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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A New Winner

Nancy of My Crafty Little Page is the new winner! Thanks, Nancy! I have your addy and I'll send it along today.

God bless those who are making preparations for Thanksgiving. I know how crazy busy you all are! Speaking of which...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
So here's my table all set and ready for tomorrow...

(Imagine a Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Table.)

What? You don't believe me?! Shoot! Since Martha started labeling all her photos, I just can't get away with these tricks anymore.

Okay, so here's my table with its painter cloths as tablecloths, the gold and silver chargers, the nametags, and the runner created from a four yard length of cheap cloth. Oh, and those are my 67 cent pumpkins.

Did you happen to notice the napkins? I've driven myself crazy looking for napkins and finally settled on these...cheapo!

No, we don't have a table that large. John was able to create a surface using quarter inch luan plywood; he even rounded the corners. It's going to be very nice having the family all seated together at one large table.

Wishing you lots of fun as you bake, cook, and clean your way through Thanksgiving Eve!


  1. Sweet Vee...
    Thanks for your contest...and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Congrats to Nancy! Have a sweet day as you prepare for your holiday Vee!

  3. Again wishing you the best of Thanksgivings. I am off to bake a coconut cake...m..

  4. Good for you that your silver is polished. Mine however is not... so ... must run!

    Happy, happy Thanksgiving!


  5. Hooray for Miss Nancy and woe to thsoe who intend to stop by your blog and don't and miss their prize. . .

  6. Slow down, Vee...and enjoy the preparations!

    Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving...

  7. Vee! I love your table. And how clever of you to make it larger. I've always thought about making a bigger table, but I don't have a real handy woodworker around like you do!

    Have a wonderful holiday around that table, Vee!

    Thanksgiving blessings,

  8. Your table looks great, Vee! What a wonderful idea for a table covering & napkins! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  9. Vee,

    I came back by to answer your question. My answer is, flying by the seat of my pants and with a little help from my friends!

    I have to say Martha's table is styled to perfection but it lacks warmth. Yours on the other hand looks like a table I could get cozy at with. It is so warm and inviting! I LOVE those dishes. I have seen them in antique stores and often thought they would be wonderful holiday dishes. Love the bargain on the pumpkins too! It looks like you have things under hand, get off your feet and rest! NOW! Shoo, sit, relax, John, make her rest some so she can enjoy her day. Blessings to you both!

  10. Congrats to Nancy and Vee I wanted to let you know I got my wonderful smelling oil today in the mail. Thanks so much! I put it on some light bulbs and my rooms smell great now! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Joy, try some on yourself, too, okay? ;>

  12. Congratulations Nancy!

    What a gorgeous table, Vee!! I love your dishes and the dinner napkins are pure genius! Great job and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    Erin ♥

  13. Everything looks so lovely Vee! Better than Martha's table!
    Your dishes are so nice for Thanksgiving. Is that Lindt white chocolate truffles that I see scattered along the table runner?


    Hugs, Pat

  14. Happy Thanksgiving, Vee!! I commented on this post, since you don't have comments on for today's post!!

    Your table and everything just sounds wonderful to me! That John is a whiz, I tell you, a whiz!!

    Have a blessed day with family and friends!

    Big hugs to a very special friend!!


  15. I agree that everyone should sit at one table. I bought those dishcloths to use as napkins for a large party I was having. Everyone was crazy about them because they had great "wipe-ability".

    Have a wonderful day. Don't allow yourself to get stressed out.

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  16. Oh Vee, your table looks beautiful! Wishing you all a very happy Thanksgiving!

  17. Your table is absolutely charming. Love the dishtowel idea for napkins, and how nice they will wash up too :)

    Happiest Thanks Giving to you and yours!

  18. I hope your day is blessed my friend! Enjoy!

  19. your table looks great, and i have accepted that we all can't be marthas (i ate my turkey dinner on a bar stool at my brother's house and then went to my mom's house for a beautiful dinner. it was all about family and i hope you had a great time with yours!!!

  20. Brilliant! Your table looks lovely and perfect. Wish I were near and I'd invite myself over for leftovers maybe. I love Thanksgiving. Hope it was awesome and your home looks so inviting! Gorgeous table!

    xo terri

  21. Hi Vee,
    I hope you are having a nice Thanksgiving weekend. Your table is just lovely.

  22. Vee - I'm so excited!!! I just got my Saturday mail from the mailbox and your package was there! Thank you so very much - it smells wonderful and I truly appreciate it.

    Your table looks fantastic and I adore your Friendly Village dishes. Cute napkin choice, too!

    Thank you so much, Nancy


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