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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

That Missing Survey

Sayyyy, do you gals remember way back **here** on February 25, 2008 when I told you all about Tara at Bella Pink who was taking a survey about blogging and I suggested that you should take it because I had taken it and because it would prove so interesting? Uh, uh, d'ya? I kept checking back waiting for the results...for a long time...I did, but then I just gave up. It was obvious to me that there would be no answers. You don't remember? Allow me to explain...

In a moment of delicious serendipity, I just so happened to be visiting Alison at Brocante Home when she mentioned this book all about blogging by Tara Frey.

Tara has a blog called Typing Out Loud. Guess what? It used to be known as Bella Pink, and, in fact, the addy line still has that title. Then it was known as Bella Cafe for a while. I can see how I might've become confused. So, do you suppose that if we read the book we'll find some results of that survey? Hmmmm???

Still gotta wait until August 4...

Just had to share...I do love a tidy ending. Have an excellent Wednesday!


  1. The new book sounds intriguing. She wrote an excellent post a couple of years back on blogging that was great. I'll have to check it out.

    Are you attending the Inspired Woman conference? They are doing a whole deal on blogging from blog design, to growing your blog, to blog ministry. I signed up this morning and hope to learn some new techniques and tips. You should check it out. I think my blog could use some sprucing up and be a bit more focused instead of so hodge podge.

    Anyway, have a great day!

  2. Tara Frey is one of the contributing writers for Romantic Home Magazine. She has been writing about bloggers that she finds interesting. I have seen her work featured in other places too. I purchased two of her wristlets for gifts. She is quite a bright girl. Thanks for the book note.


  3. Hi Vee,
    I read what Miss Sandy wrote about the Inspired Woman's Conference and I went to check it out. I signed up too. What a gift blogging is, and there are so many believers in Blogland. Perhaps that is why I love reading so many beautiful blogs like yours. The comments I receive lift my spirit every day. What a gift we have in the Lord.

    Blessings, Karen

  4. I am thoroughly confused...but then what else is new?

    Looks like an interesting book.
    Have a great Wednesday.

  5. Look the book up on Amazon. I did and I fear it's kind of...

    Another one of those "How To Sell Your Stuff On Line" making use of your blog, things. -sigh-

    I say sigh just because I don't sell anything on line or anywhere. And I truly get tired of going to blogs, which do push what they sell.

    Granted, this book will probably tell you how to jazz up your blog, be it for selling or not. But I also have a problem with many Jazzed Up Blogs. Too much jazz and they take too long to load.

    Yes, I know. Aunt Amelia sounds grumpy today.

    But truly, Aunt Amelia is always grumpy about these 2 topics. Blogs which take too long to load {and thus, to comment in too} and selling, selling, selling home made stuff in blogs.

    -Grump, grump, grump- -grinnnnn-

    Aunt Amelia

  6. I heard about that book! I am hoping to get my hands on it, too.

  7. I think a blog is an excellent tool for artisans,merchants etc...a great way to network. I have met a lot of great people and have found a lot of great items in Blogland.

    I have seen Tara featured in some of my magazines and she has some very clever ideas.

    Sounds like someone here hasn't had her coffee yet.... :)

  8. Here I am to comment about Tara Frey and I'm intrigued by Miss Sandy's comment about the Inspired Woman Conference. Like Karen, one of the things that surprised me when I began blogging was the number of Christian women. I love that part of the community.

    Tara's book sounds interesting. I'm always open to new creative ideas. ~Kathy

  9. The book does sound intriguing. I'm off to check her link.

    (I love tidy endings too)

  10. I'm back looking for the coconut cake! heehee! Thanks for the links to this site! Interesting!

  11. I will check out her link...and follow Miss Sandy's reccomendation to see what the Inspired Woman's Conference is all about.

    You are always full of such good tips over here, Vee!

  12. Hmmmmm... I'd be real interested to see the results in Tara's book, too. There's alot of beautiful blogs out there to be envious of. (good grammar) Mine is not one of them. But I'm not ever going to advertise on mine, unless it's for one of my blogging buddies. Too much commercial stuff for me and Aunt Amelia is right - takes too long to load, and I don't have time to sit around and wait here at work!

    The other thing is - I love reading blogs so much, it has almost taken up all my spare time. At work and at home. I need to find a good balance. I need to be painting, cleaning house, running errands, etc. If I wasn't working, it wouldn't be such a big deal. I really enjoy blogging and you, Vee, and so many others have inspired me and encouraged me and have not judged me. THAT I love and sometimes feel like I need. I don't want to feel like blogging's a waste of time. It would be if I neglect other parts & people of my life.

    Sorry - I probably should have just posted this on my blog & not taken up space on yours, Vee.

    Hope you're enjoying your spring and your grands outside!!!

  13. That looks like an interesting book! But oh dear I see that other comment about Amazon reviews, off to read them for myself. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  14. That looks like an interesting book! I'd love to read it and see what she's learned from her survies, etc.

    I hope she mentions your lovely blog in it Vee!

  15. The books sounds fascinating. . .finally something for my hobby.
    Good luck with that survey wait.

  16. Thanks for the info. I will chack it out too.

  17. The book sounds very interesting. I think I will try the cake recipe this weekend...m.

  18. Ahhhh... thanks for pointing this out! I remember her older blog name. Looks like a great book!


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