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Friday, May 8, 2009

A Ho-Hum Azalea Collage

I wanted to make a collage, too, just like Mary, LaDonna, Lynda, Lovella, and how could I forget Karen? Sigh. I'm going back to posting pictures the regular way.

We're just finishing up a week of rain and how the colors are popping! I'm so proud of my azalea as it's the most colorful thing in the entire neighborhood and I get lots of compliments on it. I dump all our coffee grounds under the bush beginning toward the end of March and on until the blooms are spent. It always seems to work. And thus ends all further discussion of the splendid azalea. (Oh, do click on any photo to see the detail of one of these flowers...they're positively ethereal.)

Soooo, do you know of any blogs where mosaics are lovely and I should visit?

A wonderful, beautiful, weekend to you all...


  1. WOW, fabulous! I love the colors. The blog header is adorable, too!

  2. That is a great mosaic! I love your kitty looking at all of that beauty!

    Simply wonderful!

    I did hear that you should give them coffee grounds but had forgotten. I'll have to remember that for the new ones we just put in...next year!

    If I don't get back before...Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. Wow, that sure is a beautiful azalea and I love the purple color.
    The sun is shinning here right now!!! :-)

  4. They are gorgeous! And, hey, I like your collage..the kitty is soo sweet. You're right, I clicked on the flower and it is amazing!

  5. Karen at A Scrapbook of Inspiration often has some very nice mosaics and words of encouragement too. But, I'm sure you know Karen already. Your mosaic is lovely. The azalea is gorgeous. Enjoy its glow this weekend. Happy Mother's Day too! ~Kathy

  6. Kathy, thanks! How could I forget Karen's work? She does the most amazing collages!

  7. Vee,

    There is nothing ho-hum about your beautiful mosaic, love the shot with the cat gazing out the window.

    You must visit Villa Extra here:

    You will want to linger over her fantastic mosaics.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  8. Oh Vee, your photographs are gorgeous. I am addicted to making mosaics. Your azaleas are gorgeous. I must try your coffee trick. Have a beautiful weekend.


  9. Oh Vee those azaleas are gorgeous..will have to save the coffee grounds from the composter and use it in my flower beds..it might just work for other flowers too.

  10. I think the collage is great Vee! Your azaleas are a great color!

  11. You did a great job with your mosaic! Did you use PhotoShop to create it? Amazing!

  12. Miss Sandy, oh my heavens, yes! That is a marvelous blog with so many innovative collages. Thanks so much for suggesting it.

  13. So beautiful!!!! Have a Happy Mother's Day...m....

  14. What's this about coffee grounds? I seem to have lots of those coming from my kitchen. Your blooms are most lovely!

    Mosaics are quite fun to play with...quick art!

  15. Why thank you for trying to make collages. . .like me. .how fun. I think that yours was very pretty actually. .but it is the best way to waste precious time. . .I can't believe how fast the clock moves when I sit to make collages ..
    Coffee grounds eh? On azaleas only or on rhodo's too?

  16. Hi Vee!

    Your azalea's are such a pretty color, and I love the photo of Fiore gazing out the window at them. Your mosaic is great. Believe it or nit I'm not a fan of mosaics as I think they are too "busy" and I'd rather see individual photos to see all the detail easier....it's just me and my bad eyes..lol.

    I discard my coffee grounds year round under my shrubs and rhodedendran. They all seem to love them and I also find it keeps the leaf biting ants away in the spring and summer!

    Someone told me once that if you ask Starbucks will give you their used grounds but I produce enough of my own for my needs as I have a very small yard.

    Any special plans for Mother's Day? I'm celebrating tomorrow to avoid the crowds on Sunday...lol!


  17. BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I love how your kitty is gazing out the window!

  18. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your lovely collage/mosaic, Vee! And you are justifiably proud of that magnificent azalea - the rain drops on it make the most amazing photo! I must remember coffee grounds. For when I actually get an azalea!

  19. I know... I get "Mosaic/Collage Envy" at times too. But for me, they are a pain to make. Never know if I'm making each picture, or the whole thing, the correct size, and etc.

    But you did a great job with yours!

    And you also have the perfect right to go back to the 'old fashioned way.' :-) My way, for sure.

    Yes, lovely close-ups. And I love anything with rain drops on it. Soooo prettttty. Clicking and enlarging rock!

    Aunt Amelia
    Aunt Amelia's Attic-
    Dear you,

  20. It's very pretty, Vee. Keep playing with the features on Picasa. Have you learned how to make the grid different colors? I've discovered sometimes that cropped photos don't always work --- it's hit and miss. When I find that I cannot get an arrangement I like at all, I eliminate a picture or two --- it seems to make a difference. Sometimes they work and other times I give up --- but not for long. They are addicting!


  21. None that are as pretty as yours ; - )
    Those colors are amazing...

  22. Vee, that color is spectacular. Your site is looking lovely, as usual. It is fun to see your changes. Thank you for visiting us and leaving a comment! My house is an Octagon, built by and old Sea Captain turn of the cetury. The whole original part of the upstairs is knotty pine, including the octaganal walls and ceilings. So, my bedroom has a rustic feel.

    p.s. I love your kitty!

    Mermaid Debbie

  23. Love the photo of your kitty and the azaleas. They are a beautiful color. I can see why you receive lots of compliments.

  24. Gorgeous! Such a wonderful color. I love that sweet little kitty profile, too!

  25. The Azzaleas are absolutely beautiful! I'm wondering if coffee grounds could be used for other flowers like roses and day lilies? Your little kitty is so sweet♥ I hope you have a wonderful weekend...

  26. Dear Vee,
    I think your mosaic is BEAUTIFUL! And your azalea, too. :)

    Do you think I could get used coffee grounds at our local Starbucks?

    More rain here today... Enjoy your weekend!


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