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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Thing Leads to Another

I've been puttering this morning trying to pull a few things together and to absorb the household things that I've decided to keep. You know how it is with these "restructuring" issues — one thing leads to another. That means that I've actually been in the basement finding shelves for the extras when I really didn't want to spend time down there since the first floor was a wreck, but in order to get the first floor back in shape... 8>. Oh well, if only this was my biggest problem.

That painting above has been floating all over the place for a month; hopefully, it's found its new home for at least a week or two. I bought it as a Christmas gift for a family member whose favorite color is green. It was sitting out waiting to be wrapped when the family member showed up one afternoon shortly before Christmas that year and announced, "That's the ugliest picture I've ever seen." Well, needless to say, it became mine.

The top of the refrigerator got straightened up a bit as well. Should've taken before and afters, but suffice it to say that the top was cluttered with cookie tins and tea boxes.

The cleaning continues...here at the house, and here at Haven.

Oh, I promised to get back to you on the vinegar...it does work. I will probably use it every time the stuff gets cleaned. The most yellowed things did not come back to white, but they did brighten. All the "stickiness" was eliminated from all the pieces. As for my face? Why I am as beautiful as ever even if I do smell like a salad. :D

Have a wonderful day, Dear Ones.


  1. I spent Saturday afternoon trying to tidy up by bedroom and I ended up in the Kitchen cleaning and organizing. The kitchen looks great but my bedroom is still scattered. Oh well! Maybe if I start cleaning the basement my bedroom will end up organized. . . .
    Everything looks great, Vee.

  2. Hi Vee- sounds like a productive day! Yes, sorting one room does require sorting others for places to put all the stuff. How do houses accumulate so much stuff. I keep trying not to shop. One thing in equals one thing out - all that.

    I happen to like that green print. At least your friend is frank and you got a new painting! I find giving art is the hardest. Everyone has such diverse tastes.

    I think that check to you probably went out Monday because I didn't get it into the box until late Saturday after carrying it around 2 days. Hope it will get there next week some time.

    Glad to know the vinegar worked, for the Tupperware and for the face (beautiful as ever!).

    xoxo T.

  3. Hi Vee
    It must be hard to try to incorporate John's favorite things with yours. What to save, what to give away or sell. I still have quite a bit of things my adult children have not deceided what they want to do with -- mainly books and some collectibles.

    Too bad about the painting -- from what I can see of it it looks nice!

    Hugs, Pat

  4. I think the painting is beautiful. :)

    It is so funny, I spent today changing artwork from one room to another just to see what it looked like (I liked the results).

    I have that same little "Blessings" sign, purchased when we were in Lancaster County, PA!

  5. Sounds like our house! I start on one room and move stuff to another, it seems to be a constant rotation!



  6. I am constantly trying to declutter and change things a little as I go. One thing DOES lead to another! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  7. Everything looks so comfy cozy. I think the painting is wonderful and it looks great where you placed it. Happy sorting!

  8. I like the painting!!! You always lift my spirits when I come to visit...m..

  9. Your place always looks so cozy and charming. You definitely have an eye for decorating. I really like the painting I noticed it right away.

  10. I'm glad to hear the stickiness is gone and the cleaning continues! :)

  11. I guess I should start sorting and going through all my stuff to get ready for our move but I know I'm just going to want to keep everything I have.

    Glad to hear the vinegar worked. I'm going to clean mine now too.

  12. Vee - everything looks so inviting and warm. Your home is just...... a HOME. I love your new found photographers eye. You really frame the composition well.

    - Suzanne

  13. One thing always does lead to another in homekeeping, does it not? I could so relate to your finding space on basement shelves when you really wanted to be concentrating on the first floor! Guess I need to try vinegar on some of my aging Tupperware ...

    And yes, your home does look so inviting and warm!


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