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Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Giving Thanks List

Following Leah's good example, I'm putting my list into a blog post so that I'll know what I shared and it will be here to find. Thanks, Leah!

My Giving Thanks List

1. The Love of God
2. The gift of a wonderful husband
3. A family that includes parents, a grandmother, a daughter, a son, a daughter-in-law, two delightful grands, a sister, two nieces, and all of John's family, too...
4. The privilege of voting
5. A warm bed
6. Chipping away at a task really does work
7. Skillful doctors
8. Quiet, rainy Saturdays
9. Quiet, rainy Sundays
10. Waiting on the Lord
11. For all those who have served in the armed forces
12. Sunny Days and Moonlit Nights
13. Heating Oil
14. Pets, especially cats...
15. Sweet little surprises
16. Hot coffee
17. hobbies
18. Good advice
19. Fun
20. gum
21. Fresh air
22. Leisurely Saturday mornings
23. Enough
24. pumpkin frost
25. The first snow
26. Helpers
27. Laughter
28. Plenty
29. New fallen snow
30. You!


  1. Hey, why didn't people comment on this? I LOVE thanks lists. They are some of my favorite posts. I always make thankgiving list around Thanksgiving time -- it's such a good meditative way to just sit and be thankful, eh?

    This is my first visit. It's a lovely site.

  2. I have missed you dear friend, I am so far behind and catching up slowly, starting with you! It was a shock to see how slow it would be to work on a dial up connection so I just didn't, I spent all my time with family, selfish me :). Your list is perfect, good minds think alike don't they? :)

  3. What a wonderful list! I especially like the hot coffee and leisurely Saturday mornings.


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