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Thursday, November 6, 2008

For What It's Worth

Look, I have no idea what's going on, but my site meter numbers have been over the top. Why anyone gives a rat's rear what I think is beyond me, but since you do, let me tell you right up straight.

Yesterday morning, I wandered around in circles in my own home listless and unbelieving over the election results. John had an appointment and when he came home, we talked for a while. Then we went to lie down as our nerves were shot.

At three, we decided that eating would be a good idea so we headed off for steaks at our local diner where we can get amazing meals for under $10. Who knew that we had found one of the last bastions of Conservative Opinion right there on Main Street in our own hometown.

One can watch the cook and owner working the grill and he began to share his opinion about our new President-elect. He described him as a Muslim and not a black man saying that there's a big difference. He thinks that the entire country is crazy for voting such a person into office. What he finds particularly galling is that "a Muslim" is in office just seven plus years after September 11, 2001. With a son in Iraq, he is understandably worried.

He said that he'd heard that the Canadians were manning their borders with rifles at the ready. We all laughed. Some of the banter was bawdy; some of it was light; some of it was incorrect, but all of it helped. It's good to know that we can still laugh. I'm seriously considering taking the little cartoon circling the internet about cream of crap soup to him tomorrow. (removed)

Some have suggested that I set aside my rancor and toss my cap into the ring and support the new president-elect. Highly unlikely! I will not set my principles aside for someone else's. Remember, I told you some time ago that I don't vote for a person because I agree with him or her; I vote for the person who most agrees with me. More of you should have done the same, but that's water under the bridge now. One thing I hope to give up soon, though, is my habit of disrespecting the president-elect by referring to him as President-elect first and last initial.

What I will do is continue to pray. Sometimes I will shed copious tears as I did when praying for my grandsons today knowing that what their lives might have been is changed. John has three granddaughters serving in the military right now; one is in the Persian Gulf. Needless to say, he's plenty concerned.

I pledge to pray for this country daily, for all of its peoples, and for all of its interests. I will pray for God's guidance and implementation for the things that are worthy that may come from this presidency, but that those things which are not in agreement with the principles and concepts of the Constitution and the intents of our Founding Fathers will come to nothing. It is with immense pride that I recognize from whence this nation has come.

At some points today, I felt as if I needed to say goodbye to this community. Blogging seemed hopelessly futile and a ridiculous waste of time in light of bigger issues. Perhaps I need to start yet another blog where I can share things of a more political nature. Anyway, after today, I am returning to blogging as usual here at A Haven — you know, dishes and drapes without all the drama.


  1. I have appreciated your input and feel as though I have had a haven of similar thought where I could escape. I will also enjoy escaping to your haven as it was and I have thought of taking the same vow, but not sure if I can give it a 100% guarantee!

  2. Good Morning Vee,

    I have seconds before I have to run out the door but I always stop by before work. Wow! :) Keep your lipstick on, fresh and ready to go! I'm on my knees and always remember God is the one in control. I will be in prayer with you every day for our country and your children serving our country! What would our founding father's think if they were here now? Onward sister!


  3. Your words are always so thoughtful, Vee, whether on the topic of the state of the world or on what you made for dinner last night.

    I'm going to agree with the poster above me, we aren't in control and no matter what happens, we are still His children. He will not abandon us. Stay strong, Vee!

  4. I read your blog everyday because we do think alike. I feel as if I am a dinosaur-extinct. My thoughts are not the common ones any longer. People seem to want to look for someone to blame and to take care of them. What happened to our pride of living our lives and being proud of what we have accomplished. I too worry about the friends and family that are in the military. Our fathers brothers and uncles fought for our freedoms what will happen now. I woke up yesterday and today and the sun was still shining, I know God has a plan and we will have to see what that is but I still worry about the world that our grandchildren will grow up in. Are we going to turn into a Scandianivan USA were there is little ambition and we let others handle what is best for us? I hope not. Thank you for allowing us to have a site that lets us know their are people out there that think as we do.

  5. Vee,
    Boy, I am glad that you did not give up this blog. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. You are such an inspiration to me!!

    I am so burdened too about how far this nation has gotten away from the principals that it was founded upon.As for now I will be praying more than ever, please tell John that My husband and I pray daily for all of our military men and women,and their families. May God continue to bless and keep you and yours.


  6. I agree that we must work and live the courage of our convictions. I admire you for putting yourself out there knowing fully that you risked the rancor of others.

    I do not believe in the selling of "hope" as a commodity. I do not rely on someone else to give me hope and uplift me. I get that from my faith and my inner beliefs.

    The president-elect is going to have his hands plenty full trying to handle Nancy Pelosi who is now the most powerful person in the country. The House of Representatives holds the purse strings and with a Democratic majority they can jam anything through Congress they wish. I will be watching both the House and Senate websites daily to follow what they're up to.

    If you are a person of faith you don't need someone cheerleading hope.

    - Suzanne

  7. I am feeling much the same as you have, Vee, and as such have not wanted to even be on the computer in the past couple of days. I have also let my emotions come out a bit through my artwork... which is a nice outlet to have. I am standing with you in prayer... the whole "God gave them over..." phrase just keeps echoing in my mind as we have been going through a study of Romans in our Wednesday night Bible study. I pray that we are not all the way there yet, but I definitely know we are reaping what we've sown. May those who really know Him wake up and be light and salt... that, of course, includes me.

    Thanks for your thoughts this morning,

  8. Well, as a Canadian I assure you that my beloved is doing his normal egg gathering this morning and has not run to the border with a shotgun. That is good news for you at least.
    I have watched the Televison with fascination at how many people have said that they were caught up in the excitement and even if they voted Republican, they couldn't help but be excited. . .
    OH boy .. .I feel your concern Vee, and I appreciate your aunthenticity on your blog. . please continue to be real, I love the honesty that you reveal.

  9. Vee, your opinions and how you share them are the reasons why blogging is what it it, people sharing a piece of themselves and their world! Our opinions are what make us who we are, and you and yours are much needed in this community, keep up the good work.
    God Bless You, and the rest of us,we need it now more than ever.
    Red Shoes

  10. So strange how there is not a drop of the milk of human kindness among so called Christians.... where is common decency?.. where is love and acceptance of a fellow human being? As usual.... hypocrisy, bigotry and just a sad lack of bothering to study up on any of the information available. Much like the love of anti-intelligence that would lead anybody to think Sarah Palin is ready to govern anything but small town Saskatchewan...she could be ready some time in the future...but seriously, if you think on it... is she ready today in the light of what is happening around the world? She and John are dead set on continuing with the warring and killing on all fronts... how could any parent or grandparent condone that?

    .why is it you only hear what you want to hear and take most of it totally out of context? Oh, silly me... probably the same reason you read what you want into your favourite book... same as a radical Muslim decides to read into his favourite book while the rest of the Muslims are persecuted for being quiet living, decent individuals........ the radicals of the world are the problem...as shown here. You are doing a great job inciting hatred Vee..... what a disappointment.... for some strange reason I guess I thought you were above that...being such a believer in God and all....how disappointed "He" must be in seeing the vitriol expressed in your blog and so many others over the past weeks.

  11. There's more to life than dishes and drapes....and I feel the blogs that depict nothing but that are so boring....let's put a bit of personality into our blogs for crying out loud!

    Bumble Vee--talk about spewing hatred to those that don't share the same opinion as you...very typical of what we've seen in the campaigns up to the election. Just because what you call "so called Christians" don't agree with how the election went does not mean we are are hypocrites or bigots...gimme a break...look what George Bush endured for 8 years at the hands of the other party.

    Express your opinion on your blog and let us express our opinions on ours...if YOU don't like it then there's always the back button.If you only choose to associate with people that agree with you all the time then you must lead a very dull life.

    Vee...don't let the "lack of human kindness" in Bumble Vee's post make you even think of dropping your blog....she's just enjoying the right to free speech that our soldier's have fought for....what if they decided to give up on that instead of fighting for it?

    Don't let one bad egg ruin the dozen....there's a LOT of them out there.

  12. ...another thought. I thought the racism issue would be put to rest now that we have an African American President Elect...but there are still those that accuse we Christians of "racial Discourse" on their blogs because we are unhappy with the results. Give us a break Bumblevee...get a grip.

    Ok...I'm done now.

  13. Hang in there Vee....the one thing we all need to remember is that Obama is the President of the United States of American...that doesn't mean he is in charge. We all know there is a higher being. We need to pray for our country. And we need to protect our right to express our feelings..whether we agree with others or not. That is what makes us Americans.

  14. I heard someone say that they had wasted their vote...how wrong! Every vote of John McCain was a vote Obama didn't get. The only light thing I can say about this is it will be lovely to see children in the White House again...we can only hope that his love for them will forestall any major changes he thinks he can get past...and honeymoons in politics tend to be short lived! We have a eating place like that here, The Smokehouse...wonderful food and talk...glad you have one, too!

  15. Not a drop of the milk of human kindness? BumbleVee, I said that I'd stop calling the president-elect by his first and last initial. I do appreciate your differing opinion, but I don't find it much warmer in human kindness. You and I have been blogging friends for over a year. Having just visited your blog, I see that you won't be able to agree to disagree on this point. That's too bad. Please know that I wish you nothing but the very best.

  16. I found you through Scooterblu's Whimsy. Don't worry about the haters, there are so many who feel the same as you. In many ways I agree with you. Cindy

  17. Well, Vee, I am astonished at the mean spiritedness of Bumblevee. Do not grow weary in the battle. I know that you realize this is a spiritual battle. I am so tired of this election--didn't even watch much of it on tv because of the media bias. This election was bought and paid for. But the Lord allowed it to happen for reasons we do not yet understand. I do know that although He allowed Obama to be elected, it does not mean that His blessing is upon it. It may be judgement--we cannot know for sure. I do sense dire times ahead and persecution. Still, I will look for joy in whatever circumstances and the real blessing of your blog and those of like mind are the strengthening of resolve to not give up. Sometimes I need the diversion of cooking, sewing, decorating and reading blogs! What blessed relief when it is all too overwhelming. I'll be writing more soon on a new blog my friend and I starting and will publish in the near future. Hopefully before Thanksgiving! I hope you will check us out. We are the Stickhorse Cowgirls!

  18. Vee,
    My sis Robin recommended that I read your blog and I'm so glad I did. I appreciate your honest perspective. I was just thinking how appropriately our pastor chose for us to sing, "Onward Christian Soldiers" this past Sunday. And we just finished a series of sermons on wearing the full Armor of God. We need to be strengthened at this time, in spite of the criticisms that are thrown at us and the ignorance of others. Keep marchin'!!!

  19. Wow...now I know why you have been turning off your comments Vee...

    Well I'm on your side darling....God is in control, and He is still on the throne....don't let the other side get to you....I now your value and so does Jesus!

    Thanks for being you...don't stop!! Ya hear...

  20. As a military family, we too are worried about the future.

  21. I'm with you, too, Vee. Just think of all the people out there like all of us who are joining together in prayer for our country. Our glass is still half full. It's definitely a turning point in our history. Whatever comes our way, no matter if it's good or bad, there's wisdom and growth and maturity in Faith and Trust in God that can be had. And if our new President elect IS the anti-Christ (like I've heard some say), then we're just closer to our Lord Jesus returning to fetch his children home. I pray that He may come quickly.

    I'm truly disappointed in the results, too, but life goes on and it will be up to us as Christian parents and grandparents to instill into the next generation the beliefs and the faith that is the core of our great nation - for in God We Still Trust. These next 4-8 years will either strengthen us as Christians or will weaken us. It's up to all of us to decide. The Lord didn't promise us that things would be easy, but that He would be with us no matter what.

    I'm reminded of Romans 8:35-40 about being more than conquerors through Christ, and that "neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any POWERS, neither height nor depth nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord." (NIV)

    We need to go on and live - and have good friends to cheer and BLOG, and we SO enjoy your blog, Vee. You better not go anywhere! We gotta just keep on staying in touch - it does help this huge situation to stay connected - and try to have some sort of normalcy. Thanks for your heart, your words, and your friendship - Big hug to you! Vickie

  22. I must admit I am proud of you Vee. Standing up for what you believe in.

    Hang in there and don't you dare give up your blog!

    I will contend with you in pray and put my hope in God.

  23. I have decided to do both on my blog. I can't keep up with one blog, much less two (ha!), so I'm going to continue to post my political views at Just Livin' Large. Now that the election is over, though, I can add back in other things, too. Things like Christmas decorating and more Weight Watchers news, etc. This political season has ignited something within me...I found too many things that I feel the need to address; the biased media, the voter registration fraud issues, the racial divide in this country. I think I want to address all these things and will continue to do so for as long as I feel that need. I'm a selfish little blogger like that. lol

    Enjoyed this post, Vee!
    Talk to you soon -

  24. I don't ever expect you to turn into a liberal, but you might like Obama more than you think once all the lies you have been told, and evidentally truly believe, are proven false. I do believe he is more moderate than you realize. But I hope that politics will not play a part in your blog in the future. Your blog can be so inspiring and lovely when you are writing about your family and your life.

  25. Comments are running about 21 to 2 in the supportive category. Thank you so much, everyone, for your thoughts.

    I would even like to thank the two who disagree with my post. It's the joy of a free society to be able to express oneself and to access information that comes directly from the President-elect himself. Anyone can do that in this day and age.

    Where I have shared anecdotal comments, I have said so. Where I have shared factual information, I have shared the links. To be accused of being easily swayed or of lying strikes me as being disingenuous on the part of the accuser.

    In my opinion, the liberal left are the ones who have not done their homework. But we're not going to rehash the outcome of this election. What I am going to do is to continue to speak up on anything in the political arena that I wish. It's just that simple. It's a free country.

    For those who won't be able to handle that...so be it. It's never been about pleasing everybody all the time anyway. If it had been, I wouldn't discuss my faith; I wouldn't discuss my decorating preferences; I wouldn't discuss much of any note at all.

    Politics should be, in my opinion, an important part of everyone's life because politicians control our lifestyles. If this President-elect has his way, we will all be experiencing changes over our finances and our liberties soon enough. Google it.

  26. Don't you stop blogging! I enjoy your posts - political or not. A share your concern about our countries future - socialism is a failed experiment that doesn't bear repeating.

  27. YAY for bumblevee! You tell em girl!! Vee you are full of hate but yet you call yourself a Christian, that baffles me! I am an Obama voter but if McCain won I wouldn't say a bad word about it! And why didn't you speak up and tell the cook Obama is NOT a MUSLIM!!!??? You probably sat your ass right there and laughed at everything the idiot was saying, Get a life Vee and Kari!!!

  28. Vee,

    I’m afraid, dear one, you shall have to add me, your Texas Bluebell, to the list of people who disagrees with your thoughts! I do admire BumbleVee and the other couple of Obama supporters who commented above! Talk about unfriendly territory!!! Vee, I have to say that your posts over the past weeks have disappointed me tremendously! I have no issue with you voting for or defending John McCain and Sarah Palin. This is a free country (and will undoubtedly remain a free country) but freedom of speech comes with responsibility.

    Barack Obama (not BO) is NOT a Muslim!! He’s not a socialist! He’s a Christian, God-fearing man, who happens to love his country just as much as you or I do! It truly hurts my heart to hear you refer to Mr. Obama as the “beginning of the end” for all mankind!! God loves Barack Obama just as much as he loves you or I, Vee!

    Now, all I ask of you is this. Search your heart and talk with God about it, and try not to believe the worst before the worst even happens! I will pray to God that He will show you a way to accept this outcome and that He will give you the grace to live with it.

    Me, Juanita, being one of the 53 percent of Americans who helped put an intelligent, thoughtful, decent man in office, feels as though you’re calling us stupid, uninformed and plain old ignorant!! I’ve followed this election for 2 years and I’m very much informed on all of it! I cast my vote for the man I most agreed with!

    If McCain would have won, I wouldn’t have been happy, but I also wouldn’t have listed a littany of negative things about him! If you can’t be happy with the results, which I totally understand you can’t be, please be happy for me and for the voters who agreed with me. I think the people have spoken, the majority of the people at any rate.

    Being a white woman who’s married to a black man, I know firsthand how much race continues to play a part in our everyday lives!! I don’t believe racism will ever totally go away, but, Tuesday proved to me that we’re making progress! And, who said Obama wasn’t a real American? His mother was born and bred in Kansas! I just don’t recall this much hate/fear happening after Clinton won in 1992! I’m glad God didn’t give me or my husband sight! We will never judge a person on skin color! We can’t see it!! We just hear a wonderful, hopeful voice in the darkness and we’ve chosen to follow it!!

    I love you with my whole heart! We’ve been dear friends for over 4 years now. I pray we can continue being friends. Perhaps I should just stop coming to your blog for now. You are entitled to your opinions! It’s your blog after all!! This is why my dear Phoenix Auntie and I never discuss politics! She’s on your side, but she’s never uttered a negative word about Obama to me! Of course, I have always returned that favor and not disrespected Bush or McCain to her.

    I hope you and BumbleVee can find a happy medium because I know how much you have enjoyed her blog and comments up to now. I applaud you for not deleting the “few” pro Obama comments that are here! Opposing ideas helped create this country! Finding compromises is how its still kept together!! The Republicans have had many years in office, so why shouldn’t the opposing side get their turn, too? It’s all cyclical, you know, so one of your guys will be President again before you know it!

    I want you to know that my husband and I sat here on Tuesday night and cried tears of pure joy and relief and thankfullness to God for hearing our prayers! He answers our prayers sometimes, too! My husband, through his cracking voice and tears, kept saying he wished his mother and late brothers could have been alive to see a black man win the Presidency of these United States!! Please, Vee, please try and understand how much this election means to black people and folks like me of America! If he screws up in office, he won’t be re-elected, but at least give him a chance!!

    Oh, man, I hope you don’t delete my comment!!

    God loves us all!!


  29. 22 to 4


    Ahhh, so that's where you've been. (wry grin)

    Well, as much as it pains me to say it, I think you probably may wish to stop coming to my blog since I am not promising that I will not make commentary about political issues. I do not know where the President-elect stands with the Lord. He certainly will have my prayers as I wish for my life and everyone's life to be safe and good. I could never vote for a man who believes as he does on so many issues. Can you honestly say that you've done your research? Just wondering, because I find it hard to believe that you could support a man who believes in late term abortion and who is the most left politician our Senate has ever seen.

    Yes, God loves us all. He loves Barack Obama. Barack Obama and his family will be in my prayers for the reasons stated above. That does not mean that I approve of his opinions or the direction that he would like to take this country. Time will tell.

    Thank you for not being as mean-spirited as some others even if you do agree with them.

    Catch you later...maybe.

  30. Vee, (warning..this is kinda long)

    I came across your blog today while looking at another blog on decorating, and noticed your reactions to the election of Barack Obama as our next president. As a Christian myself, and an Obama supporter, I couldn't help but respond.

    First, I feel so badly for you that you are in such fear of the future, and I pray that God will help to bring you peace and acceptance.

    Second, I wonder if there's any way I could help to allay some of your fears? Here're a few thoughts. In regard to our finances, there will be no increased taxes for those earning less than $250,000 per year (I don't know about you, but I am definitely in that category), and as a matter of fact, tax cuts for most. Also Obama is pushing an economic stimulus package as his first priority that will probably provide a rebate for most middle income taxpayers. Returning tax rates for upper income taxpayers to what they were during the Clinton administration seems a reasonable way to help reduce our national debt and put the economy on a more healthy path to recovery. It seems to me that the Bush administration and republican congress have been responsible for the dire circumstances we find ourselves in now. De-regulation, the war in Iraq, perks for big business, etc. have all contributed to our current economic situation.

    In regards to the war in Iraq, I too have a great concern for our soldiers. That is why I want a president who will work to end the war as soon as reasonably possible. I think the war in Iraq was unnecessary from the start. I honor and respect the soldiers who are doing their duty, and it pains me that lives are being lost.

    I would like to better understand your concern about our liberties. As I see it some of our liberties have been severely curtailed by the Bush administration and I have great hope that the new administration and democratic congress will restore these liberties (habeas corpus for instance). I look forward to having a president who understands and respects the constitution.

    In regards to abortion, I am opposed to abortion, but I will not use it as a single issue on which to base my vote. Of our current and past presidents, some were opposed to abortion, some were in favor of abortion rights, yet nothing changed. Even if a conservative president were able to appoint a majority of conservative judges who then overturned Roe v. Wade, that would merely turn the issue of abortion rights over to the individual states. It would not be the end of all abortions. I do appreciate Obama's approach of trying to get all sides to work together to reduce the circumstances that lead to abortion in the first place. And contrary to what some right wing blogs have reported, Obama does not support withholding medical intervention for babies born alive in late term abortions. The reason he voted against the Illinois bill was that it was already law in Illinois to provide treatment for these babies. The additional law was unnecessary. Obama also agrees with states prohibiting late term abortions if they include exceptions for the health of the mothers.

    I am so excited about an Obama presidency. I think it will be wonderful to have a president who actually understands and cares about regular people, rather than making every decision to favor giant corporations. It will be wonderful to have a president who will not take us into unnecessary wars, who will use diplomatic means if at all possible to solve international problems, who will help our country to regain a measure of respect throughout the world that has been sadly lost under the Bush administration. It will be wonderful to have a president who will work to correct the terrible economic mistakes of the past 8 years. It will be wonderful to have a president who has already reached out to you voters who did not vote for him, who has said he will listen to you too, who has asked for your help in facing the problems before us, who has said he will be your president too. This is so great to hear in contrast to Bush who, after his election, claimed to have a mandate that he didn't really have and said he would do what he wanted with his 'political capitol'.

    Well, I apologize for going on at such length, but as I said, I was distressed by your comments and distressed for you. I would hope for you that you are able to find the good in the new direction our country will be taking. I wouldn't expect that you would change your conservative views, but would hope that you would be willing to listen and learn more about progressive views and see that they are not at all terrible, just different. I do think it's important for us all to work together for a better America, no matter which viewpoint we start from. And I do appreciate your blogging about your feelings. Sharing our thoughts and feelings is a good start.

  31. Beautifully stated, Victoria

    Vee, I've never been in favor of late-term abortions, unless the mother's life is in danger. Neither does Barack Obama. However, I must confess to being one of those "liberals"! I’m a liberal with some conservative ideas. One can be a bit of both, in my opinion. I can read your opinions and thoughts and not judge you, as long as I’m allowed to respond as I did today! Dialogue is good, but, man, politics is a booger of a topic amongst friends of opposing parties!! I’m thinking perhaps you and I should just reach across the aisle and clasp hands! How about it?


  32. Cathie, that is one ridiculous comment. Yes, Barack Obama won the election with a popular vote of 52 per cent. Forty six per cent of Americans are not in support of him. Though I am not a supporter, I will reserve my judgement until January 20 when he takes office. If he keeps any of his campaign promises, we're in for one wild ride.

    2008 is the year that a black candidate won the presidency for the first time. Maybe history will remember it as a year when an excellent president was elected or maybe he'll be the worst president ever elected. Neither side KNOWS until after Barack Obama's inauguration next January. Hopefully, for all our sakes, he'll be the former.

    I am closing down comments on this post. My blog is no longer a forum for those who wish to call me names and to manipulate me into marching to your tune. It is disgusting beyond words to me. I have NEVER marched into anyone else's blog to spout off in opposition to you or to your opinions. When I find things with which I disagree I focus on the good that I can say or I say nothing at all.

    Please, if you don't want to read my blog, please feel free to scoot along now.