A Haven for Vee

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank You

(Imagine an old and bent soldier wearing his military uniform and saluting the flag.)

It has been my privilege to stand beside him at more than one parade. He is old and bent now — very old, very bent. Still, when the flag goes by, he stands taller and salutes as sharply as an old soldier can. I have seen the tear fill his eye and course down his cheek. It's made me stand a little taller and prouder, too.

A group of twelve veterans attended a special Sunday morning service at the church that John attends. They were invited to the front of the sanctuary where they shared what war they had served in and where, and what branch of the military. "It was an honor to recognize and honor them. I also felt proud knowing that I have three granddaughters serving in our armed forces at present. They know that freedom is not cheap and that it requires constant vigilance to preserve."

God bless all our Veterans who have served and who serve today. May God richly bless their service to this country. May freedom and peace always be our goal.