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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Day Away

Yes! We did it! We just took off and had ourselves a fun day. We had errands to do that involved gathering in some things for making my grandmother's space a pleasant one. This involved some shopping, which I'll share with you tomorrow.

For today, let's focus on the mini-driveby and our time at the ocean. The mini-driveby was really a walkby. Such a cute little cottage on a city street corner across the street from the shop where I found a lovely tea pot. I digress...

Isn't it darling?! Can you see the starfish along the check rail? Here's a closer look...

And here's a closer look at the left side where you can see a model masted ship in the window. I saw that decor at least three times today.

Then it was off to get John's state park pass, but no one was manning the gate when we arrived. The first sign we saw after parking the car was this one warning about rogue waves.

Then we had a bit of a climb...

Our first view of the water...

We enjoyed sitting on this bench overlooking the rock formations...

I took lots of photos of flowers, but these were the only ones that turned out...

I hope to add a video of our time there. (See sidebar) You can hear the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks and see them, too, of course. I only wish that I could share the smell of the Atlantic Ocean. It's unlike anything else. I understand that the Pacific doesn't have much aroma...is that true?

Ackkk, do you suppose that John is too close to that rogue wave? Have a great Thursday and bye for now...

P.S. All photos may be enlarged.


  1. Huh I suppose you are right about the smell of the two seacoasts. Never thought about it before. I am guessing the Pacific has less scent because it is a cooler body of water. Let me just say frigid in the Northwest ;^) I miss that Gulf Stream.

    Glad you took sometime for yourselves and had such a wonderful day.

  2. What a nice "get-away" you had! Lovely photos! Living near the Pacific Ocean and never been over to the Atlantic Ocean, I am not sure I can compare the two. I do know that I love the smell of the salt water and the view of our ocean here on the west coast! :)

  3. I have never been to Maine (or Spain...3 Dog Night...remember? LOL) but the Atlantic looks different up there than it does from the southern coastlines. Would love to see your neck of the woods someday...and that little shop!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I love the ocean! Maine has some lovely beaches. I have never been to the Pacific but grew up on an island in the Caribbean. I do believe that is why I am drawn to the beach whenever I want total relaxation. (NJ beaches are not at all like the Caribbean, though!)

  5. Hooray! You had your day away!!!

    So *jealous* though. We love the ocean and haven't been able to visit it, in so long. Love the beach and the ocean!!!

    Don't tell me that you can't take your flannel sheets off yet! Not when John has switched from his winter flannel {"Norm"} shirts! :-))))))) {Norm Abrams, the 'Old Yankee Workshop' on tv guy}

    Lovely cottage. Lovely ocean. Lovely day. Yessssssssss!

    Gentle hugs,
    Aunt Amelia

  6. Good for you!!!

    Looks like a lovely day!

    Great pictures.

    You are such a tease...can't wait to see your finds tomorrow.

    Have a great day, Vee.

    Becky K.

  7. What a wonderful little escape. I love that white cottage! The sound of waves breaking on the shore is so soothing (unless it's those rogue waves). Are those rocks or timbers along the shore?

    Whenever life gets to be too much I imagine myself (and the Farmer) sitting on a beach in St. Croix.

    Looking forward to tomorrow.

    - Suzanne

  8. Aaahhh...I LOVE the ocean! I am SO drawn to the smell and sound! Looks like a perfect day..with a very handsome man!

  9. what a wonderful little adventure! I love it. The shot of the stairs is very cool. I'm glad no Rogue waves gotcha!

  10. Looks like you brought your own Rogue with you (wink wink).

    Glad that you enjoyed your day!

  11. I am so glad you and John had a little get away and that you share it with us today. I love the "beachy" decor. How I envy you getting to smell the salty sea, drink in the views, and hear the waves crashing. I will have to forgo my annual trip to the ocean this year and I miss it already.

    Now that you say it, there was a definite absence of that briny salty smell on the big Island of Hawaii in the pacific. It was extremely windy all the time but the scent and sea gulls were missing. Although the sights made up for them.

    I hope you have a fun day putting with all your finds to feather Nana's nest.

  12. That sounds like a lovely walk Vee....Oh I miss windows that open top to bottom so you can put cute things on the ledges...this house the windows open side to side...you can't even put an air conditioner in...:)


  13. But you shared the sound..... I love the sound of the ocean..... what a lovely day..... I have never heard of a rogue wave...... how funny..... but I am sure very scary...

  14. A nice day indeed. I've never been up there, Vee, but I'm sure there would be a bunch of great painting places there! I love the smell of the ocean, too, and the sounds. Puts me into a trance, a trance, a trance ....

  15. Such gorgeous photos Vee!!! I love the rocky coast ~ you are so cute...I hope that "rogue" wave stayed away from your John! xxoo, Dawn

  16. Beautiful pictures!! Looks like a lovely day. :)

  17. Beautiful pictures! Glad you had a nice little journey!

  18. I love the Maine coastline Vee --it's so rough and tumble and craggy and cold, and oh so beautiful! That is why the best lobsters can be found there --those lobsters know which waters are the best. Once, when we visited Martha's Vineyard, there was a little storm and those rough waves were really crashing high! Such a sight! The ocean smelled of cod fish that day.

    The cottage is charming and the video is great! What was John reading? I do love the sound of the ocean. My little land locked grandson is learning to love the sound of waves crashing along the shore because my son and DIL have a sound machine in his room that they play when he goes in for a nap :-)

  19. Glad you and John had such a nice day out together. Those days are always special.
    I love the picture of the house and love the sound of the ocean.

  20. What an awesome way to spend a day. What fun you must have had...m.

  21. So beautiful. Interestly enough, those same signs are posted on the beach in places in California. Glad you had a lovely day.

  22. What a wonderful day away. Thanks for sharing it with us. Lovely photos. Thanks also for pointing out the starfish - so lovely.

  23. Hi Vee! Yikes and Yowzers!! A Rogue wave? Never heard of that! Makes me think of something out of the movie X-Men. tee hee.

    Lovely photos, my friend!! I would love to be able to visit Maine someday. Looks like such a lovely place!!!


  24. Well done . .
    I was thinking that one day we should coordinate date days. . you to your ocean and us to ours. . .it boggles my mind to think of the distance that separates us. ..I rarely think of it that way . .but somehow today it seemed further. . .

    big sigh . .maine always sounds so romantic.

  25. I guess if you look far enough you might see England! Love the Kitty photos within the frames.

    So much happens here when I am gone. I missed realising that you were having Grandma come to stay. I like the pretty touches you are making for her. She is one blessed Grandma.


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