, I understand. When I get my mind set on something no one can sway me! Love both of the colors, by the way!

  4. I agree with Lovella...don't start now what you can't finish by Thanksgiving darlin'! You just don't need to stress yourself out!! If you insist on making a change (which I would be doing, too)how 'bout just doing a little stenciling in the corners for now. It's quick, it's easy and doesn't cost much!

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  6. Oh boy that's a big project to tackle before Thanksgiving and I'm sure you should wait until after. That said I know I would do it anyway!
    Isn't it funny we are all telling you to wait but then saying we would do it anyway. We must all be crazy!!
    I like the red table!
    Happy painting!
    Btw - I can't tell if my plant is a Thanksgiving or Christmas cactus. They both look pretty much the same to me. My plant blooms at other times of the year too and I don't do anything special to it.

  7. I would totally wait till after Thanksgiving...i think you have to put Kilz or binz over it first to seal it...i LOVE both colors that you picked, its going to be really beautiful when you finish it. I have formica cabinets and HATE them. There an off white so they just look dirty all the time..ive been told its a big stress trying to paint formica, and i dont want to replace them, so i guess im stuck with them. :-( GOOD LUCK!!!

  8. Well, You've got the drop cloths, looks like all you need is the paint. You're so right . . . whenever you work on a wall or floor, you get the itching to change whatever is right next to it. I think you need to focus on just one room at a time. Or have you're guests come a couple of days early and put them all to work!

  9. You're one brave woman if you're really planning to do this before Thanksgiving! That's quite a big job. But, maybe that's just because I work slow so I like to give myself a lot more time for projects than someone with an Energizer bunny personality. :)

  10. LEAVE it until after Thanksgiving then you can give your time to it without pressure and interuption.
    You will be far better off 'unfrazzled' when your family arrive. Am going to look forward to seeing it when it is finished.

    Congrats. on receiving the lovely package.

    Those 'fractuals' are fun. I think The Shack is a gret book - full of truth.

    Love all the new pics on your sidebar.

    My daughter wasn't visiting friends they were using their friends second home for a b reak.

  11. So funny. I just did a whole post on kitchens. The painter started today, Yay. But you are right, one thing leads to another. Now I am thinking new curtains, rugs, shelf liners...

    It will give you a lift though, go for it.

    Lisa xo

  12. Well, Vee, I don't know about painting the cabinets. We had a professional painter do our cabinets a few years ago and it took him more than a week. You know you can't just paint them; you have to sand and sand too. Unless you can do that outside, you're looking at a lot of extra cleaning. And you'd have to take all the things out of the cabinets. Now is maybe not the best time to be doing that.

  13. I would def wait until after Thanksgiving. Our kitchen is still under construction and has been since spring! We bit off more then we could chew with just our cabinets. I am still crossing my fingers that it's all finished by Christmas!

  14. Hi Sweet Vee! I have to say I am on John's side about the cabinets. I'd wait until after Christmas to tackle them in the winter months after the holiday dust settles. Both colors would look great but the red really sings!

    The curtains you can get done easily enough so start there. The packing of dear sisters items, you and John can do in a jiffy together. I'd give her deadline for pick up for sure.

    Why do we women get such a bee in our bonnet about every little detail? I'm like that too, it's like I wake up one day and that is THE day to do whatever it is needs to be done. Best of luck on all the projects!

  15. Vee, I agree it would be a real project to take on right before Thanksgiving. Now if they only need a good scrubbing and you are using a similar color, and need only one coat of paint for freshening up, (and you have time) then proceed! I like the yellow best--or a cream with a golden hue, kind of like creamy eggnog! Pratt & Lambert paints have a color called Eggnog, but any paint store can match the color chip. Also, we have used beadboard paneling, which is primed white and is very inexpensive at Home Depot or Lowes! It looks great and your husband is handy with the saw! My daughter who is a designer, says that the backsplash area under the cabinets should be a similar color in a low ceiling room, otherwise it cuts it in half like a wide belt on a short person! She also says that creams and whites are classic and never go out of style. I saw in a County Living mag. a while back where someone used the canvas drop cloths and folded them over to create a valance effect and trimmed the end with ivory fringe--all with iron on tape--no sewing, just folded over an existing rod--they looked fabulous! I hope to try it soon! Vicki

  16. You are a busy bee Vee! I like the lighter color paint as it would reflect more light, butt eh reddish one is nice and cheerful looking. If it were me I'd save that job till after Thanksgiving. Sometimes it takes awhile for the paint fumes to disappear and I wouldn't want that to ruin the meal I slave dover ..lol!

    I'd love to have a craft room --that sounds like a fun project to work on!

    I'm trying to get rid of my cold, and finally went to the doctor today for antibiotics.
    Hugs, Pat

  17. Vee- JUST SAY NO! At least for now. Your family will love being in your kitchen either way. And you will be calm and collected to receive them. The cabinets can wait a wee bit more--when you finally do paint, I vote for red! In the meantime, enjoy peace in preparing for your company. Of course, if you ignore this advice and paint, I will enjoy seeing the transformation! ~Kathy

  18. Oh Vee honey, I think you might need to do a lot of this after the holidays...like painting the cabinets...I know you need to clear out some things...my suggestion, have a fire sale...you know, load it on driveway, what doesn't sell, burn...I'm thinking of poor John who just got through all that work (and I'm sure you helped with that)on his house getting it ready to rent. Take one thing at a time, like make over your winter bedroom...see how that goes...I've only got your sanity in mind, now!

  19. Vee, I am mad about your colour ideas for your cupboard (I always admire people who are brave with colour). Red would be my choice because I think it goes with more and says "country" to me and would look so pretty with a red plaid table cloth across the room, say.

    But what do I know about bold colour? Nothing.

    Definitely LEAVE THOSE CUPBOARDS alone until Thanksgiving is done. A nice deadline, but I think it puts stress on.

    Your front room will be wonderful for sleeping. Gosh, I love the location of your home - beautiful road! Yes, you will want thick, heavily lined drapes! Definitely close off the upstairs - my mother has a small two-story house and has basically done the same since Dad went into the nursing home. She said she never goes upstairs and she has hung a heavy curtain at the top of the stairs last winter! Just like the old days when everyone had a door at the top of the stairs for closing off in winter.

    Your home looks very "home" to me and reminds me of where I grew up. I love a house in the country, big or small, fancy or not, and definitely one that is pretty and colourful and filled with people and love.

  20. I like the looks of your kitchen cabinets and the view from your window looks great. I would be lost without windows, I have to look outside all the time.

  21. I hope you have come to your senses and wait until after the holidays :). There is so much to do and your kitchen looks just lovely the way it is...it sounds like a wonderful winter project!

  22. I'd agree with everyone who says wait until after Thanksgiving and even Christmas. Don't add to the already stressful season.

    The reason that I didn't comment yesterday is because I was on my way out the door to Home Depot and I made a note to check out those drop cloths. I have tons for painting but they're heavily splattered.

    The dropcloths are a tremendous fabric bargain - a 19 foot by 15 foot piece was only $30 and they're not horribly heavy or stiff. There are smaller sizes also starting at $6.99. I'm going thinking of using it for my sewing room curtains and paint the walls a beach glass blue.

    Thanks for all you do.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife


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